Foodies & Wine Aficionados

    gourmet kitchen at vacation rental If there is one commonality among the Owner Community team, it is our love of food (and maybe a glass of wine every now and then.) Believe it or not, food and wine can play a major role in travel plans, and the food and wine lovers out there will seek out opportunities to sample the local fare. We encourage you to reach out to these travelers by providing thorough explanations of your kitchen, your proximity to culinary points of interest, and all your food and wine-related amenities within your vacation rental listing.

    Marketing to Foodies:

    Perhaps you've recently done a complete overhaul of your kitchen, replacing those 1960's avocado green countertops with premium granite and removing the rooster-inspired border from the walls above your cabinets. Now that you've created your dream kitchen in your vacation home, it's time to market it to potential guests.

    Whether you've designed your kitchen with yourself or your guests in mind, there are plenty of travelers that will seek out gourmet kitchens for their vacation accommodations. Here are some tips to attract these travelers.

    • Include a photo of your kitchen. Don't overlook this important aspect of your home when selecting the photos for your listing. If you have an updated kitchen with unique amenities, be sure to feature these prominently in your photos, especially for renters that don't focus on your descriptions.
    • Describe your kitchen in detail. Use your amenities table, description and photo captions to provide all the specifics about your kitchen (stainless steel or commercial grade appliances, sub-zero refrigerator, extra stovetop burners, etc). You can even feature phrases like “Foodies Delight” in your headline to really capture those connoisseurs of the kitchen.
    • Mention brand names. Avid cooks will appreciate high-end cooking gear and appliances, so it's ok to do a little name-dropping within your listing. Brand names like Wolf, Viking, Calphalon and All-Clad will resonate with cooking aficionados.
    • Add amenities. Don't forget to add amenities to your kitchen, just like you would any other room in your home. If you really want to attract food junkies, you need to go above and beyond your typical appliances. Simple additions like cookbooks and a margarita machine can go a long way in creating a gourmet kitchen at your vacation home.
    • Consider local fare. Many foodies pride themselves on exploring farmers markets and preparing authentic dishes with local ingredients. Point your guests in the right direction of local markets and grocers within your listing and your directions. Some owners even go above and beyond by including herb or vegetable gardens at their home. You can also include some local cookbooks or specialty recipes to inspire your guests.
    • Offer concierge services. You can really take your gourmet kitchen to new heights with catering and grocery services. Put your guests in touch with private chefs or offer to stock their groceries for the week prior to their arrival. Guests will appreciate these options and the time savings they offer. Plus, you can boost your income a bit by offering these services for an extra charge.

    Marketing to Wine Aficionados:

    Some people might just like a glass of wine every now and then, but there are others who consider it a passion. Whether your potential guests are wine “likers” or wine lovers, marketing your home's proximity to area vineyards and featuring your wine-related amenities might just help to seal more bookings. Even if you don't own a vacation home in Napa or Sonoma, you can still market your area as a wine destination.

    To start, you should learn about the nearby vineyards and local wines produced in your area. Use the Internet to search for nearby wineries, talk to sommeliers at the local liquor stores, or ask your friends if they've visited any local vineyards or sampled any local wine. Once you've done your research, beef up your listing, directions, and local attraction book with wine-appropriate activities.

    • Specify distances to local wineries.
    • Give directions to specialty groceries and cheese shops.
    • Mention restaurants that serve local wines.
    • Promote local wine bars.
    • Direct your guests to local liquor stores with professional sommeliers.
    • Offer phone numbers for limo services, drivers, and cab companies.
    Next, consider these ideas for boosting the wine factor of your home. Once you've added some wine-related amenities, be sure to include them in your description, photos, and amenities table in your listings.

    • Provide a bottle of local wine at check-in.
    • Stock your pantry with extra wine glasses.
    • Invest in a high-end or professional corkscrew and a wine stopper.
    • Add a tabletop wine chiller to your kitchen tools.
    • Install a wine refrigerator in your kitchen.
    • Supply a picnic basket stocked with silverware, plates and wine glasses.
    • Include books on wine or local vineyards.
    • Decorate your home with wine décor and a wine rack.
    Sure, not all of your guests will choose your home because of your food or wine-related amenities, but it certainly doesn't hurt to try to expand your horizons and market to new groups. If nothing else, featuring these additional attractions and local touches will show travelers that you provide the utmost in service to your guests.

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