• Highly Recommended Vacation Rental Marketing eBook

    A recent article in Skift quoted the vacation rental industry at $23 billion, proclaiming it one of the hottest travel segments in the world. An interesting theme that could be gleaned from the article is cited as fol...
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  • Wow, what a show! RezFest 2013 was a huge success on all fronts.

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to join HomeAway in Las Vegas last month. RezFest 2013 went down in history as one of the largest vacation rental conferences on record. The nearly 900 registered attendees spen...
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  • Pay Per Booking - HomeAway finally took my advice!

    So I’m taking credit for this, even though it’s totally not true. Yesterday HomeAway introduced performance based listings, also known as Pay Per Booking. An owner pays nothing up front and only pays a sma...
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  • How I Did It: VRBO Rescued My Vacation Rental

    My vacation rental adventure started when my husband and I were approaching retirement and contemplating moving to the Jersey Shore, now more than thirty years ago.  After much searching, we settled on a home in ...
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  • Have your cake and eat it... on the beach!

      In a sea of bad headlines, this is a breath of fresh air – vacation rental performance soundly beat hotels this summer and gave their owners a pretty remarkable return on investment. The newest industry r...
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  • Hidden Wine Country

    Napa and Sonoma are kind of like Disneyland for adults – there’s almost too much to enjoy. Wineries, restaurants, museums and castles…you can’t go ten feet without tripping over some new fun t...
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  • Creative Keepsakes: Putting Vacation Photos and Momentos to Good Use

    Our family vacations come in all shapes and forms. We love the beach, cruising on small ships with our grandmother, discovering the South of France, or checking out cities like Montreal, Boston and New York. Sometimes...
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  • Grillmaster's Guide to Charcoal vs Propane

    When planning a vacation, one of the first amenities I look for may be a little different than what others prioritize - I check to see if there is a way to cook outside, and more importantly, if there is a grill avail...
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  • 7 Secret Tools That Will Make Your Vacation Rental Website Pump Out Bookings

    Let’s face it: building and maintaining your own personal vacation rental website is merely the first (albeit massive) step on the road to long-term and sustainable vacation rental success...   But after t...
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  • Packing the Perfect Picnic

    The warm weather brings about my favorite way to dine – a meal under the sky and over a blanket with friends and family. There are many reasons to love the long time tradition of picnicking but what tops my list...
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  • What... what? I'm not wearing the pants in this economy?!?

    Google Well, I’ve been humbled. A recent slate of research has hit me in the face with some indisputable facts about the buying power of women in the marketplace, noting in contrast how most marketing messages r...
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  • Dream Vacation on a Budget: How to Save $500 on Your Vacation

    While summer is winding down, many still have vacation on their minds. While it’s tough to vacation on a budget with sky-high airfares and fast-rising gas prices, there are a lot of easy ways to save money on yo...
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  • More Vacation Homes in Your Area = Higher ROI For YOU!

    "A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats" – John F. Kennedy   Year Conventional Wisdom at Given Point In Time Corrected Wisdom Beyond Said Point In Time Year 1960 We can’t walk on the moon, more than 10ft of sp...
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  • Are Negative Vacation Rental Reviews A Cause For Concern?

    I would find it hard to argue that there is any one more influential factor, as it relates to long-term vacation rental success, than having good social proof (i.e. guest reviews) about your property.   Positive...
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  • How To Create A Vacation Rental Blog In Under 5 Minutes

    Vacation rental marketing is all about helping the prospective traveler: not selling them. And one of the best ways to do that is to create your own blog. Fortunately, with my little guide below, owners and managers c...
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  • The Thrill of the Grill

    So I'm not much of a runner, but I can tell you it's not the heat hindering my pace lately, it's the grill. Early evening runs through my neighborhood are nearly impossible this time of the year, especially on weekend...
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  • 4 Reasons Gmail Is Ideal For Vacation Rental Owners

    Oftentimes we take things that are freely available for granted: like liberty and clean, running water, and…Gmail?   I’ve been using Gmail now for about 10 years and it’s funny how, at times,...
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  • Stocking your Vacation Rental Kitchen Pantry - Tips & Grocery List

    Imagine. . . your family has just arrived at the summer vacation destination of your dreams. The vacation rental exceeds your expectations, the view is spectacular, and everyone is filled with anticipation for the day...
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  • How I Did It: “Greening” Your Vacation Rental

    Meet Sinya, a very unique, safari-inspired vacation retreat in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. The name "Sinya" is significant in two ways: first, it pays homage to my first tent experience on safari in Tanzania, Af...
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  • Where the Experts Dish on Making (and Getting) the Most From Your Vacations

    Welcome to the new Vacation Rental Living blog – where travel meets family, food, fashion and fun tech & gadgets. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be checking in with a variety of the nati...
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