• Community organizing against vacation rentals

    We live on a small island, accessible only by ferry.  Recently, local residents have become very opposed to vacation rentals and are organizing to pass various sorts of limitations on them:  everything from ...
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  • Potential scam. Look out and mark as spam (updated)

    Several of Smoky Mountains owners received inquiries this morning. all inquiries come from different "new" traveler American-sounding names, but from same email domain daftice.com (that is only recently registered). A...
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  • Funds flowing from Yapstone?

    If you have signed up for Yapstone's "advanced payments" at the extra 3%, can you share your experience?   In particular are you receiving funds in the time committed?   Given the 1st response adding a...
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  • As of 10-1-19 VRBO collecting and reporting taxes for NC?

    Avalara has been collecting and reporting my taxes.  Does this mean that my relationship with Avalara has ended?
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  • Guest cancels with VRBO, no contact with owner

    I'm probably being a little sensitive about this. In August we had a guest book their Christmas stay with us. Last night we got an email from VRBO stating the guest had cancelled and their payment had been returned an...
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  • Inquiries don't show a quote?

    I'm trying out new vrm software and decided to send an inquiry from my husband's Vrbo traveler account to test it.  I had no idea all this time that inquiries don't show the guest any prices. On the property page...
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  • State of Texas taxes now being collected by VRBO

    State of Texas taxes now being collected by VRBO.  New system not allowing collection of additional local taxes.  Customer service says to increase rates or send an additional payment request after the reser...
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  • Why did my post disappear?

    I had a question about security deposits and it is gone now...what's going on?
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  • Ruh-Roh! Disbursed Amount is Wrong....

    The new Vrbo Payments for Florida, I have state collected/remitted by Vrbo, but county is collected and sent to me to remit. That worked great with Yapstone, first payment collected the full sales tax, the county ta...
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  • Another bug regarding payout information

    Just discovered another bug related to the payout information for reservations.  The "total payout" amount is incorrect when a guest pays via an e-check.  VRBO collects their 3% from these payments but does ...
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  • Why is VRBO collecting all the tax money in the first payment?

    I used to make the first payment small and reasonable and ....non-refundable. Now.... VRBO takes both Service Fee and also the 13% Accommodations and Sales Tax upfront to place the booking. This can be a huge amoun...
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  • Is the "latest reply" link working?

    For the past few days I've noticed that the "latest reply" link at the top of each thread isn't working.  When I put the cursor over the link it appears in bold and is underlined, yet when I click on it, nothing ...
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  • Hot Tubs

    Looking for some help and ideas for those with hot tubs.   Have a mountain home with a hot tub on a lower level concrete deck (below wooden deck that is above) so decks will get wet when rains.   Thinking ...
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  • Anyone on VRBO "advanced payments" receive funds yet?

    We shifted to HA/VRBO payments and fortunately were able to roll from Yapstone "advanced payments" to VRBO "advanced payments".   We now have a bunch of funds outstanding.  I wouldn't say worryingly del...
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  • Refund for dirty carpet?

    Hi,  I have a beach vacation rental.  A lady booked 5 nights and stayed one.  Then she sent me pictures saying the carpet going into the bedroom was too dirty for her to stay another night. Should I ref...
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  • Future Disbursements Report

    With Yapstone paying on one schedule and Vrbo paying on another, the Payout Summary report only shows what has been paid, not the schedule of what's going to be disbursed in the future.  Would be amazing to get a...
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  • Towel Recommendations?

    Can anyone tell me if they have a good online source to buy quality bath towels (regular bath size) in bulk?  Or brand and towel "line" name?  Prefer plush, but absorbent (not the wonderful fluffy ones that ...
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  • Expedia/ VRBO Instant Booking- where’s my VRBO listing?

    Hi there! I signed up for IB months ago however my listing in not on Expedia. Yesterday I noticed an Expedia link on the VRBO dashboard. I clicked it and followed the list your property prompts. I received an email wi...
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  • Can reviews be added by travelers that did not pay via HomeAway? I have not be able to figure out how I can do this. Any ideas?

    Can't seem to figure out how to facilitate a traveler review for someone that did not book and pay via VRBO, even thought the reservation is logged. The traveler cannot go you her account and add either. Is this becau...
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  • Condiments

    Should we leave condiments such as olive oil, vinegar and spices in the house? A recent renter criticized us for doing this, but I thought guests would like it if there were a few staples int he house, and spices.&nbs...
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