Meet your travelers!

    We've talked to and analyzed preferences from thousands of travelers to understand what they're looking for. Here is a sneak peek of what we've learnt about families, groups, pet lovers and weekenders - what make them tick, and more importantly what make them book.


    Here at HomeAway, we’re working hard to match you with the perfect traveler, which is why we have conducted extensive research on the types of travelers that continually book on our sites. We've identified four traveler segments which we believe are all loyal vacation rental renters and we're excited to share them with you! Based on traveler research, we've found that the types of travelers that book most frequently across the HomeAway family of sites include Families, Groups, Pet Lovers and Weekenders.

    When booking a vacation, travelers envision themselves in your home and fantasize about all the special memories they will share with each other. Although every traveler is looking for a unique experience, individuals from the above segments tend to search for similar amenities and features when booking a vacation rental. Take a look at the below categories and find out how you can attract these travelers to your home for their next vacation! Read more.

    *Last Updated April 17, 2018

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