Shooting the small bathroom by Tyann Marcink

    Most likely not the most attractive room in your vacation rental property, one might

    wish to be able to skip photographing the small bathroom completely.


    One might seriously consider conveniently forgetting an image of the small bathroom. However, a photo of this particular room is a necessity, albeit you might think it is the bane of your existence when you are standing in the doorway with a look of disgust at the horrible image you just captured.


    Photographing a small bathroom is a difficult task. You must convey the size of the room and not focus on the toilet, even though the toilet is usually the center of

    attention in that particular room.


    Following are some tips to keep handy when you decide to face your fear of the tiny

    but necessary bathroom photo.


    1. Clean the room

    Yes, this might be obvious to the majority of owners and managers, yet it is so

    important that I must state it very first. Travelers are looking for a clean place

    to stay, and seeing a hair in the sink is a definite turn off.


    2. Close the toilet lid

    I have yet to speak with a guest who is interested in how much water the toilet holds in the bowl.


    3. Wipe down all water spots

    The sink, the mirror, the shower, and the toilet are all surfaces that are splattered

    with water when used. Water spots make a surface look dirty, and you want clean.


    4. Check the toilet paper

    Use a full or nearly full roll of toilet paper and fold the ends to a triangle. If you are

    feeling fancy, make a little pocket with fan design or emboss the end square. Either

    way, give the roll some attention, too.


    5. Fluff the towels

    Fold the towels nicely and give them extra fluff by simply layering a hand towel on a

    bath towel. Use care that no tags are hanging out, and the ends of your towels line up when folded.


    6. Declutter

    Remove most everything from your bathroom sink. The few exceptions to this is a

    decorative soap dispenser, with emphasis on decorative, and a decorative toothbrush holder or soap dish. Other acceptable items are small shampoo amenities.


    If you supply full size containers of shampoo and conditioner and want to show a

    photo of them, a more appealing shot would be a close up of the provided amenities

    versus the items looking like clutter in a whole room shot.


    7. Open the shower curtain

    Already the room is limited on space, so open up the shower curtain to make more

    space in the bathroom.


    8. Turn the lights on

    A dark and shadowy image looks like you might be trying to hide something. Light up the little bathroom and show every nook and cranny.


    9. Dont get caught

    Lets throw in one more difficult aspect, the bathroom mirror. Dont get your

    reflection in the mirror when you take your photo.


    10. Stand, dont sit

    The small bathroom is the one room I shoot while standing. And if you are short like

    me, it actually means on my tippy toes. The purpose of shooting at a higher plane is to keep the toilet bowl out of the image if possible.


    11. Use the door

    It is perfectly fine to have the door show in the small bathroom shot. In fact, there

    might be no other way to get a shot without the door if your bathroom is super tiny. If you have the door in your shot, keep the amount of door to one third of the image or less. Any more door, and the image is of the door and not the bathroom.


    12. Keep the walls straight

    One of the most difficult parts of shooting the small bathroom is keeping the walls straight. Dont tilt the image to get as much of the room in the shot as possible. Rather, get the important parts of the room and keep the walls straight. If the floor is that amazing, maybe it deserves its own photo shoot.


    There will always be exceptions to the above guidelines, and you will need to use your best judgment. For example, the moose shower curtain gives this small bathroom more character compared to the shower head.

    Tyann Marcink

    Vacation Rental Photographer and Owner

    Author of The Ultimate Guide to Vacation Rental Photography

    Video course on vacation rental photography now available at: Teach Me | Tyann Marcink | St. Louis, Missouri

    Example shots:

    1. 717 Ensanada-7640-web.jpg
    2. 717 Ensanada-7642-web.jpg
    3. 1740-Thomas-7792-web copy.jpg
    4. 3969-Oceanfront-7926.jpg
    5. Abalone-Bay-Sea-Ranch-51.jpg
    6. Abalone-Bay-Sea-Ranch-52.jpg
    7. Almost-Heaven-79.jpg
    8. Breckenridge-cabin-62.jpg
    9. Breckenridge-cabin-63.jpg
    10. Breckenridge-cabin-65.jpg
    11. Breckenridge-cabin-74.jpg
    12. Breckenridge-cabin-75.jpg
    13. Breckenridge-cabin-111.jpg
    14. Breckenridge-cabin-112.jpg
    15. Buck-Valley-Lodge-bathroom.jpg
    16. Canyon-Retreat-6.jpg
    17. Canyon-Retreat-42.jpg
    18. Canyon-Retreat-50.jpg
    19. Creekside-Cottage-20.jpg
    20. Creekside-Cottage-22.jpg
    21. Creekside-Cottage-23.jpg
    22. Creekside-Cottage-25.jpg
    23. Creekside-Cottage-26.jpg
    24. Dina-garden-apt-22.jpg
    25. TremontVilla-8242.jpg
    26. TremontVilla-8243.jpg


    All shots by Tyann Marcink


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