Swimming Pool Rules for Your Vacation Rental Guests

    swimming pool rules for vacation rentalsMany vacation property owners are fortunate enough to have swimming pools at their second homes. A pool is not only enjoyable for families to use when visiting their own home, but it also serves as a bonus for renters seeking out their vacation accommodations. In fact, some renters might list it as a “must” for their vacations.

    However, pools also pose some safety risks, especially when guests are on their own. It’s important to include a clause in your rental agreement for swimming pool rules and it’s a good idea to post some safety rules in your outdoor area to make sure your renters' stay is worry-free, both for your sake and theirs.

    Note: These rules are merely suggestions, and it is important to consult an attorney and your local/state policies for more specific guidelines.

    Suggested Safety Rules:

       1. No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk.
       2. Children are allowed to swim or play in the pool only when adults are present. Please
           maintain constant supervision over children.
       3. No pets in the pool.
       4. Walk slowly in the pool area. No roughhousing, dunking, pushing, or wrestling.
       5. Keep the area clear of clutter, debris and toys. Toys can often attract young children to
           the pool.
       6. No swimming at night, in rainy weather, or in thunderstorms.
       7. No eating, drinking or chewing gum while in the pool.
       8. No glass near the pool/water area.
       9. Keep gates to the pool area closed and locked at all times.
    10. Pool covers should be completely removed prior to pool use.

    Also post CPR instructions and emergency numbers somewhere in your home in the event of an emergency. Provide floats and life jackets near the pool in case you have some non-swimmers staying at your property.

    If you're concerned about the cleanliness of your pool, here are some more suggestions:

      1. Swimsuits must be worn while in the pool. Babies must wear a snug diaper and a
      2. Please remove bobby pins and hair pins before entering the pool as these items can clog
          the filter system.
      3. Please do not throw rocks or metal objects into the pool as they can damage the bottom.

    You want your guests to be able to enjoy this great amenity at your home, but you also don't want to worry about potential hazards. Posting pool safety rules is a reasonable way to take precaution while guests are staying at your property.

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