What is a Reasonable Vacation Rental Cleaning Fee?

    cost of cleanings for vacation home rentalsCleaning fees definitely vary from market to market. In certain rural markets, you can find an individual housekeeper for as low as $10/hour and in some more expensive destinations (like Hawaii or Destin) you may have to pay upwards of $30/hour.

    Here is a quick way to figure out what you may pay for housekeeping (where BR is the number of bedrooms and BA is the number of bathrooms):

    Cleaning Fee= $20 * (Sum of # of BR + BA)

    Ex. A 3BR/2BA would be $20 * (3+2) or $20 * 5 = $100

    The factors that will determine whether your cleaning fee is higher of lower than the number above include:

    • The number of beds in each of the bedrooms. Naturally, a room with two sets of bunk beds will take more time to launder and make up than a room with one queen sized bed.
    • Whether you have a washer and dryer onsite or if you use a linen service.
    • Additional tasks beyond basic cleaning that you ask your housekeeper to complete like: draining and refilling the hot tub, mowing the lawn, transporting garbage, etc.
    • Whether you supply the cleaning supplies and paper products or if your housekeeper or cleaning service does.
    • The number of vacation rentals and the cost of living in your market.
    • The number of levels your home has. (A single level will be easier to clean than one with multiple stories.)
    • The remoteness of your home. If you own in an area that is off the beaten path, you may have to pay more to have a housekeeper come out due to increased time and gas costs.
    How do you determine what a fair price is in your area? First, browse through the listings in your market to see what other owners are charging. If you see that many owners do not charge a separate cleaning fee, you may have to pick up the phone and call other owners to see what they are currently paying their housekeeper or cleaning service.

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