Announcing the Launch of the Short Term Rental Advocacy Center (STRAC)

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the Short Term Rental Advocacy Center (STRAC), an online resource for homeowners, property managers, residents, travelers and policymakers interested in learning more about best practices in regulation of the short-term rental marketplace.


    As we follow the trend of communities reviewing, changing or creating regulations governing short-term rentals, it is clear that stakeholders have access to information and best practices to develop fair, appropriate and reasonable regulations.


    STRAC was formed in early 2013 by HomeAway® and a coalition of short-term rental marketplace stakeholders, working with local residents and short-term rental providers to share information, establish best practices and advance smart short-term rental regulation that safeguards travelers, alleviates neighborhood concerns and provides a framework for ensuring compliance. Our goal is simple: To allow the short-term rental marketplace to continue to thrive to the benefit of all stakeholders.

    The group operates under four guiding principles:

    • We believe people have a right to rent their property on a short-term basis.
    • We believe the short-term rental marketplace brings tangible benefits to homeowners, residents, travelers and local communities in destinations around the world.
    • We believe local short-term rental regulations should be easy to locate, understand and comply with.
    • We believe existing “good neighbor” laws provide sufficient protection against any disruptive behavior on the part of long-term residents or their guests.


    Visitors to the site will learn more about what they can do to advocate for smart regulations of short-term rentals in their communities and sign up to for updates on new developments in their area. The site features local pages, stories from across the country, news and tutorials on advocacy and best practices.


    STRAC believes when local owners and property managers organize early to take a unified vision for the way their community should regulate short-term rentals to local governments, they can expect a better result than if they delay creating a plan.


    After reviewing the site, visitors will learn why communities engage in the discussion of regulations and the results they encountered. Visitors will learn how to organize their community into a local alliance, use organizing tools and activate their alliance to advocate for fair, appropriate and reasonable regulations.


    After a Local Alliance achieves a fair and reasonable regulation, the site demonstrates the importance of staying organized, maintaining a strong level of community involvement, self-regulating and following the local laws. This local alliance may have reasons to activate in the future, and can play an important role in the community. By following laws – including payment of all necessary taxes – the members of the alliance create a data-stream that can be positively used in any future discussions.


    As short-term rentals grow in popularity, some communities are asking how to regulate the industry. The members of STRAC want to make sure all stakeholders, but most importantly our customers, have a reliable source of information to contribute to this important discussion.