• Solar heating ?

    We have solar pool heating at 3 homes in Central Florida.    Panels on the roof and a Hayward solar controller.   Pool water is pumped through the panels, heated by sunlight, then flows to the ga...
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  • Just got a Chargeback, arghhhhhhh

    Hello All, glad for any advice / comments you can give.   We had a family of four stay at our vacation rental, booked 4 nights. Two hours after arrival they said they wanted to leave because the 12yo daughter wa...
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  • Guest not paid the balance.   Cancellation issues?

    We take an initial payment then the balance is due 60 days before the vacation We have a guest late with the second payment.     He has asked for another 2 weeks which I have agreed to. &nbs...
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  • Homeaway summit 2018 replay availability??

    Any idea when the Homeaway summit replays will be available for attendees?  Thanks in advance, Erinn!
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  • Top Contributors

      Hello Everyone!   The HomeAway Community recognizes vacation rental owners who share our mission to create a community dedicated to supporting and sharing experiences within the industry. These are a spe...
  • Incorrect instructions from CS re cancellation (rant)

    I have a nigtmarish issue with septic at one of my cabins. The line going from tank to the leach field may be collapsed of disconnected and tank overfills . Long story short, the remedy cannot be done till following T...
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  • Use of Social media on VRBO

    I received an Email from VRBO promoting the use of Social Media for my vacation rental and how it can help you get bookings This has me confused I thought this was against their rules, by use of another website Ca...
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  • Guests who keep starting separate conversations....

    This really makes me crazy, since VRBO treats each as a separate booking inquiry.....then you have to explain why they're getting a message that their reservation request date are not available....because they booked...
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  • Important Tax Updates - Multiple Counties in Pennsylvania

    This email was sent to all affected partners on 3/20/19. Counties included:  Monroe, Carbon, Wayne, Pike, Lancaster, Westmoreland, Allegheny, Centre, Somerset, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Lehigh, Butler, Northampton A...
  • Taxing an additional night

    I'm in a place where HA collects part of my sales taxes... not all of them, just a portion.   Just had a request from one of my guests to add a night.  HA collects all taxes on the first payment and none on...
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  • Important Tax Update - Texas

    This email was sent to all affected partners on 3/20/19. Thank you.       Effective April 1, 2019, HomeAway will be required to collect and remit lodging taxes. Dear Erinn, Due to a law change ...
  • Important Tax Update - New Orleans, LA

    This email was sent to all affected partners on 3/20/2019. Thank you.       Effective April 1, 2019, HomeAway will be required to collect and remit lodging taxes. Dear Erinn, Due to a law chang...
  • Engaging descriptions that attract travelers

    Follow these 4 steps to writing a perfect property description:   Step 1: Do Your Research Step 2: Interview Yourself Step 3: Time to Write Step 4: Check Your Work   Get all the info now on the Discovery Hu...
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  • Dashboard UI missing nav pieces

    Anyone else missing those UI elements in the places I've circled?  I can't see them, they're there, I can click on invisible elements (and for example, the calendar will change months).  Just started a few d...
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  • Vacation Rental Finance Software/Spreadsheet

    Hello All -   Thanks for taking a peek at this post (my first).  I am using a fairly complex excel spreadsheet (that I do not love because it can be a real chore to manage) to track the guests' payments, cl...
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  • Incorrect refund calculation on cancellation

    I have a reservation that starts in less than 60 days and the amount payable to me is about $2.000. The guest made an initial payment of $1,000 and didn't make the second payment, so the reservation is only half paid ...
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  • Erinn, can we get these checklists so that we can make changes or additions.....

    If that can already be done....can tell me what I need to do so that I can add and delete?   Cleaning and maintenance checklist   Thank you!!!
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  • Ranking Matrix Issues

    Looking for help in solving how the Matrix works? I have been comparing my properties to others and looking at their published data, and have seen my market ranking often be WAY below my competition although the matri...
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  • Managing Pool Heater

    Does anyone have a system they like to manage their pool heat remotely?  We live in NC and our vacation rental is in Florida. 
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  • Ok I must be having a memory lapse. Where do I specify minimum lead time for bookings?

    Ok I must be having a memory lapse. Where do I specify minimum lead time for bookings? I mean I do  not want anyone to instant book closer than 72-48 hrs before arrival. Due to credit card process lead time.
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