Checklist for Creating a Booking Confirmation

    After you've screened your potential renters over the phone and verbally confirmed your rates and available dates, you'll want to put it in writing with an e-mailed booking confirmation, an invoice, and a copy of your rental agreement for your guests to sign.

    booking confirmation.jpg


    Remember, If you use our ReservationManager Product all inquiries, quotes, agreements and payments are automated at the click of a button. If you prefer to work manually, you'll need to get the following information from your guests:


    • Name:
    • Address:
    • Home phone:
    • Cell phone: (that guests will be bringing with them on the trip)
    • Email:
    • Number of adults:
    • Number of children:
    • Number of pets:
    • Check-in date:
    • Checkout date:
    • Estimated arrival time:
    • How are you arriving? (Plane/Car/Boat)
    • Special requests: (Baby gear rental, etc.)
    • Payment method: In addition to confirming the amount of the reservation deposit, you'll
          want to confirm how (credit card, check, or another method) and when the balance will be
          paid. (For more information about methods of payment, see How to Accept Payments.)
    • Payment schedule: Typically you should break the payment up into at least two equal
          installments. You should receive the first payment about 60 days prior to the rental date,
          and receive the final balance between 14 and 30 days prior to the rental date. This
          provides plenty of time for funds to clear before you send directions, keys, or lockbox
          codes.  You can explain the schedule in your booking confirmation, but you should send a
          detailed invoice as well.


    For example:
    After I receive your $200 deposit, your bill is as follows:
    Total bill $1581.75 = $1350 (rental rate) + $75 (cleaning fee) + $156.75 (11% Tax)
    1st payment of $790.87 due April 19, 2011 (60 days prior)
    2nd payment of $790.88 due June 5, 2011 (14 days prior)

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