• session expired due to inactivity while I was typing a message

    While composing a message I received a "session expired" message. I spent 30-40 minutes typing a response to a guest, including attaching the rental agreement, document with directions, suggestions for things to do wi...
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  • Welcome New Community Members!

    Hello All!   Yea new members!! We're SO glad you're here.   New members please take a moment and tell us the following:   Where are you from? Where's your property located? How long have you been i...
  • Is something wrong with the site? Busy booking season, and 0 activity

    on my 3 VRs, 2 of which are PP. and before Erinn suggest to look at the article about "how to become competitive" in a help portal, I'll get this out of the way: I have 0 declines and cancels I have sub-hour(often s...
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  • Does this bother anyone but me?

    For those of us who work 7 days a week, at this job renting our properties, greeting people, fixing problems and doing the accounting, this bothers me. It feel scolded and not helpful.  I don't care nor want to ...
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  • Login to HomeAway Platform fails. What can I do?

    I am trying to log into HomeAway Platform - https://www.homeaway.com/platform/ - in order to view my client apps and API keys and I am redirected to HomeAway Developer Terms of Use page - https://www.homeaway.com/plat...
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  • Product Updates

    Hello Everyone,   We have created a place where you can see important recent updates to the site. You can view it here. To set expectations, we will only post major changes to this space and not every single cha...
  • New Rates Editor - Can You Do This?

    Okay, I bit the bullet and accepted the new rates editor.  Not thrilled so far.   Here is my question:  I charge an optional fee that is seasonal.  It is charged only during the months of January,...
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  • Newbie here.  Need advice on getting paid

    Hello All   We are new to this.  We have had two stays already.  And I have been searching but cannot find an answer.  Where do we set up our account that funds from a stay are disbursed to? ...
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  • Warning - not asking for ID can cost you big time

    I have seen various people on this forum say they ask guests for ID and I always thought that was a bit over the top. No more.   A neighbor received a booking 30 days before the check-in date, paid in full. Two ...
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  • The booking that wasn't, AKA "we thought you were on Tybee Island.."

    Ok, Houston, we have a problem.  In fact, a couple of them.  I just got an IB for September, called the person, and her first words were, "I thought you were on Tybee Island."   Now, if the person ...
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  • Yapstone no longer takes requests for Advanced Payments

    I finally signed up for HomeAway Payments in December (kicking and screaming).  I called VRP (spoke to 3 different reps) and asked to have advance payments.  All three told me that they are not longer taking...
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  • Share a story about your holiday vacations!

    Hello Everyone, This forum is dedicated to building a community of vacation rental owners and managers across North America and beyond that support and inspire each other by sharing expertise, posing questions and exc...
  • Welcome New Community Members!

    Hello All!   Yea new members!! We're SO glad you're here.   New members please take a moment and tell us the following:   Where are you from? Where's your property located? How long have you been i...
  • new rates editor offered to the populace - should i take it?

    hello ladies & gents - belated happy 2019 new rates editor that many of you have been using for a while, has been offered to the populace today i believe - should i take it or delay the final moment ?
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  • Guest added on extra day and is ignoring additional payment request

    Hi All,   I have a booking made last March 2018 for a guest that is staying February 24 through March 2 (7 nights).  These are returning guests who stayed a year ago and were great guests.  Two weeks a...
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  • Insurance for occasional rental

    We rent 15 - 20 night a year in a mother-in-law suite attached to our home.  We are always home when we have guests.  I can't find reasonably priced insurance coverage - it all seems to be built for much hea...
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  • How can a guest edit their review?

    One of my guests contacted me yesterday saying that they made a mistake and want to edit or change it, But there wasn't an obvious button to select to make a change. I found an old thread from Mar 2018 on this subjec...
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  • Problem with Rental Agreement (VRBO)

    On the House Rules page on the VRBO website there is no option to view the Rental Agreement. There is only an option to remove it! Or am I missing something? If not, that is really a basic website design 101 fail. &n...
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  • Massachusetts short-term rental tax?

    I'm a little surprised not to see any discussion yet of the new Massachusetts short-term rental tax. I've added the tax to my listing, but many rentals in my area (Cape Cod) do not include tax yet (which unlevels the ...
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  • Need help with wording on rental agreement for unaccompanied minors

    Hello.  I'm tweaking my rental agreement for my beach VRBO that attracts a lot of partying kids.  I've heard that parents will rent a home and then let their children have a party there unattended.  We ...
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