Community Guidelines

    Community Guidelines


    Revised on September 11,  2017 

    Welcome to Community!

    Why did we start this Community?  So you can share information with each other! We want to provide a place where you can talk to each other about all aspects of owning and managing a vacation rental. We may contribute to conversations from time to time, but the Community is mainly a place for you to share with one another.


    If you have account specific questions for HomeAway please check out our Help Portal.  It contains frequently asked questions and the most up to date information, as well as Customer Support contact information.


    If you are new to our Community, these guidelines are to ensure you have a good experience.  Compliance with these guidelines is required for ALL participants.


    Here are a few tips to get you started:

    • The email address you use to register MUST match your active HomeAway/VRBO/VacationRentals (any HomeAway Family of Brands) login email address and you must include your real name. If we cannot match your email address and name to a HomeAway owner account then your registration request will be rejected. [Those who are no longer using HomeAway to advertise but already have an account will be grandfathered into the Community.]
    •   When you choose a username, make sure you have the right to use the name. Don’t use any trademarked brands (like “Mr.”) or celebrity names.
    • When choosing your profile image, use an image that you have the right to use. Ideal options include an image of yourself or your vacation rental.
      • Your profile image cannot contain nudity, profanity, offensive or copyrighted material.
    • Want to participate in the conversation?
      • If you haven’t yet created a profile, you’ll need to do that before you can post your own comments. (Of course, you can read other user comments without registering.)        


    Below are guidelines for what you should do in the Community.

    • Be respectful. — Please don't engage in making inflammatory, offensive or insulting comments to others. If we see this or it is reported to us it can and will result in disciplinary action.
    • Protect the privacy of yourself and others. — Keep personal information about anyone else private; including their names, home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.  We recommend you keep your own information private as well. In our discretion, certain exceptions may be made from time to time in connection with unlawful activity.
    • Represent yourself openly. — If you own or manage a vacation rental or other pertinent business, please avoid posting any critical comments about competitors and avoid posting contact information for your business. While business representatives are welcome to post on our forums, these special visitors should make others aware of their unique status. A simple statement like, "Hi, I'm John from XYZ Inc," is fine. HomeAway employees will always represent themselves openly and have an identifying tag under their avatar.
    • Talk to other members. — Talk to each other on the Community. If you have a question that is directed toward HomeAway, remember that there are other designated areas to ask direct questions to HomeAway staff.
    • Discussions about products and services are ok but advertising your own services is not. Having discussions about services, service providers and products that you’ve used for your vacation rental business is encouraged; selling your services to others is not.
    • Stay on topic and be constructive. — Each discussion is dedicated to a topic designed to help people share information about the process and activities surrounding renting, owning, or managing vacation rentals. Only post content that is constructive and relevant to the conversation. If a thread spawns a new question please post as a new thread. If we see this we will politely remind you and may remove the comments.
    • Report inappropriate content. — This Community is open and HomeAway does not review every post, photo or comment. If you see something that you feel violates our guidelines, please alert us right away. See Community 101 to learn how to report abuse.
    • Meet age requirements. — It’s important to be safe online. For this reason, you must be 18 years old or older to participate in our Community.
    • Managing the Community. — We want this to be a community for and by vacation rental owners and property managers, but we need to be able to manage it in a way to that it’s a positive experience. We reserve the right to:

    ○     Accept, reject, or remove any postings, without notice. Types of posts that will be moderated are those that are off topic, or that contain personal attacks, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity, impersonations, third party links or that violate any of our guidelines, Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions.

    ○    Reorganize the Community by adding and removing topics and their corresponding posts as needed. We will attempt to move old posts into new topic headings when possible. When we deem it appropriate, we will remove discussions that have become outdated or inactive.

    ○     To suspend a user’s account at our discretion.

    ○     Remove or make any discussion “Read Only” at any time.

    Here are the few things you shouldn’t do in the Community.

    • Don’t post obscene, profane, racist, sexually explicit, libelous, intimidating, offensive or hateful language or images. Curse words are banned along with clever misspellings.
    • Don't harass, defame or threaten others. Do not make improper allegations about specific people or companies. Repeated reports of harassment will result in a 30-day ban from the Community site.
    • Don’t promote unfair rental practices.
    • Don’t utilize Community to discuss or rally others to legal action.
    • Do not post any content, or links to content, that involve the transmission of "junk mail," "chain letters," or unsolicited mass mailing or "spamming."
    • Don’t seek or provide advice on engaging in illegal activities or bad practices, including how to work around/violate HomeAway policies. This will result in the removal of the post and disciplinary action.
    • Don’t post anything that isn’t yours, especially copyrighted content (words or images).
    • Don’t set up more than one screen name and don’t misrepresent yourself as a team member of HomeAway, any of its affiliates or anyone else. HomeAway employees will always represent themselves openly and have an identifying tag under their avatar.
    • Don’t go widely off-topic or evolve threads into personal conversations.
    • Don’t use HTML formatting, JavaScript, animated gifs or photo attachments in the body of a Community message.
    • Don't post the same issues/comments on multiple threads or in multiple Communities (i.e. in both the US Community and the French Community).

    For more specifics, please see our Terms and Conditions policy.


    Our Role:

    1.    We will be reading threads regularly and moderating equally and fairly, per guidelines.

    2.    We will not tolerate abuse of any member, nor ganging up on other members. We’re all unique individuals with unique points of view, none better or worse than the next. It’s okay to agree to disagree.

    3.    We will apply the guidelines equally to all members regardless of tenure or status.

    4.    We will share information as we can and try to answer questions about the site in general, but please know answers may not be immediate and we CANNOT answer all questions. Account specific questions and site defects should be report directly to Customer Support here: Help Portal.

    5.    Here’s how discipline will be handled: Discipline Guidelines

    6.    The Community Manager is not available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will address any issues while at work, Monday-Friday.

    Current Community Manager:  Erinn on Behalf of HomeAway