• Expedia booked guests cannot review and don't count toward Ranking Metrics

    PP CS just told me (call back from a supervisor after escalation) that guests booked through Expedia cannot leave a review and do not count toward ranking metrics.   So, these bookings are advertised through HA/...
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  • Did HomeAway charge you an extra $1 for your annual renewal?

    Did HomeAway charge you an extra dollar for your renewal? They said it was to test my credit card, but it was not reimbursed, even after I asked for it be reimbursed. One dollar is a small amount for each subscriber, ...
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  • Has anyone seen this before?

    I had a guest check-out last week.  They reserved through VRBO and paid with a credit card issued by their local bank.  After paying the final payment their local bank was bought out by a large bank and all ...
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  • Downside to not having phone numbers before booking

    I have been with the Homeaway family since 2003, with a total of 30 years in the STVR business. When HomeAway changed their platform from a advertising platform to a booking platform my reservations dropped off. &nbs...
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  • What's been your most rewarding experience as a host?

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  • New Chart for Market Maker-Like It! Some Questions.

    I like the look of the new design of market maker. I like the info given, such as average price of booked and unbooked properties in my competitive set. I never bothered to change my competitive set to what I know is ...
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  • What should I do with this kind of guest?

    Hi everyone, I just want to tell my story which bothered me for a while. I'm an owner and I've been renting my vacation house on HA for almost 2 years and all the reviews I got either about my house or me are all posi...
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  • An Interesting Viewpoint

    I recently met with a number of my old college friends, and we got to discussing what we were doing and where we were vacationing.  A few friends volunteered that they were traveling using ABB and VRBO.  Gre...
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  • Virtual tour now available on app?

    I Can now see my virtual tour on the app on both iphone and iPad. Am I the only one and if not so excited that this got rolled out.
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  • Can I have payments for different properties deposited into different bank accounts?

    We recently added another property in a different location that is part of a separate business, so for bookkeeping purposes, we need payments from the new cabin to be deposited into a different bank account than the o...
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  • Refundable Damage Deposit

    Why is this NOT a helpful statement?   From the Discovery Hub:  Build an additional amount into your nightly rate instead of using a refundable damage deposit.  This helps eliminate the perception of a...
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  • HomeAway Voices Survey Regarding Offering Discounts to Guests

    I just received a survey from HomeAway Voices asking about my "ideal" guests and what kind of discounts I offer and whether I would offer a discount to attract my "ideal guests" etc. etc.  Once again, owners are ...
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  • Welcome New Community Members!

    This forum is dedicated to building a community of vacation rental owners and managers across the nation and around the world that support and inspire each other by sharing expertise, posing questions and exchanging e...
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  • To remove the sheets, or not?

    What's your stance on asking guests to remove sheets before checkout? We think this article from The Distinguished Guest makes some very interesting points. Weigh in with your thoughts below.
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  • Over occupancy issues AGAIN...........

    I am asking for Homeaway to encourage guests to check the limit of guests in a property. This is a constant issue for my property.   I Just had someone book for 6 adults/0 children, then tell me that they want ...
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  • Is payment processing going in house with no option for advanced payments? UPDATED 6/2/19: Current information added

    homeaway_community_manager Erinn, there is quite an uproar on another owners forum, can you confirm or deny? So the gist of it is, Yapstone is being phased out, new listings and those transitioning from AP  are...
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  • Payment processor -- no disbursements made?

    According to HA, we have been disbursed four payments since 4/26.  We have not received ANY deposits to our bank account since January 2019.  So HA directed us to the payment processor who wants us to prove ...
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  • Instant Book Creating Two Records/Reservations

    Anyone else using IB notice an increase in double reservations?   I now have 3 of them.   Here is what causes it: the guest sends and inquiry asking <insert question here> and, after I send them the ...
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  • Short term tax in Massachusetts?

    Why isn't Homeaway paying the short term rental tax for homeowners in Massachusetts? It pays the tax in other states. The new legislation says that the entity collecting the tax must remit it and file the returns. Th...
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  • Other San Diego owners/mangers seeing drop in requests?

    Visibly slow inquiries, possible the slowest time for me so far. Anyone else in our area, see that as well?
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