Showcasing an Outstanding Amenity in Savusavu, Fiji

    The House of Bamboo, with its stunning views of Savusavu Bay in Fiji, appears to be situated somewhere in the heart of paradise. This house features many eye-catching photos in their listing, but our favorite was a daytime shot of Brad and Therese’s private saltwater pool. They managed to capture the palms and clouds reflected in the water, which creates an enchanting mirror image. Their shot goes beyond showing their property in positive light - it combines the natural beauty of the destination and the remarkable amenities of their home with impressive photographic artistry. We had to contact them to find out how it all came together.

    Brad and Therese Solomon
    Savusavu, Fiji. (HomeAway #168892)

    Guests “are always pleasantly surprised”, Therese tells us, when they arrive at the House of Bamboo. The Solomons wanted their photos to provide a realistic representation of their property and were conscious to only include what is truly offered.

    Their well-appointed property belies their modesty! Every room in their photos is pristine and well lit. The décor is fun and colorful, completely appropriate for the tropical setting. And they include photos of all the amenities that will usher their guests into a state a deep relaxation – the hammock, the daybed, the bathtub built for two, and that spectacular salt water pool. Therese shared her methods for capturing the allure of their property.

    Behind the scene

    Therese and Brad personally took all the interior shots of their home. They set the stage by decorating with wood tones and pistachio greens that echo colors in the natural setting. The combination of modern and organic is especially evident in the stone tiling in their bathroom.
    For Therese, the key to success was hard work. They took around 20 shots of each room to see which angles worked the best. Trial and error was the only way to truly discern how to get the most effective shots of their unique property.

    Here, in her own words, Therese Solomon gives some behind-the-scenes insight into making her photos stand out.

    The concept: We found that our small digital camera wasn’t cutting it in when it came to the view, we needed someone with a wider angle and better equipment that we didn’t have. We knew our ingenuity with décor and staging could only get us so far. A huge selling point of our property is the view, so we hired a professional photographer for our external shots…we found him via other properties in the area. We’d seen his work and met him before, so that certainly helped. He specializes in photos of resorts and hotels.

    The staging: We were trying to give a feeling of what is there. We wanted to capture the location as best we could to give guests a feeling for what was being offered to them when they arrived.

    The lighting: We used many different angles, different times of day, flash, no flash and lighting in the room to create a warmer feeling for the shots. We had a lot of options to choose from.

    Best trick: It’s always nice for guests to get more than they expected, rather than less. We would recommend not placing items in the photos that aren’t true to what’s being offered. We have tried our best with what we have, but our greatest compliment is that guests feel that the property is better than expected when they arrive.

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