10 easy ways to delight travelers

    Are you new to the world of vacation rentals? Or perhaps you’re an owner or property manager who would like a quick refresher on what’s important to travelers. Well, look no further. We polled travelers for you. In their own words, here are the top things they care about when it comes to renting a vacation

    ha-template-image1.pngGreat, accurate photos

    Photos are extremely important! Be sure that you are using your photos to really sell your property. You have space for up to 50 high quality, high resolution photos. More to know:  Photos matter: tips to highlight your home

    ha-template-image1.pngA honest description and headline

    Your property description is your chance to put into words what makes your property to so special.  Here are our suggestions.

    ha-template-image1.pngQuick and kind responses to inquiries

    One of the toughest concerns we hear from travelers is "I sent an inquiry and I never got a response." Your responses matter not only to the traveler but also to you as they do impact your Ranking Metrics. We've made it easy for you to respond quickly with your own custom templates.

    ha-template-image1.pngUpdated calendar

    An accurate calendar is so important. Travelers don't want to spend time finding a property and inquiring only to be told the property is not available. You can learn more about your calendar here.

    ha-template-image1.pngBe online bookable via HomeAway Payments

    Travelers want to be able to pay online, quickly, easily and securely. Not yet online bookable? Here's why you should be. *Reminder, all listings must be online bookable at the time of your next subscription renewal.

    ha-template-image1.pngCleanliness is next to godliness

    We cannot stress enough how important it is that your property be thoroughly cleaned between every guest. Many property complaints that we receive from travelers originate from the property not being properly cleaned or maintained. If you live nearby, you can manage all the cleaning and maintenance yourself. If you are managing your property from afar you can hire a professional cleaning crew, more tips here. Maintenance is important too, there are checklists here on the community for your convenience.

    ha-template-image1.pngA well stocked home

    Having a well equipped home is essential if you want happy travelers who become return visitors.  You should stock your pantry. Think about the families that are coming to your property and stock some books, toys and games. Do you have a beach property? Consider stocking beach chairs, umbrella and a cooler. You can get more inspiration here.

    ha-template-image1.pngSpecial rules and instructions

    You can utilize your House Rules for the most important rules.  Your rental agreement should also cover anything special that a traveler needs to know and agree to before staying at your home.

    ha-template-image1.pngEasy access to your HomeAway

    You can use the Mobile Hospitality app to keep all information that is pertinent to travelers in one easily accessible place. You can find out more about the app here.

    ha-template-image1.pngWi-Fi is a must

    In today's electronically connected world Wi-Fi isn't just a luxury anymore, it's a necessity.  Here's what travelers have to say:


    "Wi-fi Internet is a must-have. We won't rent a home without it." – dreamguest


    "Yes, you have to offer broadband Wi-Fi.  The working vacation is here to stay and renters need to be able to stay connected to their business or they will be forced to stay elsewhere whether they want to or not.  This is really non-negotiable, and there shouldn't be any further argument." - turtlecatcher

    *Last Updated April 17, 2018
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