10 Most Common Cleaning Problems at Vacation Rentals

    vacation rental cleaning problemsIt is extremely important to discuss your expectations with maintenance staff and housekeepers upon hiring. As a vacation rental homeowner, you also have the responsibility of visiting your property as often as possible to monitor the appliances, linens and overall cleanliness of your home and to replace anything that is damaged. That way, you can rest assured that your home is being kept up to your standards.

    1. Hair on the bathroom floor or in drains. Your housekeeper should vacuum after mopping to make sure everything is picked up. You can also ask him/her to check the drains in the sink, shower and tub to prevent clogs.

    2. Mildew on shower curtains. Use mildew-resistant shower curtain liners. They cost a bit more, but will stay cleaner longer. Keep replacements in your owner's closet and ask your housekeeper to replace them before they start to mildew.

    3. Rust stains in the toilet. Keep bleach on hand in addition to standard toilet cleaner for your housekeeper to use regularly.

    4. Dirty stove, oven or toaster oven. Remind housekeeper to check appliances. It is also helpful to purchase burner liners for the stovetop and keep extras on hand.

    5. Dirty barbecue grill. Purchase the appropriate tools for keeping your grill clean.

    6. Dirt or food under couch cushions. Ask your housekeeper to vacuum couch cushions after guests check out to make sure no Cheerios slipped through the cracks!

    7. Dust on ceiling fans. Purchase a ceiling-fan wand or duster and a stepstool for your housekeeper to use.

    8. Dusty vents. Ask your maintenance person to replace A/C filters at designated time intervals, and have your housekeeper dust the outside of vents periodically. You do not want your guests to think that's what they're breathing!

    Stained sheets or towels. Keep extras in your owner's closet, and have your housekeeper replace sheets or towels when they start to get dingy. Be sure to check your linens every time you visit your home.

    10. Burned-out light bulbs. Keep extra light bulbs on hand at all times. It is not unreasonable to ask your housekeeper to check on these and reimburse for any extras purchased.
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