Community 101

    Welcome to Community!


    Community was created to cater to vacation rental owners and property managers from around the globe who are interested in sharing valuable information, exchanging experiences, and bonding with others who share the same questions about the vacation rental industry.


    You may have noticed some changes recently.  Don’t worry though; all of the same great content is still here. We just wanted to give you an updated site and a better user experience.  Read below to find out more about how to utilize our Community.


    Community Glossary:

    • Webinars – Attend interactive online events from anywhere.  Can’t make it? We provide recordings of almost all presentations here.
    • Groups – Groups allow you to connect with other people like you, whether locally or globally. For example, if you own a vacation rental in Austin, Texas and have questions specific to next year’s Austin City Limits Festival, you’ll probably solicit more helpful feedback by posing your question to an Austin Group versus posting your question within one of the main forums.
    • Forums – Forums are a place for you to talk on a global level.  Want to swap stories about how to increase rental revenue, best practices, or which is the best model hot tub? Those discussions belong in our Forums.
    • Discussions – Start a discussion about a relevant topic that is important to you. Other Community members will weigh in too! You must be a registered user to start a discussion.
    • Questions – Ask a question and get answers from other Community members.


    Community FAQs:

    How do I register?

    Simply click Register at the top of your screen to complete our quick and easy registration process. You must use the email you use to log into your owner dashboard or your request to join will be declined. Don’t forget to upload your profile image and avatar to personalize your account.


    How  do I start a discussion?

    You must be a registered member of the site and logged in to start a discussion.  Once logged in, navigate to the category relevant to your discussion.  Click Start a discussion under Actions on the right side of the page. You will then be provided with a place to give your discussions a title and a large text box for your thought. You can also mark it as a question. Don’t for get to click Post at the bottom of the discussion page.


    How do I search past discussions/content?

    On the upper right corner of every page of community there is a search box. Simply type in one or two key words and press enter and you'll see all related threads and content.


    How do I report an inappropriate post?

    If you come across a post that has questionable content, simply click Report Abuse on the right hand side of the page. From there, you will be asked to fill out a form that will help us determine the correct actions to take.

    How can I follow certain discussions, spaces, or groups?

    When you are viewing a discussion, space, or group that interests you click Follow.  This will pull the content into your connections stream.


    How do I access my connections stream?

    You must be a registered user and logged in to see your connections stream.  Click your name at the top, click Inbox and Activity, and click Connections Stream. All content that you have chosen to follow will appear here.


    How do I change my time zone settings?

    Once logged in, click your name at the top, click Preferences, and then change to your desired time zone

    How do I manage my email notifications?

    Once logged in, click your name at the top, click Preferences, and you will see three Inbox sections.  Select On or Off indicating the type of notifications you would like to receive in your email.


    Is my full name visible to other users?

    No, only your username is visible to other users.  When you log-in you will see your full name at the top of the page, but this is only visible to you.  To make any other privacy changes to your profile: Click your name, Click Edit Profile, Click Privacy.


    How do I send a private message?

    To send a private message you must be Friends with the recipient.  Click the user you want to be friends with and then click Add as friend.  Next navigate to your Inbox and click Send Message.


    Thank you!


    *Last Updated April 23, 2018