• Can a renter sue a property owner?

    Hi everyone - I'm a new member here and have a question I am hoping someone can answer. I had a renter book my property (for 30+ days), and as soon as he entered the property, he claimed that the condo was dirty and c...
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  • Now totally confused about Boost!

    I would really appreciate ANY help I can get on this, because right now I am scratching my head trying to understand what is going on.   For anyone who has been following my discussion... complaining... whining(...
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  • Refund Deposit when credit card used is no longer available

    My renter has paid for the rental in full with deposit. Their arrival date is coming up. My renter's credit card has since been compromised, so it has been cancelled. How can I refund their deposit now once they leave?
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  • Tropical Storm in Louisiana

    We are monitoring Tropical Storm Barry and our thoughts are with those experiencing the current flooding.  We are ready to assist with your property.   If one of your properties can’t be rented out f...
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  • Guests who leave items behind

    Hi - How does everyone handle it/respond when a guest lets you know they left something behind in your house? We do not live in the area of our vacation home and a guest just emailed that she left some bath wash in th...
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  • If I Don't Renew My Listings, How Long Will Vrbo Archive Them?

    My listings are coming up for renewal at the end of the month and I'd like to discontinue them until an acceptable solution to the tax collection mess is implemented. How long before I would lose my listing content an...
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  • Optimize your availability. Maximize your bookings.

    Making some adjustments to your rate settings and booking requirements can open your vacation rental to more booking opportunities. Read these four ways to start maximizing your bookings, or read the article here. S...
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  • Welcome New Community Members!

    This forum is dedicated to building a community of vacation rental owners and managers across the nation and around the world that support and inspire each other by sharing expertise, posing questions and exchanging e...
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  • State of Texas taxes now being collected by VRBO

    State of Texas taxes now being collected by VRBO.  New system not allowing collection of additional local taxes.  Customer service says to increase rates or send an additional payment request after the reser...
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  • Ghost Booking? Please help me

    Never had this happen before.  I woke up to three instant bookings this morning from last night.  All imported into Owner Rez like usual.  Name and dates imported.  When I went to VRBO to look for ...
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  • Higher Cleaning Fee Due to Pets

    Well, I have finally had quite enough.   I have complained since 2016 that people keep missing the Pet Fee selection when booking my homes.  Most guests have been honest and agreeable to paying the pet fee ...
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  • Bedroom and Bathroom order mixed up

    I noticed when I was going through my listing tonight that the order of bedrooms and bathrooms has been mixed up from how I originally entered several years ago.  I've deleted and re-entered, but they still go ou...
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  • A new owner will get your hard-earned reviews?!

    For those of you who are suddenly seeing this on the property you own, "During this stay the property was under previous owner or management," it gets worse. VRBO  attaches your reviews to the property, not you. ...
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  • new rates editor offered to the populace - should i take it?

    hello ladies & gents - belated happy 2019 new rates editor that many of you have been using for a while, has been offered to the populace today i believe - should i take it or delay the final moment ?
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  • Expedia booked guests cannot review and don't count toward Ranking Metrics

    PP CS just told me (call back from a supervisor after escalation) that guests booked through Expedia cannot leave a review and do not count toward ranking metrics.   So, these bookings are advertised through HA/...
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  • Did HomeAway charge you an extra $1 for your annual renewal?

    Did HomeAway charge you an extra dollar for your renewal? They said it was to test my credit card, but it was not reimbursed, even after I asked for it be reimbursed. One dollar is a small amount for each subscriber, ...
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  • Has anyone seen this before?

    I had a guest check-out last week.  They reserved through VRBO and paid with a credit card issued by their local bank.  After paying the final payment their local bank was bought out by a large bank and all ...
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  • Downside to not having phone numbers before booking

    I have been with the Homeaway family since 2003, with a total of 30 years in the STVR business. When HomeAway changed their platform from a advertising platform to a booking platform my reservations dropped off. &nbs...
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  • What's been your most rewarding experience as a host?

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  • New Chart for Market Maker-Like It! Some Questions.

    I like the look of the new design of market maker. I like the info given, such as average price of booked and unbooked properties in my competitive set. I never bothered to change my competitive set to what I know is ...
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