• How much to compensate a guest?

    We have a guest that notified us that the hot water heater wasn't working on the second day of their stay (late Wednesday afternoon).  I had our caretaker go over and try to light the pilot but it didn't work.&nb...
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  • Over Occupancy

    Keep getting guest that do not want to follow rules on how many guest they will have.  My little cottage can hold 6 people comfortable.  I even have them sign an agreement and send back to me with the names ...
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  • Rating a null?

      Personally, I would  not. Since it is a guest I should. Another bug?
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  • No guest profile showing on my dashboard

    Hi, newbie to this forum here. I'm not seeing any profiles either before or after the booking.  name email and phone is all I get.  cant see reviews, cant click into the guest profile to see details.  ...
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  • Please help me to edit this review with some issues I'm unable to control!!

    Thanks in advance. just the same with everyone, upset, heartbroken and stress.  I understand that I should not respond from point to point.  However, some of these are beyond my control.   Quick summar...
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  • Pre-approved by mistake, guest booked elsewhere

    I've seen some kinds of answers to this question, but not the answer I need.   Twice this week I was answering a booking inquiry on my phone. They went out as pre-approved. The first was cancelled when I got an ...
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  • Emails sent by Homeaway

    where can I find the list and content of the emails that are sent by HA on my behalf?  and which ones can I stop from being sent?
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  • CO Tax Collection Changes

    Would like to know how owners in CO specifically summit county or areas with hotel or additional accommodation taxes are handling the new changes and lack of ways to collect the correct amount of taxes at the time of ...
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  • Private label toiletries? Best linen? Etc?

    We have a new property which is spendy and special, so for the first time I'm doing my own towels, sheets, spa robes ... even toiletries. In my other properties (and those I manage) we use a cleaning service that prov...
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  • How do I get Advance Pay Approval

    I leased our beach condo for the first time on Home Away and did not realize that my money is held till the client checks in.  I called HomeAway and Ellen whom I spoke with told me that someone was going to conta...
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  • Rental Agreements

    Why you should have a Rental Agreement: We strongly encourage you to use a customized rental agreement for each reservation and be sure to include the names of all parties, check-in/checkout dates, rental amounts, p...
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  • Is It Wrong to Use your VR Yourself?

    Rhetorical question, sorry not sorry.   Guinness the Wonder Dog and I are headed to the cabin to do some much needed maintenance *cough cough*.   See y'all Monday and have a great weekend!   -Bones o...
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  • Luggage, gift baskets and all that jazz...of "fluff"

    Is it just me or lately a lot of HA posts in this forum have to do with "fluff"- asking if owners let guests leave luggage, or supply gift baskets, decorating ideas etc.   My take on these that, with few except...
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  • Early check-in/late checkout: Luggage

    Do your guests ask if they can leave their luggage at your vacation rental before check-in or after check-out? If so, how do you normally handle that request? We've heard of people using luggage storages. Have you he...
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  • Booking Lost, VRBO Fault, no longer accepting Discover Card

    We lost a nice booking yesterday, and I completely blame VRBO! With the new processing company, they no longer accept Discover card. WHY???? The guests went ahead and booked another home with a large management compan...
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  • Share your tips on preventing and eliminating unwanted pests

    In this Discovery Hub article, we go over the prevention and elimination of many different kinds of pests. What do you do when you have pets at your vacation rental?
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  • Anyone in the Orlando area seeing a drop in inquiries and booking?

    I have never seen it so slow for September, October, November and December and we've been booking since 2012.  I'm curious what bookings are like for other homeowners.  Is it industry wide or just our home?&...
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  • Is anyone else having trouble with the Dashboard today?

    Hi - Curious if anyone else is having trouble with the Vrbo Dashboard and Inbox today? I have a couple of renters with whom I am trying to correspond, but every time I try to send a message it says "it looks like so...
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  • Pre- approval question

    I know this will have been asked 100 times before, but I cannot see it! I had a booking request over the weekend for a week in January 2020. I accepted it, but then got an email to say their credit card had not worke...
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  • Local tax collection - Colorado just added to the mess

    VRBO has been required to collect sales tax in some states.  They just added Colorado to the list.    In searching the community I see that this has been a vitriolic issue for more than one year with ...
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