• Regarding Who Holds The Damage Deposit

    COPIED FROM ANOTHER THREAD:   First off welcome to the community! Great question, as mentioned by others the refundable damage deposit is held in escrow by the payment processors until such time as it is claimed ...
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  • host reviews

    Is there somewhere to locate reviews on host past guest before I accept a booking?
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  • Rent at any Cost?

    I was checking pricing of properties in my area to see what range the largest vacation rental management in the country offered ( Vacasa ) and to say the least...I was surprised. One oceanfront home had a range of lo...
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  • I'm excited to have my first booking on Expedia! NOT!

    I had a guest who was supposed to check in March 2nd-March 9th. Our condo association has a minimum age requirement of 25. This was disclosed the same way as the service fee in December of 2015 in a dropdown in the de...
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  • No tech support on weekends?!

    Got a booking today - yay!  I've been trained to keep those metrics good by clicking 'accept' pretty quickly, so that's what I did.   A few hours later I noticed that the rate doesn't match my posted rates...
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  • No refund cancellation question

    Hello, Since I am on Community here and my neighbor isn't, I was chosen to ask his question, hehe.  He has a high-end house as me, his rates are over $17,000 per week. He got a reservation for President's week ...
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  • Product Updates

    Hello Everyone,   We have created a place where you can see important recent updates to the site. You can view it here. To set expectations, we will only post major changes to this space and not every single chan...
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  • Inquiry Questions that I just love!

    This is an Inquiry I received today:   The house seems close to the airport.  How noisy is it?  How close to nice shops and good restaurants?  Is it too far to walk? Since I cannot say what...
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  • New ads are working too well?

    I see the new commercial back to back on cable and have developed a real dislike for it - advertising execs should have to watch a commercial 200 times in a row and then decide if it  can be  released withou...
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  • Please Fix the Gray Color

    Today I was forced to call VRBO support because I was unable to renew my listing.   Why did I have to call? Because I could not see or find the checkbox that I had to click to accept the terms of the renewal. &n...
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  • Facebook posts of renters breaking rules....

    Okay, let me start by saying these are very nice people. Very complimentary and respectful. A few days ago, someone posted a photo of a visitor's wet dog, sitting on my outdoor sofa, a brand new sofa....not even a tow...
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  • Where can we send suggestions to VRBO, Insurance options need attention in VRBO.

    Where can I submit this recommendation to VRBO, or is this sufficient to raise awareness to VRBO. More attention is definitely needed to insure home owners can access decent short term rental insurance.   One gr...
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  • Issue with rates and calendar.  Error message.

    Hi.  Is anyone else getting the same error messages?  I try to view rates on calendar and get the following. There was a problem retrieving your rates. Please try again.   It looks like there was an e...
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  • PayPal will STOP refunding processing fees along with refunds starting May 7

    At first PayPal's limit to allowing refunds (with processing fee returned) was 60 days.  I was delighted a couple years ago when they extended it to a whole 6 months (although VRP seems to have no time limit on r...
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  • Can we have Customer Service PLEASE STOP sending text messages without asking

    When I call and a customer service rep imediately sends me a text - that costs me money! VRBO should reimburse me for the expense! I called CS yesterday and got very upset when he sent a text to my phone, again cost...
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  • If this is true , the CS procedures need updating?(cancellation) - help?

    yesterday I get a reservation request that Shows "Expedia". A little strange specifying 2 people when my place sleeps 10 but I go through my usual steps of requesting e-signing rental agreement and ID.   This is...
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  • Important Tax Updates - South Dakota and Multiple Counties in Pennsylvania

    This email was sent to all affected partners on 4/18/19 Counties included:  South Dakota and 17 Pennsylvania counties (Adams, Berks, Bucks, Chester, Clearfield, Columbia, Crawford, Dauphin, Delaware, Erie, Fayett...
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  • A new owner will get your hard-earned reviews?!

    For those of you who are suddenly seeing this on the property you own, "During this stay the property was under previous owner or management," it gets worse. VRBO  attaches your reviews to the property, not you. ...
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  • Best Smart Lock?

    What is the best smart lock on the market today for rental properties?   I need a lock that can be opened and closed remotely   Codes can be added removed remotely   Times can be set for individual a...
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  • Premier Partner offered to PMs after all?

    Recently, an owner on another group posted an email from HA CS. The CS agent stated that she had recently learned that management companies with more than 200 properties needed only to meet PP status requirements on 1...
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