• Safe to assume that TripAdvisor died after prolonged illness?

    Back in 2014-2015 I was getting fair number of bookings from Flipkey PPB. then they upped the service fee and made it dynamic. I got maybe just a few bookings a year. then I found VHR that at the time was 'subscriptio...
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  • Need help from the experts. Good house performs horribly. Average house performs great.

    Hey Community.  If anybody wants to give me some advice I'd welcome it.  I have three properties on VRBO and two of them confuse the heck out of me.    This property:  www.vrbo.com/1252781 d...
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  • How do I get rid of my monthly discount rate (28 nights or more)?

    I have a nightly rate and I have (had) a monthly discount rate.  I don't want to offer a monthly discount rate any longer but it won't go away.  I went to my rate editor and plugged in 0% for the discount (u...
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  • Merits of sticking with a Sat to Sat busy summer season  (7 night Minimum)

    Traditionally in our area, coastal, west coast, we book weekly from Saturday to Saturday in the summer for June, July and August. I have done so for 30 years in the summer as well.   I would welcome some feed ba...
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  • How should I categorize my listing?

    The space I am listing is on the lower level of my house. It is an efficiency "apartment" with its own entrance and bathroom, 2 rooms, one is a master suite with bed, couch, tv, the other room is a kitchenette with br...
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  • Why are we as owners dinged for declining a propsective traveler? Some want to stay less than the minimum number of days, some want to have weddings and parties, etc. which is not how I want my home being used.

    Why does VRBO ding our rankings for declining a prospective traveler? Some want to stay less than the minimum number of days required to book, some want to have parties, weddings, some want to turn my home into a fish...
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  • Is this New? Or another AB test

    Hey everyone, I have been very absent lately do to my primary work commitments so this may be an old topic that's been discussed to death, if so then please accept my apologies! I just noticed that when using my mobil...
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  • Has anyone had any dealings with Evolve?

    Has anyone had any dealings with Evolve?  Someone from VRBO called me and wants me to listen to an Evolve rep about how they can help me.
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  • Google Your Undisclosed Homeaway physical address and results include your Expedia/Travelocity listings?

    For security, Homeaway does not reveal the physical address of our rental properties until after a reservation.  When I google physical addresses of Homeaway properties, however, the results include our Expedia a...
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  • 1099 and Tax questions

    I have not received a 1099 from Yapstone.  Are we supposed to receive one?  Also, for 2018 when pulling a report, I can't get a report that separates the commission (i'm on PPB) and the taxes paid by the gue...
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  • Just noticed a large increase in service fees from Homeaway!

    i noticed that Homeaway increased the service fee on my summer weeks from 7% to 9,5% in the last week. Last year, it was 6% for the same weeks. That is an outrageous increase in the fees. I was afraid this would happe...
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  • Really confused by how rankings work

    I am really confused by how my Market Rank is determined.  In all the categories within my control, we are #1. The two categories I can't control, # of Reviews and Review Average, we are in the middle of the pack...
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  • Login to HomeAway Platform fails. What can I do?

    I am trying to log into HomeAway Platform - https://www.homeaway.com/platform/ - in order to view my client apps and API keys and I am redirected to HomeAway Developer Terms of Use page - https://www.homeaway.com/plat...
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  • Got an e-mail today for beach locations and was  very interested.....

    So, I clicked on the e-mail and found one in Texas for what was supposed to be $75.00 and under (just the two of us). When I clicked on one the daily for the dates I put in was over $174.00 per day??   GRRR! My...
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  • Change calendar for booked customer from one property to another

    Hi, I have 3 properties with homeaway. A customer with a booking for a week arrived yesterday and we upgraded him to another unit, as his had not been cleaned. Now the original one has been cleaned, so would like to m...
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  • HomeAway to remit CHICAGO taxes - ERRORS!!

    Just received an email informing me that beginning Dec 1 2018, HA will begin remitting Chicago accommodation tax.   When I called HA to discuss the potential problems of this the answers were NOT very clear. &...
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  • Is something wrong with the site? Busy booking season, and 0 activity

    on my 3 VRs, 2 of which are PP. and before Erinn suggest to look at the article about "how to become competitive" in a help portal, I'll get this out of the way: I have 0 declines and cancels I have sub-hour(often s...
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  • Multiple charges on a guest cc resulting in a cancellation

    Hello, unfortunately I have a guest that decided to cancel his reservation as he was charged 3 times on his cc by Yapstone (Homeaway's cc provider) instead of one. The 3 payments summed up to 150% of the entire renta...
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  • Tentrr rentals

    Are any of you familiar with Tentrr? I was looking at a possible mini vacay near West Point, NY. There are many listings for Tentrr as separate listings, I think all on the same campground. Nothing wrong with them if ...
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  • Catch this quirk..new rates editor

    OK, hope I explain this well.  I found a quirk in the new rates editor that even befuddled me.   I set a 7 night minimum, Sat to Sat check in for peak season.  I always debate with myself when peak sea...
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