Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Vacation Rental

    While it may be not be feasible to iStock_000000122986XSmall.jpgdecorate your home for each of the individual fall holidays (Halloween, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, etc.), if you live near your vacation home, consider decorating your property for the fall season. If you still have fall dates open, adding a few decorative touches could be just the extra push you need to attract travelers looking for a fall getaway.

    Embrace Fall Hues
    As the greens of summer give way to russet and burnt sienna, consider adding a few decorative pieces in autumn hues. A festive centerpiece or front door wreath could convince potential renters that your home is where they want to spend their fall months. You can easily find fall decorations or materials at craft stores like Michael's or even Wal-Mart.

    Leave Gifts of Autumn for Your Guests
    Surprise your guests with fun fall welcome gifts like pumpkins and pumpkin carving kits. Kids will love the challenge, and parents will appreciate the gesture. Other special touches like roasted nuts or local coffees are easy to add and could result in guest referrals and repeat bookings.

    Clean Out Your Closets
    Are the closets at your condo or cabin overflowing with odds and ends? Do you have trouble finding what you're looking for when you visit? Has your housekeeper ever asked you which one of the 37 fitted sheets in the cabinet goes on the beds in the bunk room? While Fall Clean-out isn't quite as well-known as its cousin, Spring Cleaning, it's still an occasion to remember.

    Take Advantage of End-of-Season Sales
    The end of summer marks a joyous occasion for deal-seekers: end of season sales. Head to your local department stores for great deals on towels, linens, and outdoor living items. This could be the time to pick up that patio set or Weber barbecue grill that you've had your eye on for your vacation home.

    Sell the Season in Your Photos
    After taking the time to update your home with autumn ambience, don't forget to update the photos in your vacation rental portal listings.

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