• Market Rank - What is the correlation?

    As of today I have the following metric rankings: Acceptance Rate Ranking  1, Cancellation Rate Ranking 1, Review Count  Ranking 22,  Review Average Ranking 109.  In addition my metric rank for Boo...
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  • Anyone else get the Vrbo owner survey today?

    I don't know how much to say about it but the survey seemed to indicate that (at a minimum) new PPB options are in the works.   In one of the proposed scenarios I was shown and asked to vote on, there was the opt...
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  • How long does it take for "Owner's Response" to a review to post on VRBO site?

    How long does it take for "Owner's Response" to a review to post on VRBO site? 
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  • AirBnB Rules (again) with This Timely PR Move

    … and further embeds its brand in the minds of a world-wide audience.  And all due to sharp public relations (= FREE) versus a single $ -- or -- Euro spent on marketing.   The real-life 'Downton Abbe...
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  • Discount percentages on long stays?

    What is an appropriate discount percentage for a one month long stay? I have had guests, this being their third season staying with me, ask the first time they stopped by my cottage seeing my rental sign about discoun...
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  • Heads Up-Traveler View Changes!

    Anyone see the changes on your listing when viewing as a Traveler?  Looks like they removed the rates from the Availability/Rates tab and are removing the additional owner fee disclosures section (cleaning fee &a...
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  • How do I protect my property from damage?

    House Rules: Also make sure your House Rules section is fully completed to let your guests know what your rules are on maximum occupancy, minimum age of primary renter if you allow events, children, smoking, and pets...
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  • VRBO as a house swap service

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  • SC Taxes - HA is collecting 14% in Myrtle Beach?

    Our accommodations tax rate is 13%.  I had a booking come in for June, 2020 and the traveler was charged 14% tax on the rent and on the Service Fee (thanks to Margaret for checking with the state about taxing the...
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  • Ruh-Roh! Disbursed Amount is Wrong....

    The new Vrbo Payments for Florida, I have state collected/remitted by Vrbo, but county is collected and sent to me to remit. That worked great with Yapstone, first payment collected the full sales tax, the county ta...
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  • Automated Adjustment to Total to Account for Credit Card International Charges

    Hello. I wonder if HomeAway/VRBO is considering adding some sort of automatic price adjustment to the total displayed when a guest is about to book a property and enters an "international" credit card (?) -similar to ...
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  • Can reviews be added by travelers that did not pay via HomeAway? I have not be able to figure out how I can do this. Any ideas?

    Can't seem to figure out how to facilitate a traveler review for someone that did not book and pay via VRBO, even thought the reservation is logged. The traveler cannot go you her account and add either. Is this becau...
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  • Listing not showing in search results

    Hello all, We are new to HomeAway/Stayz and have just listed our property. When I do a search for the town and available dates the listing is not appearing in the results. Can someone please give me an idea of how lo...
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  • Cleaners Destin

    Hello   Was hoping you fine folks might be able to share some professional cleaning companies in the Destin area with me? We are under contract on a condo there and the folks I have spoken with seem to be more m...
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  • Has anyone had a booking with no name listed?

    We just got a booking for next summer, but there was no name listed on it.  There was an email address and phone number, but it is strange to me that Vrbo would let someone book without listing their name.  ...
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  • How much to compensate a guest?

    We have a guest that notified us that the hot water heater wasn't working on the second day of their stay (late Wednesday afternoon).  I had our caretaker go over and try to light the pilot but it didn't work.&nb...
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  • Property review....not!

    So...I normally post here as an owner, but just stayed at a lovely farm house in Italy as a guest. After my stay, I received an email saying I had been reviewed as a guest, and had 14 days from today to leave a revie...
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  • Changes to payment accounts

    As you have seen, Yapstone, a 3rd party payment provider, has announced they’ve discontinued advanced payments as a free service, effective immediately. The advanced payments feature released funds to you soon a...
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  • What events are coming up in your area?

    What events are coming up in your area and what tips can you share to help other partners prepare for an event? For example, in Austin, Texas we have Austin City Limits Festival aka ACL approaching in early October....
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  • Switching from Yapstone to HA payments?  Tread carefully

    So, fully upfront.. I am already switched over.  I already have advanced payments.  I'm all set.   Yesterday I got an email from Yapstone.   This isn't new information for me (or anyone else)...
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