Top 10 Decorating Styles to Avoid at Your Vacation Rental

    decorating styles for vacation rentals1.  Dingy chic. If a piece of furniture was once in your husband's dorm room, it's probably not ideal for your vacation home. Renters expect the furnishings at your property to be as nice as or nicer than their furniture at home.

    2.  Kitschy chic. Be wary of over-decorating. Too many trinkets, quilts, kitten photos, and natural artifacts can make your home feel cluttered. There's no need to keep every seashell that your kids have ever picked up on the beach. A few decorative items in each room can go a long way.

    3.  Fraternity chic. Unless your vacation rental is a $15/night property, $59 futons and sheet-covered couches are never acceptable. Also, avoid bringing outdoor furniture indoors — it is rarely comfortable for long-term relaxing and can make a nice property seem like a frat house.

    4.  Partisan chic. Avoid political décor. Not everyone will share your views and you don't want to risk alienating potential travelers on the basis of politics. This also applies to overly risqué or religious décor.

    5.  Hodgepodge chic. Don't let your vacation home become the Salvation Army showroom. If the red leather couch that you just moved out of the rec room at your primary home doesn't go with the beach-inspired pastels of your vacation rental, it's probably time to invest in something that does.

    6.  Creepy chic. Avoid overly personal décor. While it's fine to display a few family photos, think twice before constructing a shrine to your late grandmother, complete with her ashes.

    how to furnish your second home 7.  Museum chic. Vacation rental homes are made to be lived in and accidents happen, especially when you have renters with children. If you have a valuable art collection or priceless family heirlooms you couldn't bear to part with, you should probably display them at your primary home instead.

    8.  Spartan chic. There's definite merit to less-is-more; however, your vacation home shouldn't resemble military barracks. Add a little bit of color and softness to your home by adding some throw pillows and wall art.

    9.  Storage-room chic. Avoid cramming too much furniture into a room. While this may increase your sleep number, it can make your home feel crowded and claustrophobic.

    10.  Non sequitur chic. Typically, renters want an oceanside condo to feel bright and beachy and a mountain cabin to feel to rustic and cozy. It may not be the best idea to have a Hawaiian-themed living room in the Rockies or an homage to trophy hunting in the Caribbean.

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    Updated: December 28, 2010


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