Impact of new bundle offerings for owners that list on VRBO and HomeAway

    All of our owners and property managers should have received an email today regarding the exciting new changes that are happening on VRBO and HomeAway.  The email contains a link to a microsite that details these changes: Our new Bundles allow you to list on multiple sites, including HomeAway, VRBO and our 15 international sites at a discounted rate.


    In order for customers who already manage one or more listings on both HomeAway and VRBO to consolidate those listings, and purchase a U.S. or Global Bundle, we must ensure all of the individual listing content will be maintained.  We will accomplish this by updating our HomeAway and VRBO listing managers so that they are exactly the same.  However, this project is not yet complete. You will receive another email when this happens (soon) letting you know this update is finished, and that you are eligible to consolidate your listings. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause in the interim.

    Today, the following changes go into effect for VRBO listings:

    • New simplified levels – as part of the new global offerings, we are simplifying VRBO subscription levels to match those on HomeAway. This means consolidating 12 levels into 5 levels, and your listing will automatically be mapped to its corresponding new level to make it easier for you to control your listing’s performance.
    • VRBO Sort – VRBO is also moving to the same sort method within subscription levels as HomeAway. While your new subscription level will determine your primary search ranking, VRBO sort will determine your ranking within that level. VRBO sort takes into account seven factors that are aimed at helping travelers find and book their next vacation rental.  We recommend updating your listing to improve your VRBO sort. Learn more here:
      • Upload all 24 photos
      • Update your map’s pin and zoom level
      • Ensure your rates are up-to-date
      • Update your calendar (if it is already updated, you can select ‘My Calendar is Up-to-Date’
      • Sign up for payments through ReservationManager
      • Solicit reviews from past guests.


    If you have any questions, please contact customer support. In the meantime, look out for another email letting you know when you can consolidate your VRBO and HomeAway listings!