Checklist for Responding to Vacation Rental Inquiries

    how to respond to inquiries for your vacation rentalWhen you're in a hurry, it can be easy to leave out important details in your inquiry responses. We recommend saving some canned responses for common inquiries so you don't forget to include any important details. Use this checklist to ensure that your responses are clear and detailed and your prospective renters won't forget you or your home.

    Responses to initial inquiries should contain the following information:

    Your Name. Avoid an awkward first phone call if potential renters don't know how to
        address you.

    Contact Info. Make it easy for the travelers to reach you.

    Response Time. If you are using an e-mail auto-responder, remind the inquirer that you
        will respond in a timely fashion.

    Link to Your Listing. Don't let them forget which home is yours. If you list your home on
        multiple sites, be sure to link to your listing on the site where the inquiry came from to
        avoid confusion.

    Reiterate Dates/Availability. Be specific to avoid any confusion down the road.

    Rental Rates. Be clear on the full price of the rental in case your rates include
        stipulations for pets, number of guests, number of nights, etc.

    Cleaning Fee. Don't forget to include extra fees so there are no surprises later on.

    Tax Rate. If you collect and remit sales tax, let the renter know up front.

    Deposit Required. If the inquiry seems to be from a serious renter, let them know how
        he/she can reserve the dates.

    Payment Schedule. Provide prospective renters with clear deadlines for future payments.

    Booking Requirements. When the renter expresses interest in booking, be sure to
        explain the reservation procedure with regards to signed contracts and payment

    General Location. Most renters want a feel for the general location of your home, but
        you shouldn't provide your actual address until you receive payment.

    Area Conveniences/Attractions. Highlight some of the attractions and activities in the
        area so they know they've chosen the right spot for their vacation.

    Amenities/Extras. Don't forget to remind them why they should choose your home over

    Close the Sale. Tell prospective renters that you look forward to doing business with


    Download the checklist here!