• "Early" payments - way too late!

    Here is current real life scenario. I am on "early" payments. Guest booked on Sep 3rd last minute for Sep 4-8th. According to this I may be paid as late as Sep 18th, way after the guest is gone.   This is EAR...
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  • North Carolina contract

    After a bad experience last month, we learned we need a contract and are trying to get one together this week.   Do any of you have a contract for a NC vacation rental? If so, are you familiar with the NC Vaca...
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  • Hawaii County has new short term rental law! Bill 108

    Hawaii county has new law and regs regarding short term rentals. $500 registration fee, zoning, non-conforming use permits....
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  • 6 listings on Homeaway, I am down to zero bookings? Am I blacklisted?

    2 have gotten not a single booking since listed, one a few months ago, one about 6 weeks ago, successful on all other sites. The others have gotten no new activity since June. In the past homeaway was 20-40% of my boo...
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  • NEW MEXICO Tax question

    My short term rental is in Taos, NM.  For taxes I understand there are Occupancy and Sales Tax due.  Which one of these is "Gross Receipts Tax"?  I pay the Sales Tax due monthly based on gross revenu...
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  • Has anyone gotten paid on the new HA advanced payment system yet?

    My booking came in on August 24, they said it would be dispersed on the 31st (7days...Saturday to Saturday).  Then it changed to the Sept 2nd now it says on the Sept 4th it will be dispersed.   I could ...
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  • Review taking forever to post after we've both submitted

    I have a review that seems to be stuck in moderation that I am anxious to have post - it has now been a week since we both submitted our reviews. I gave the guest 5 starts and I expect their review to be positive as w...
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  • Rate editor - dumb!

    I know this is old stuff, but I guess I never really paid attention to it until now. I am a true weekly vacation rental property with a nice even weekly amount.   A guest asked me if my nightly rate was corr...
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  • Refunds after check-in: where is the answer?

    The thread called  On what grounds would a guest receive a refund after check-in? is now marked as having been answered.  I followed the thread and did not see any definitive answer from VRBO to this extrem...
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  • SC Taxes

    FIrst, why is the service fee the responsibility of the landlord and not VRBO?  I do not charge  the fee , never have the fee within my control and it seems to me that VRBO should report the fee as part of t...
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  • An "Industry Standard"??

    During the webinar, the VRBO speakers provided a justification for delayed-deposit because it is an “Industry Standard”. They then referenced Airbnb. Delayed-deposit is NOT an industry standard.   VR...
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  • Yapstone chargeback issue refunding deposit

    This company is the worst... I had a guest stay with me and chargeback the reservation they claimed they never made.  Gone through the first round with merchant and of course they are still challenging.  I c...
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  • Why is it taking so long for a review to post ?

    It has been almost 4 weeks and support has been no help to me finding out why the review won't post. I've been given a myriad of reasons but it still hasn't been posted. Support has assured me that it has been escal...
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  • No Hurricane Announcement by HomeAway?

    I am thankfully not affected, but am surprised to not yet see any HA announcement here?  There are numerous articles in the press about the leader, AirBnb.  Here is one example:  Airbnb launches Open Ho...
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  • What happened to the posts from today (9/3/19)?

    I don't see posts that were made today (Tuesday, September 3rd).  The "most recent" posts in the threads are from yesterday, Sept. 2nd.  Threads that were started today have disappeared.
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  • When did Vrbo start Selling Bed's, shared accommodations?

    So when did Vrbo allow property managers or owners to sell a single bed or a shared accommodation similar to what ABB does? I thought that Vrbo only allowed private rooms. Also how does a property manager get away fro...
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  • Guest inquired on a payment invoice, and I noticed it says it was sent by "Property" instead of actual owner's name

    I just had a guest inquire about a payment request that they were sent.  Unrelated to their question, I noticed that the email sent to the guest now says it was signed by "Property."    I know that...
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  • Why is VRBO telling yapstone our check-in dates?

    When I get a direct booking, I to not tell MY credit card processor that this is a rental nor do I tell my credit card processor the check-in date.  Why is VRBO providing this information to Yapstone?   To ...
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  • More payment questions - Yapstone balance payments

    I have 3 or 4 bookings for next year. In each case there was a deposit from 1c to 25% down. Now these people are being asked for the balance payment at some time in the future.  In the case of the 1c down it wil...
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  • Problem with Vrbo sending email to guests about access codes

    About two weeks prior to their arrival, our last three guests have emailed us wondering why we haven't provided them with the remote, keyless access code to enter our condo. We typically don't provide the code until a...
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