• Apps for Managing Rentals and Inquiries

    Hi there, I'm a new owner of a property, and it's going pretty well so far, but the biggest frustration for me is being able to respond to inquiries quickly. I get text alerts, which then I can go in and do a quote, e...
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  • Minimum stay: should it be expressed as Days or Nights?

    Currently, the new rate data entry table asks us for a minimum number of nights for each rate.  However, on the rates display in the ad, this number is shown label with the description "Staying at least x days".&...
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  • How would you spend $500 on your rental?

    It's time for a Community game! If you had $500 to spend on your rental, how would you choose to spend it?
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  • What is your Favorite Scottsdale Winter Activity?

    There are many, many people advertising their rentals on this site, and a bunch of snowbirds looking to find a home away. But when you get here, what is your favorite Scottsdale, Arizona winter activity? We want to kn...
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  • Should a guest's poor comments permanently scar my "paid" listing?

    Should a guests "poor" comments permamently scar my "paid" listing? Neither VRBO or Homeaway are independant Consumer Reports type businesses. We, as owners pay their salaries. Not the guests we serve. A member since...
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  • Cle Elum Vacation Rentals

    At VR 365, we are proud to offer affordable vacation rental in the heart of the Cascade Mountains in the tranquil town of Cle Elum and the Roslyn area! We provide the best concierge services and desirable facilities t...
  • Best Bed Configuration for 2 BR condo

    I have a new 2 BR condo with large bedrooms.  I am trying to decide if I should use a king-sized bed in each bedroom, or a king in one and two twins in the other.  What do you think?
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  • SCAM: their banking info (checking and routing)

    Hi All,  I certainly feel your irritation and worries. I inquired on a mansion in Hollywood, CALIF. recently and almost fell for an absurd scam once on Craigslist and once on Homeaway.  Here is the Number th...
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  • The majority of your rentals are how many nights?

    The title should be sufficient.
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  • What is your MINIMUM rental length?

    There is a huge difference between rentals that allow single nights or weekends and those that are strictly (or mostly) full week rentals.  Partial week rentals take a whole lot more work by the owner, particular...
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  • To Sign or Not to Sign the Guest Book

    Not everyone signs the guest book.    My question is why not?  I can hypothisise all day and even if my trip wasn't absolutely perfect, I will still generally leave a comment.  If I felt that ...
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  • Canadians that own US Vacation Rentals

    I am curious how many Canadians own and manage their own US vacation rentals?
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  • Are travelers seeing the video tab on listings?

    I have had a video on my site for over 1.5 years now, and I ask each and every person that inquires about my property if they have seen the video on the page.... everyone I talk to says NO!     Then when ...
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  • How was the last year 2011

    Please vote you last year? How it had been passed.
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  • Coin Operated Washer & Dryer?

    I am trying to determine if I should switch to coin-operated washer and dryer at my vacation home.
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  • Maintenance needed

    Does any else have the issue of getting emergency calls answered? Do you see a value in calling one number for emergency issues. For example. My wife and I travel and cannot always take care of the emergency calls and...
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  • Better client inquiry system

    I think owners are tired of responding to inquiries that are worthless and renters are tired of not getting responses.   What do you think is the best solution to this problem?   Vincent
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  • Do reviews help get bookings for your property?

    Since this is such a hot topic right now. Id like to get feedback from owners about reviews and if they affect bookings.
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  • Guest Entered Reviews vs Owner Entered Reviews

    Should owner provided reviews be counted the same as a guest entered review in regards to the number of reviews for a given listed property?
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