The Pros and Cons of Renting to College Students

    renting your vacation home to renters under 25In general, groups of college students are pretty frowned-upon in the vacation rental industry, but you may want to be careful not to make generalizations about a certain age group just because of a few bad eggs.

    Screening your renters carefully should help to weed out the bad seeds in any age group, and you may be able to open up your vacation home to a group of renters that might turn out to be just as responsible and respectable as families.

    The Pros:

    • They represent a large pool of potential renters.
    • They plan group vacations for the holidays.
    • They can fill weekends during your slow season.
    • You might attract their friends and family through referrals.
    • If you market to families with small children, your house might already be as damage-proof as it needs to be.

    The Cons:

    • They might try to get a larger-than-ideal group of people together and push your  maximum occupancy rules.
    • Their vacations have the reputation of causing lots of damage and being very messy to clean up after.
    • The risk of heavy cleaning and occasional repairs might be greater.
    • With youth comes inexperience, carelessness, and mistakes.

    Tips for Renting to College Students:

    • Make sure they understand that you have high expectations and you will effectively deal with any breach of the contract.
    • Screen all guests thoroughly.
    • Charge a higher security deposit or add per person charges to the total deposit amount if you are uncomfortable.
    • Provide proper instructions for operating the thermostat, appliances, or anything else they might use.
    • Limit the maximum occupancy for college renters to decrease the likelihood of damage.
    • Be prepared for anything!

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