Top tips for furnishing your vacation rental

    easy furnishings home decor for vacation rentals Many travelers choose vacation homes over hotels because they're looking for all the conveniences of home. They expect your second home to be as nice as or nicer than their primary home. When buying new furnishings for your vacation property, keep these tips in mind.

    Buy items that are easy to clean. Sure, that suede couch may look nice now, but how nice will it look after being lived on by a year's worth of renters?

    Buy furniture that is of good quality, but it does not need to be top-of-the-line. Keep in mind that you're going to have to replace the furnishings in your vacation rental home more often than you would in your primary home. For that reason, it's best to buy less expensive furnishings that are durable.

    Opt for comfort. Your guests go on vacation to relax. Make sure you have a place for them to kick back and read a book or watch TV. Futons and wicker furniture in your condo rental may be slightly cheaper than regular couches, but are notably less comfortable.

    Reflect your property's location in your decor. When booking a vacation home, renters like the furnishings in a property to reflect the destination (beach, mountain, city). This adds to the overall vacation experience. For example, if you own a cabin rental in the Great Smokey Mountains, a seashell motif would probably detract from the experience that most renters desire. Instead, take advantage of the area's numerous antique and furniture shops to furnish your property with log beds, quilts, and woodsy colors.

    Keep your furnishings consistent with your rental rates. If you market your property as “luxury” and charge rental rates on the higher end of the spectrum for your area, your renters will expect a certain level of luxury in your furnishings, linens, appliances, and entertainment options. However, if you market your cottage rental property towards families with children, there's no need to put 1000 thread-count sheets on the bunk beds. Know your audience and keep them in mind when furnishing your property.

    Sleep one night on every bed in your property. If the beds in your vacation rental are not good enough for you to sleep on, they're not acceptable for your guests.

    Give your guests storage space. If the bedrooms in your vacation home are short on closet space (or lacking closets entirely!), consider adding armoires to those rooms. Your guests will appreciate being able to put their belongings away so that your home feels more like their home.

    Make sure your furniture is kid-friendly. Steer clear of glass coffee tables with sharp corners, as well as breakable trinkets and knick-knacks.

    Your interior design can be a key selling point for your property. Don't forget to take new photos and update your listings every time you paint, change furnishings, or make improvements.

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