Buying TV's for your vacation rental

    selecting televisions for your vacation homeWhen looking for a vacation rental travelers have come to expect certain electronics to be included in the property. This can range from TV's to gaming systems. So when it comes to furnishing your vacation home, it's important to give thought and consideration to electronics, in addition to furniture and beds.
    TV's and other electronics
    We recommend having at least two TVs in your home: One in the living area and one in the master bedroom.

    The Living Area

    The living area is usually the hub of indoor activity during your renters' stays. If you can afford it, we'd recommend a TV that is a least 27” with a DVD player.

    The Master Bedroom

    Since a lot of adults like to fall asleep with the television on, it's important to have a TV in the master bedroom. It doesn't have to be that big (19” would be fine), but does need to get at least the broadcast networks.

    Do you need additional TVs?

    After you've rented your property for a while, you'll get a gauge as to where else your renters would like an additional TV, if at all. If you have a game room in addition to your living area, that'd be a good spot. That way two groups can watch different movies at the same time.

    If you find that you rent to groups of adults or two sets of couples, you might consider offering a television in each bedroom so no one has to compromise.

    Alternatively, if you have a room set up especially for kids (with bunk beds, etc.) consider putting in a TV and a game console like (Xbox or Playstation 2). Don't worry about spending big bucks for the latest and most technologically advanced—the kids have those at home. You can often pick up a used console with games included on Craigslist.

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