Stocking the kitchen

    checklist for vacation rental kitchens

    Many travelers choose to stay in a vacation rental over a hotel because of the kitchen.  A home or condo with a full kitchen gives families yet another place to gather and allows them to save money by not having to eat every meal at a restaurant.

    However, in order to boast a "fully-stocked" or "fully-equipped" kitchen at your vacation home, you need to at least provide the essentials.

    A fully-stocked kitchen should have:

    Large Appliances
    □ Full-size refrigerator with freezer
    □ Dishwasher
    □ Oven with stove-top burners

    Small Appliances
    □ Microwave
    □ Coffee pot (with auto shutoff)
    □ Toaster (wide slot) or toaster oven
    □ Blender

    □ Dinner plates
    □ Sandwich/salad plates
    □ Bowls
    □ Flatware (forks, spoons, butter knives)
    □ Steak knives
    □ Water glasses
    □ Coffee cups
    □ Wine glasses
    □ A large serving platter

    Cooking Accessories
    □ 13x9 baking dish
    □ 2 quart Pyrex dish
    □ Cookie sheet
    □ Large casserole dish
    □ Measuring spoons
    □ Sauce pans with lids
    □ Skillets
    □ Paring knife
    □ Roast knife
    □ Rubber spatula
    □ Colander
    □ Microwaveable dishes
    □ Soup ladle
    □ Tongs
    □ Serving spoons
    □ A large salad bowl
    □ Dutch oven with lid
    □ Mixing bowls
    □ Cake pans
    □ Roaster with lid
    □ Vegetable peeler
    □ Basting spoon
    □ Rolling pin
    □ Pitcher for milk or cream
    □ Pie pan

    □ Cutting board
    □ Can/bottle opener
    □ Wine corkscrew
    □ Plastic pitcher
    □ Tea kettle/teapot
    □ Hot pad/trivet
    □ Fire extinguisher
    □ Ice cream scoop
    □ Pizza cutter
    □ Pot holders
    □ Kitchen towels and washclothes (at least 2 of each)
    □ Pot scrubber of some sort (or else your pots will get put away dirty)
    □ Kitchen scissors

    Basic Pantry Items
    □ Salt and pepper
    □ Coffee and coffee filters
    □ Non-dairy creamer
    □ Sugar
    □ Toothpicks

    Optional Items

    □ Lobster pot and lobster cracker
    □ Fondue set
    □ Cookbooks or recipes
    □ A crock pot
    □ A spice rack


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