• Does HA / VRBO collect and remit taxes on behalf of owners in Kauai (96756)

    I'm trying to determine my tax obligations for my rentals in Kauai, Hawaii (zip 96756).  Airbnb has an agreement with Hawaii where they collect and remit taxes on behalf of hosts - we don't need to do anything.&n...
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  • More information on early payout program

    Thanks for all of the questions and discussion, we are getting information out as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience as we work through this change. Cost of early payout program: The early payout program...
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  • I think I figured it all out! Payment Migration Explained

    It's beyond maddening that I have never received any communication from VRBO explaining how this migration is going to work, what I need to do and how to track upcoming payments! I was left on my own to dig through th...
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  • Anyone else seen this VICE article about Air BnB?

    Just, wow....   https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/43k7z3/nationwide-fake-host-scam-on-airbnb?fbclid=IwAR0rrNntibiMgfBPxGrJEWkQ6SZlcCq84…
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  • Where do we find the review ratings for the guests?

    We are asked to rate a guest after they check out. A numbered, starred system. Where do we find those ratings by previous stays? We were told that those are for other owners to be able to see how a guest was rated. WH...
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  • I have a zero refund policy how can Yapstone and or VRBO hold my money until day after guest check in? It’s my money once someone books not theirs to keep. I used to tack my own credit cards and never had a problem then I was FORCED to allow VRBO to colle

    I Get bookings up to a year in advance and my rental agreement states 50% deposit to secure reservation and balance due 45 days prior to arrival. ZERO REFUND how can they say they will not disburse money until AFTER g...
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  • Who is coming to AZ for Conference?

    Just wondering if any of you are coming down to Scottsdale, AZ for the HA/VRBO conference this weekend, Nov. 8 - 10? We live here and are just about 5 miles away. Would like to get together for a drink or snacks with ...
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  • Family Collection

    So I got the Invitation  to be in the Family Collection & they require you to commit to not using other ways to rent your properties.  I am wondering after striving for Premier status so hard so that I c...
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  • Guest accidentally paid 3K instead of 79.00

    It is frustrating that I have no control over my guests payments.  A guest accidentally chose to pay a damage deposit instead of damage insurance and I, the owner and manager, am helpless!!! She called VRBO and h...
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  • Help me write a review response!

    So, here's the review:  "We did not have any communication with Home Away property manager, tried to call the 24/7 number and only got recording. BUT, our communication with the owners of the unit was TOP NOTCH. ...
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  • Payout Disbursement Dates changing on Reservations

    I have 2 reservations that booked last week and both stated under the time date stamp payouts would disburse this week.  I took screen shots of both as I now I am skeptical of everything VRBO says.  Those da...
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  • colorado taxes

    VRBO recently started collecting taxes in Colorado.  Unfortunately they are only collecting state taxes and do not have an option to include additional taxes for local entities.  I am amazed that they implem...
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  • How do you know which payments have tax withheld by VRBO?

    I am in the middle of filing my quarterly tax for my state (Colorado) right now.  VRBO just started remitting state taxes as of Oct 1 for Colorado.  My question is, how do I determine which payments have had...
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  • How is the first payment amount calculated?

    I'm trying to figure out how VRBO is calculating my guests' first deposit payment. In our house settings, we have the deposit set at 25% with the balance due 30 days from the start of the rental. Lately, however, the ...
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  • How do I get Advance Pay Approval

    I leased our beach condo for the first time on Home Away and did not realize that my money is held till the client checks in.  I called HomeAway and Ellen whom I spoke with told me that someone was going to conta...
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  • Yet Another Glitch!

    I just did an IB through Vrbo.  The email confirmation that I received as a traveler has a glitch.  In the email, there is a default space entitled "Message from the owner."  Guess what?  The text ...
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  • How to prepare your home for large groups

    Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for large groups. Feel free to share what you do to prepare your vacation rental for large groups. Make sure you take advantage of all the spaces you have in your va...
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  • What is wrong with this picture?

    I received my PP report  for the month of October. I knew VRBO was not delivering much but this it somewhat astounding.   Cute is the advice given to turn on instant booking  - well it is on! This ...
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  • More hidden fees from VRBO

    Just discovered this while doing my quarterly taxes...VRBO is charging us 3% on the taxes that they are withholding on "our behalf".  Does this seem wrong to anyone else?
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  • Im on Advance Bookings, But last 2 bookings I've gotten I'm not getting paid until after guest check in

    16 property listings on VRBO, advanced booking status on all of them. The last 2 bookings that I have received, payment isn't until after guest check in next summer. When I can CS that don't have an answer and no abil...
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