• Dog Hair - Tips & Tricks

    Hi all,   For those of you who allow four-legged friends to accompany your guests, would you mind sharing your tips and tricks for dealing with dog hair?   Generally speaking, I've not had much of an issue...
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  • Does Vrbo/Expedia/HA really intend this type of search result?

    I recall that some owners were frustrated that properties in other towns (or cities/states?) are being included in their search results.  I was perusing my own marketplace and entered in the name of the city with...
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  • A note from John Kim

    When I joined Vrbo four years ago, little did I know I was in store for one of the most profound career experiences of my life: working alongside you, our Customer Advisory Board members and community. The lessons I&#...
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  • Payments setup is temporarily unavailable  this message is lingering around since months. I tried to register at least six time and the same embarrasing message shows. with 0dffcab61315 as error code

    I tried to register the payment data according the new requirements. Six times I tried and always the same message We're sorry. Payments setup is temporarily unavailable. Our engineers are working quickly to resolve...
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  • Advance/Early Payments for everyone?

    Several owners are reporting on another forum that PP CS is telling them that all accounts will be moved to Advanced/Early Payments by the end of the year. I thought there was some confusion with moving all accounts f...
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  • Graying towels

    We have white towels in all of our VRs and most of them are turning gray.  Does anyone know how to get them white again?  I've tried bleach but it doesn't help.
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  • Too many text messages

    Text messages used to be sent when there is a new inquiry or a new IB. Now I get a text message each time traveler does anything: replies to original thread, or makes a payment. All marked "inquiry from". the one when...
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  • Vrbo plans to reposition itself as a family travel site to offer resorts, and other features facilitating family vacations.

    What was the point of attending Summit? Did we hear or learn anything for real based on all the changes that have occured within 4 days of the end of Summit. Who is VRBO now? https://skift.com/2019/11/14/expedias-v...
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  • Only Last 12 Renter Reviews Are Visible

    I can't see any reviews before the last 12.  Not just my property and area, but all properties on Home Away/ Vacation Rentals By Owner, as far as I can tell.  Happened on two different computer browsers.&nbs...
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  • Not receiving any payment disbursement emails?

    I am on the new payment system and still have "check-in" payments. I have a guest who checked in on FRIDAY November 15th so I was looking for the payment disbursement email around 24 hours after check in as promised.&...
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  • Tick-tock. Tick-tock. You can be next!

    We all read in horror about recent Orinda “Airbnb” tragedy. Although I use Airbnb for a small portion of my bookings, it is my least favorite platform precisely because of its “culture”. Some m...
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  • AirbnbWatch.org sponsored by hotel lobbyists coming for VRs

    So there's a lot of lobbyist money from the hotel industry to attack vacation rental owners as "illegal hotel operators" - take a look at this "About Us" page on their site and take note of the corporations supporting...
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  • Vrbo shuffles at the top

    https://skift.com/2019/11/13/vrbo-shuffles-leadership-as-latest-expedia-group-reorganization-moves-take-shape/   I recommend a town hall with owners and PMs for the new leadership to explain where the service go...
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  • State of Texas taxes now being collected by VRBO

    State of Texas taxes now being collected by VRBO.  New system not allowing collection of additional local taxes.  Customer service says to increase rates or send an additional payment request after the reser...
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  • Do you decorate your vacation rental for the holidays?

    Do you decorate your vacation rental for the holidays? If so, what holidays and what are your go-to-decorations? Feel free to share photos of your holiday vacation rental decorations here.
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  • Can you believe the Nerve of some people

    So I got an inquiry last night from a Guest that wants to stay 5 nights, with two couples during my peak busy season. The regular price for my nightly rate for this stay is $2,050. This perspective guest asked for a $...
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  • Is anyone else having trouble with some of the buttons on this forum?

    I used to be able to click on last reply and go to the most recent reply. I use my iPad (and have in the past when it worked) it no longer takes me to the most recent reply. Also, this morning I noticed that my inbox ...
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  • 2019 Summit was great

    The 2019 Summit was a wonderful weekend of information, some conflicting information, but overall well worth the money!   The venue was so much better than last year in Austin. No assigned seats, everyone in on...
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  • can one object be in two different places at the same time? (aka geo location .. again!)

    That would defy laws of conventional physics. But happens in vrbo-land routinely.   It used to be that owner could define what "advertisement market" to use - especially valuable for those of us with low popula...
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  • Unable to complete 3-legged OAuth to fetch listings in test tier

    We are working on a nodejs application for listing owners using the Homeaway API. We’re trying to request user-based tokens using the 3-legged API. According to the docs, we should be able to get the access ...
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