• An Austin Gem - Property of the Week

    Property of the Week       As mentioned earlier in the week, I decided to start with a property right here in Austin.  Take a peek: Property #3579610     What drew me to this property:...
  • Intro to Property of the Week

    Hi All,   Before I jump into my first selection for Property of the Week I wanted to take a moment and tell you the purpose of this blog. I am an avid traveler and I love how creative our owners are with their...
  • Easy Upgrades to Improve your Vacation Rental

    My name is Samantha Wester, owner and Designer of Samantha Kate Design & Interiors. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I began my design career after graduating with BS-Interior Design from Southwest Texas State. G...
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  • Eternal Vigilance and Vacation Rental Bans

    Recently, a reader of one of our articles about getting started in the vacation-rental business wrote to ask:   “Can my local municipality prevent me from renting out my second home? It’s a house we u...
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  • Six Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Reunion

    Family reunions have been gaining in popularity for the past several decades and show no sign of slowing. In fact, 63 percent of respondents have attended a family reunion, with 29 percent attending a reunion in the p...
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  • How to Get (FREE) Stunning Photos Of Your Destination & Use Them To Generate Bookings

    There are two types of spectacular photos that every owner/manager needs in his or her marketing portfolio:   1) Photos of your rental itself   I have covered a number of case studies in which folks have t...
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  • Guide to a Girls' Getaway

    I love to travel, and getting a good deal makes a sweet escape even sweeter. Everyone knows that summer is the peak season for travel, which means a spike in prices and everything travel related.  However, an ear...
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  • 3 Ways to Keep Everyone Happy on Your Next Multi-Generation Trip

    In this day and age, when vacations are few and far between, planning a vacation with the entire family can be both be economical and a lot of fun.  Once the hard part is over (the vacation is planned), you can s...
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  • 8 Signs That You're A Veteran Vacation Rental Marketer

    With the vacation rental industry booming and tons of new people are looking to get in on the action…   It’s becoming more and more clear which owners have a sharpened toolbox when it comes to marke...
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  • Your Next Vacation: Home vs Hotel

    I’ll admit it, checking into a hotel and having daily maid service is a luxury I look forward to when travelling with my family. As a Mom, there is nothing better than having someone else make your bed, bring yo...
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  • What Are 5 Techniques That Turn Local Expertise Into Bookings?

    Somewhere sitting in front of her computer is a vacation rental owner who puts her property online, crosses her fingers, and waits…   And waits… And waits…   Until an inquiry hits he...
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  • Matt's "Difficulty Rankings" Of Marketing Techniques

    1.7 million people are calling for an investigation into the Sochi Olympics this past week, when a Russian figure skater won the gold medal under some very...questionable...circumstances.   The judges in the cas...
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  • 5 Tips to Plan a Perfect Spring Break Getaway

    It feels like winter has been sticking around forever, but I know that spring is just around the corner, and with it comes Spring Break. In my family, we look forward to taking this week off all year. We most often go...
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  • Easy to make Steak au Poivre

    What is it about food that gives it the power to instill so many memories?  Whether it sets the tone for a memorable vacation or acts as a catalyst to fire up a romantic evening, dinner, done well, is a force to ...
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  • Kidtopia Ski Weekend in Keystone, Colorado

    Planning a family ski trip can be tricky. Especially when it involves young children. From the pounds of equipment you have to lug around, to managing ski school, lift tickets and navigating unknown terrain, families ...
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  • Zesty Buffalo Chicken Croquettes for Game Day

    The next time you rent a vacation home to go cheer on your favorite team, I've got the perfect recipe for you to serve up. These easy-to-make bite-sized No-Fry Buffalo Chicken Croquettes are an ideal dish for everyone...
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  • My Vacation Rental Marketing Goal For 2014

    “Choose three and only three words to define your goals for the year.”   These were the words I read an article long ago that encouraged marketers of all shapes and sizes to choose three words to liv...
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  • Overseas Apps & Tools

    Traveling overseas is an exciting, sometimes nerve-wracking experience. The thrill of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures is often met with some degree of fear as you try to prepare for time differenc...
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  • 10 Ways to Keep Tradition Alive During a Thanksgiving Escape

    My father-in-law’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. He loves everything about making the turkey, baking the pumpkin pie and setting out the seasonal decorations. Fortunately, all of the above are easy to do whe...
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  • Top 5 Must-see Farmers Markets in the U.S.

    Family food blogger and cookbook author, Kristin Schell, dishes on the five best farmers markets in the U.S. – including where to stay with your family when visiting and tips for soaking up the local flavors in ...
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