VRBO’s Recent Updates

    There are several new and exciting enhancements coming to VRBO.  Read on to learn what’s happening, why, and what you can expect.  Last week we introduced a new search page design aimed at making properties easier to browse, and coming soon, you’ll notice a login link for travelers along with structured rates for your listing.  All of these are in preparation for online booking – a new option for taking bookings for your vacation rental. 

    • New search page design: The new search page is part of an improved design which incorporates relevant decision-making criteria for travelers, and has been proven to increase the number of inquiries that turn into bookings.  The page is also designed to make way for future enhancements related to online booking, search filters and the mobile experience.   Each listing includes icons for accepting payments, allowing pets, being disabled-accessible and displaying reviews.   The map, video, owner badge and credit card icons have been removed.  Owners that accept online payments through ReservationManager now have the payments badge on their listing.

    • New property page design: The new property page designs were completed to improve the overall design and to make way for some of the enhancements coming in the future. 

    • Date filtering: We recently launched the ability to search by availability. This means that properties that are not available or that have calendars that have not been updated in the last 105 days will no longer be displayed when a traveler searches by date. You will see the ability for travelers to select ‘my dates are flexible’ which will display the listings with the availability information. Be sure to keep an up-to-date calendar to provide your travelers with the best experience possible as availability is an important search criterion for many travelers.


    • Structured Rates: In the next few weeks when you update your rates, you will see a new structured rates table in the listing manager that allows you to model your rates.  The number one filter travelers are asking for is to be able to filter by rates, now there is a more organized way for you to provide valuable rate information. Look forward to filtering by rates in the near future.


    • Online Booking: Online booking will allow travelers to submit a booking request online with a 24-hour wait period for owners and property managers to approve or decline the reservation request.  You will soon see a new filter for bookable properties, as well as a new icon in search results that identifies properties available for online booking.  More information about online booking will be coming soon.


    • Traveler Login: Traveler login is being introduced over the next few weeks and allows travelers to log in to the website for the first time.  For now, travelers will only be able to view their upcoming trips, but soon they will be able to save and share favorite properties and other trip-planning tools.


    All of these changes stem from what we have heard from our travelers, owners, and property managers, and are aimed to help you by enabling more effective and efficient advertising of your property.    As always, please keep the feedback coming!




    The VRBO product team