• My delete block isn't working...I have blocked my calendar not reserved

    My delete block isn't working...I have blocked my calendar not reserved
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  • Warning - not asking for ID can cost you big time

    I have seen various people on this forum say they ask guests for ID and I always thought that was a bit over the top. No more.   A neighbor received a booking 30 days before the check-in date, paid in full. Two ...
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  • Help doing this correctly

    This has been covered but after the fact. I had a cancellation just now for a family coming in tomorrow. Normally, if I feel that they have a genuine reason, I offer same season alternatives. This also means same p...
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  • HomeAway Survey

    Just curious to know if anyone had the patience to make it through that entire survey? I tried to take it twice and gave up both times.
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  • Top 15 Design Tips for Vacation Rentals

        Our spring flip list is growing by the day. Things we want to update, add too and outright change. Timing is crucial with exactly one week between winter guests departing and spring/summer arriving with...
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  • Should I allow smoking on my back deck?

    My listing says "no smoking," but my rules don't currently specify whether my "no smoking" policy is inside only or extends to outside. I just had a question from a guest that made me wonder if I should intentionally ...
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  • Do we get proof HomeAway paid guest stay tax?

    It's always something.   Of the 11% total tax our property rental tax charges, only 7% is being paid by HomeAway. 6% to the state and 1% to the county.  I will need to remit 4% to the county.  So odd ...
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  • Having Computer Issues with Responding to Inquiries

    Hopefully someone on this board can help us out. Starting yesterday, when I click on any inquiry on the respond to inquiry, I get a screen with big Black "X's" and "Checkmarks" thru it. Its nothing at all like the scr...
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  • Can we have Customer Service PLEASE STOP sending text messages without asking

    When I call and a customer service rep imediately sends me a text - that costs me money! VRBO should reimburse me for the expense! I called CS yesterday and got very upset when he sent a text to my phone, again cost...
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  • Rates and Booking Window needs to be linked!

    The Booking Window information ( how far out someone can book ) should be accessible in the RATES section of the Calendar on the Admin site, since when someone is setting rates, it's important to know how far ahead to...
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  • Adjustable Refund Policy for Specified Periods

    For the past year I've had a "No Refunds" policy (previously I had the HA strict policy of no refunds within 60 days).  When I switched to no refunds, I bit my nails and it turned out that it has had no discernab...
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  • Updated calendar is one day ahead!

    I've been looking through listings in Myrtle Beach and found this:   Property Manager  Evolve Vacation Rental NetworkMember Since 1999  Ask Manager a Question   Premier Partner  The owner or ...
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  • Help with Yapstone deposits

    I have 6 properties and in late Dec and in January I had lots of future bookings.  So grateful   I have always used PayPal with a few payments made on Yapstone.   All of them are now required to be on...
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  • Would my property make a good vacation rental?

    We've only had our Hawaii VRBO for about 3 years and it's been the best thing we've ever done.  It was an accident of sorts but it's worked out beautifully.  It's my niche. I love doing it.  I love maki...
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  • Welcome New Community Members!

    Hello All!   Yea new members!! We're SO glad you're here.   New members please take a moment and tell us the following:   Where are you from? Where's your property located? How long have you been i...
  • Find success by using the Big 4

    Optimize your listing with HomeAway’s Big 4 guidelines:   Create quality content Set competitive rates Accept and honor bookings Earn great reviews   Get all the info now on the Discovery Hub! &n...
  • Speculating, thinking too much but want to be prepared

    I will try to make this as simple as possible.   Exactly 10 years ago, I had an reservation by a couple with 2 kids. The good old days of straight forward inquiry, response, booking (no extra fees, response time...
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  • Edit how many guests can reserve a booking

    Guests are able to reserve for more that 2 guests.  How do I change on my property listing as I only have availability for 2?
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  • Which Zwave controller? Iris & iris services are being discontinued

    I saw some posts from scowol and others who use Vera so I'm starting my search there but open to other options.   anyone have recent (last 6 months) experience with Vera?   Any other suggestions?
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  • Snowbirds checking out a week early

    I received a very nice call from my snowbirds that have been here since January 5th.  They were not due to checkout until February 16th.  They have had a wonderful time, but have decided to leave early to go...
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