Light Your Vacation Home Without Spending a Fortune

    save money on vacation home electric billsProper lighting at your vacation rental home can make rooms seem larger, provide functional reading light, and enhance the aesthetic appeal. However,  illumination doesn't come cheap, especially when vacation rental guests aren't as diligent about conserving electricity as they might be in their own homes.

    • Replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs is a quick and easy way to save money on lighting. LED bulbs are a great investment. Fluorescent bulbs use 75% less electricity, last 10 times longer, and generate 70% less heat.
    • Swap energy-wasting light trees for single three-way bulb lamps. One fluorescent bulb can do the work of an entire tree of incandescent bulbs.
    • Throw out (or donate) halogen floor lamps/ torchières. They are a fire hazard, generate enormous amounts of heat, and require oodles of electricity to power.
    • The difference a little dusting can make: Regularly clean lampshades, light bulbs, and light fixtures for improved efficiency.
    • No natural gas outdoor lamps. They have risen in popularity in recent years for good reason — they can transform an ordinary backyard into an idyllic retreat. What many vacation rental owners don't realize is that the cost to power these lamps is on par with heating their homes. Instead, consider installing outdoor lights with a photocell unit or motion sensor lights. With motion sensitive lights, you can keep the picturesque setting and save money when your guests aren't outside.
    • Easy-to-open or honeycomb blinds. Lastly, encourage your guests to take advantage of natural (and free) lighting during the day by installing easy-to-open or honeycomb blinds.


    *Last Updated April 11, 2018



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