• I need help with my gas/propane fireplace......I will call the fireplace company on Monday if not resolved

    Hi everyone: I know that I have been missing in action, but have been traveling lots and am now back in my VR for a couple of months then off again.   Anyway, I have a gas fireplace that runs off propane. It has...
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  • My first charity auction will be my last charity auction

    A friend asked me to donate a weekend stay at my STR to benefit a local charity. I agreed (what can I say? I’m a decent human being).   Well I just spent the day cleaning up after the guests who ( you woul...
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  • More hidden fees from VRBO

    Just discovered this while doing my quarterly taxes...VRBO is charging us 3% on the taxes that they are withholding on "our behalf".  Does this seem wrong to anyone else?
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  • Keep receiving - without reason - a verification code

    Please can somebody help? I needed a verification code to enter my account, I received it and I did what i needed to do. But after that (since 5-6 days ago) I keep receiving, without needing it, the same verif. code t...
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  • vacationrentals.com 13,000 word new payment agreement. anyone read it ?

    Accept by November 1st 2019.   Or what ?   I'm off the web again.  It wont be the first time I missed a rule and was hidden. My Concern of course is how much will this cost me saying I read i...
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  • Has anyone else experienced an inexplicable and dramatic drop in their market rank?

    Hi All,   We have recently experienced a sudden and inexplicable drop in our market rank from 96 to 960 out of approx 1340 properties in our area. We have 10 reviews which are all 5 stars, zero cancellations, 10...
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  • "Invalid Format" when adding bank "Account Number"

    Does anybody know what VRBO is looking for for bank Account Number? I only get "Invalid Format". It says add "Suffix (2 or 3 digits)" and of course with no explanation and no combination of letters or numbers works. S...
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  • Is the current payment schedule sustainable?

    Guests checked out yesterday, there is not a cent paid yet from HA. I am on advanced payments.I am PP. The guests brought a check for the DD Had these guests paid HA for their DD, they would be now waiting  for...
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  • venting about rude and needy guest

    Here we go! Arrived this weekend and first thing he does is complain about waiting in line at the airport to my staff....maybe it was 10 minutes! Then I get a phone call around 9 pm saying that he was dissatisfied wi...
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  • How NOT to respond to a 3 star review...

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  • Suggestion for HA to also publish articles on how to owners can promote a good image for our industry

    I was perusing the right pane of this forum and was a bit surprised to see the article on how to prepare your VR for "large groups."  How to prepare your home for large groups   This forum and the news are ...
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  • Anyone going to the Vrbp convention in Phoenix in November

    Local Scottsale VRBO members going to the Conference the Phoenix area in November. Would like to get to gather with other owners who will be attending. Both Arizona and other state members. Please contact me so we an ...
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  • Just pulled the plug!

    Well, after 10 years with VRBO, I just blocked all dates for next two years.  I'll let the listing run until they cancel it or until my subscription runs out.   I've had my own website since before VRBO, an...
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  • How do you know which payments have tax withheld by VRBO?

    I am in the middle of filing my quarterly tax for my state (Colorado) right now.  VRBO just started remitting state taxes as of Oct 1 for Colorado.  My question is, how do I determine which payments have had...
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  • banking information missing?

    Has anyone had this happen? Signed up for 'advanced payment' through HomeAway back at the end of August, when it was offered to me. After filling out banking and tax information, was approved. Received my first booki...
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  • Another dumb marketing plan, why?

    So here we go again! What are the genius’s in web marketing thinking. First last year they decided to move our cover pictures around, out of the order we selected causing our bathrooms in many instances to show ...
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  • Have your bookings in HI dropped down considerably?

    I have a 1 bedroom/1 bath condo in Kauai. It seems that my request for bookings has gone down significantly. I have 8 days available during Thanksgiving. This has never happened before. I also have dates in Dec availa...
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  • How much is the failure to add a local tax line costing you?

    I know from reading around here that the problem we are facing in New Mexico is also plaguing owners in other states, while VRBO/HomeAway seems to be doing right by Floridians. If VRBO/HomeAway has stopped collecting ...
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  • Semantics of "Advanced Payment"

    Hello Ladies & Gents,   Following the discussion on Yapstone, Advanced Payments, and trying to understand the concepts and obvious the definitions In terms of language, the Semantics An analysis of the lat...
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  • Would someone please explain?

    So maybe I don't get it. I signed up with HA payments and was told I was on preferred payments, meaning ...................................what? Since then I get paid with regularity about 4 days after people check ...
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