Furnishing a small vacation rental home

    selecting furniture for small vacation propertiesYour downtown apartment or charming country cottage can be a perfect vacation home for many types of renters even if it's on the small side. You can easily furnish your cozy abode so that it feels spacious and appeals to renters looking for a getaway. All it takes is a little planning and some furniture rearranging.

    Maximize storage capacity

    • Keep your personal items in a locked cabinet or an owner's closet.
    • Try furnishing the room with pieces that are sleek instead of overstuffed, and multifunctional instead of decorative. For example, a table with shelving, cabinets, or a skirt will store books, CDs, travel guides, etc. and makes a good spot for a reading lamp.
    • Invest in taller dressers that are less deep but will open up floor space while giving you more storage room.
    • Consider purchasing an armoire for guests to store their belongings if a bedroom in your home doesn't have closet space.

    Open up a room

    • Consider placing the couch so that it faces the entrance of the room.
    • Pull furniture away from the walls and angle them toward each other.
    • Place couches and chairs facing each other for better conversation because it brings people closer together.
    • Hanging mirrors on the wall opens up the room and gives the allusion of more space.

    Create space in a room — literally

    • Try to leave at least two and a half feet for major walkways in a room and 18 inches for the less-trafficked areas.
    • Create a loft for a quick solution to limited floor space in a bedroom, but it may not be suited for everyone's personal style or home.
    • Remove footboards on beds and stick to just headboards instead.
    • Take advantage of shelves, buckets, and closet organizers.


    With a few tricks of the trade, you can easily add functionality to a small space without compromising the comfort of your family or your guests.
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    *Last Updated April 11, 2018

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