How to market to large groups

    How to market your vacation home to large groups


    Don't miss out by forgetting large groups when equipping your home and creating your listings. We know not all properties are ideal for large groups, but if yours is consider these things:

    Part of the appeal of vacation homes is the great value for the space. Many travelers will also look to vacation rentals so that they can travel with a larger group, especially since many hotels are less-than-reliable when it comes to booking rooms near one another. So, if you own a large property, you might be able to increase bookings by targeting larger groups or families traveling together.

    To catch more bookings from large groups in your rental net:

    • Include some wording in your headline that'll make your home stand out to these types of travelers. Phrases like "Perfect for Large Groups" or "Ideal for Family Reunions" might jump out to renters that are trying to find homes that meet those needs. 
    • Make sure that you have ample seating in your living area, dining room, and outdoors. Extra folding chairs are also a plus.
    • Offer a mixture of bed setups in your various rooms to accommodate different combinations of children and adults.
    • Highlight the value of your home by featuring the added space and amenities over hotels. You should also compare your rates to the prices of hotels in your area. If your home sleeps 12, be sure to consider how many hotel rooms 12 people would require and price your home accordingly.
    • Feature great photographs of your home. The larger the group, the more people you have to sell on your property. Photos are the easiest way to convey all that your property has to offer and you have 50 photo slots at your disposal!
    • Stock your home with a variety of extras like DVDs, books, and board games, gaming systems, and outdoor games. Groups that gather for family reunions may spend more time in your home than your typical guests.
    • Provide amenities for small children. Consider adding a portable crib, a high chair, and a few toys for both indoors and outdoors.
    • Solicit reviews from past guests, especially those that visited as part of a large group or family reunion. Nothing will convince a prospective large group booking like an unbiased review from a member of a large group that has stayed in the past.
    • Allow your guests to hold events. If your property is large enough to accommodate gatherings like weddings, rehearsal dinners or family reunions, highlight this bonus feature in your advertisements. Plus, charging an event fee can help boost your bottom line.


    Although you may have to handle a large group a little bit differently than your average family booking, don't let the idea of a larger group scare you away. If you are concerned with increased risk of damage with more people, you can likely charge a higher security deposit. You can still require the names of all guests on your rental agreements, and some owners also choose to add per-person fees after a certain number of guests. Just be sure to clearly communicate your maximum occupancy and any penalties for exceeding that number.

    When creating your listings and equipping a large vacation home, you should definitely consider targeting large families or groups traveling together. Reaching out to larger groups for your vacation rental can place your home in an important niche and could end up helping your bottom line.


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