• How often do you have to replace your vacation rental linens?

    How often do you have to replace your vacation rental linens? Essentials could be items like sheets, comforters, pillows, robes, towels, etc.
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  • Why is my Headline all crammed up together?

    Early today I decided to change my Headline.  I viewed the Vrbo page tonight, and found this:  Cabin W/creek Near Helen Water Park & Golfcovered Porchessunroomfree Wifi  What??  Believe me, I...
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  • How will VRBO handle the NJ sales tax repeal?

    Apparently, if an owner has 2 or less properties, the tax is not applicable. But the owner has to collect fees directly. Can anyone confirm this? Will VRBO allow direct pay to owners again in order to prevent this pro...
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  • HELP! Depression abounds

    I lost a booking to this gorgeous home - and it put me down in rank and I thought we were talking houses on here???????????    
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  • Anyone try to refund the HA payments security deposit yet?  And, CAN'T?

      Three attempts.  Three failures. Called CS, same issue.  They cannot figure out why.  This is from my FIRST HA payments booking. 
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  • credit card fees

    Does Homeaway act as the bank and retain the 3% fee for credit card payments, which are now our only option?  I would like to have an echeck option again so I don't have to pay these fees. 
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  • Selling rented vacation home but not the furnishings

    We are considering the purchase of another vacation rental and selling our current condo.  We would prefer that the new property be furnished but the market for that kind of home does not look promising in our ar...
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  • request for review with personalization no longer an option

    We have always written a personal paragraph to each guest after checkout requesting their review. Referencing anything we had discussed about the cabin. And IF we were happy with them as a guest we thanked them for ta...
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  • Damage Insurance or Security Deposit?

    Curious which one of the above you use for your STR.  I currently require a $500 security deposit but was wondering if it might be better to use the damage insurance option instead.  I think most guests only...
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  • How accurate are the financial reports? I noticed odd changes and after the end of year and end of report date - - which should not happen!?

    How accurate are the financial reports? I notice the past year reports keep changing - after the end of report date/year?! That makes no sense
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  • Selling a vaction rental to a new investor

    We expect to sell one of our vacation rentals mid November The new owner wishes to continue with the home as a vacation rental.  We are being asked to convey our upcoming reservations. Can this ...
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  • 2019 Homeaway summit agenda

    When will the agenda for the 2019 summit be released?  and can you post the agenda for last year, so we can see the type of content you include?  Last year it was not released at all before the meeting... I...
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  • wrong county

    As of 10/1/19 HA is remitting taxes in NC. I was remitting to the proper county Jackson and now HA has changed it to Transylvania. I have called twice. no use.....
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  • How to enhance your social media account

    Does your vacation rental have its own social media account? If so, tap into a new resource for images and property exposure. Read Discovery Hub article Enhance your social media content to learn how Vrbo can help yo...
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  • Hawaii County has new short term rental law! Bill 108

    Hawaii county has new law and regs regarding short term rentals. $500 registration fee, zoning, non-conforming use permits....
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  • Guests overstayed their reservation, what do I do?

    Our guests were suppose to check out yesterday but when I arrived this morning to clean, they were still there. When I knocked on the door and told them that checkout was yesterday, they said I was wrong. I didn't hav...
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  • How do we know that VRBO is sending our tax money to the state correctly?

    I'm getting conflicting stories depending on which rep I talk with.  One rep says that I gave them my tax ID number when I signed up, which I don't remember doing.  Another rep says no, that the tax payment ...
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  • Property management system minimum listing requirement

    Hi,   I would very much like to use a property management system (PMS).  Vrbo and other rental sites offer an API for PMSs.  However, Vrbo/Homeaway is the only one I know of that requires 5 listings to...
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  • Different name shows up as owner for log in

    The first time this happened, I thought it was a fluke.  But this is too strange to show up again!  To access the owners' page, you log in to the Vrbo website, where there is the pretty ocean picture and the...
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  • What is Premiere Partner good for?

    If it was to see the reviews before committing or have the persons phone or email, then I just had a fata morgana inquiry. It states clearly I can only see that when booked and "partners are recommending" a person - ...
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