• Potential guest wants me to text them

    I have a potential guest that is "hiding" their cell phone number within the message to me and wants me to respond via text because they are "busy".  I responded with a VRBO response that states I can only commun...
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  • Calendar stopped importing properly

    Are there any current known issues with calendar import/export?  Suddenly HA is not properly importing my OwnerRes calendar.  Everything is right on OwnerRes side (export).  Recently HA let through a bo...
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  • Any success with a 1 day minimum in the off season to boost revenue?

    Has anyone had success with doing a one day minimum in the off season to boost revenue? Typically a month or two can go by with a guest during certain seasons and was of thinking of giving it a try.
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  • Vrbo survey .. nice try! and the answer is...

    Don't even think about it!   So just went through looong drawn out vrbo survey that came in email. The jist of it, there is always agenda. And changes are soon to follow, I will bet anyone $5. They are pushing ...
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  • Guest's second payment refunded to him in error after check out. Is this a "known glitch"?

    Problem: Guest's second payment, $278.88, was deducted from one of my vrbo settlement payouts and refunded back to my guest in error. On 12/23 guest checked out. It was a great stay with positive reviews on both sides...
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  • Have you recently renovated your vacation rental property?

    Have you recently renovated your vacation rental property? If so, what did you do and what was your favorite part of the experience? Do you have any tips for other homeowners before they make the investment? Feel free...
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  • Vrbo Desktop and App have gone haywire

    I got a text alert that I got a new message from a guest:   Couldn't open on the desktop site:   So I went to the app, the screen flickered on my phone and now parts of it are in a foreign language. &nbs...
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  • What's up with delays in payouts?

    Can someone from expedia who's on this board please comment because customer service is beyond useless? I have a guest who checked in on 1/15, paid his second installment a month ago, and the payout was due yesterday ...
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  • Changed rates not reflected on site

    Changed some rates and they are not showing up on either the search page or the actual quote.  They show up if you look at the availability & rates calendar on the actual listing but if you go to book it you ...
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  • More Fluff, No Stuff

    Today I went into my dashboard and saw this.   While I appreciate the pat on the back for providing the number of beds and bathrooms, perhaps the programmers could concentrate on the web advertising and marketin...
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  • Yapstone should die.  Painfully.

    This just showed up in my inbox: A message from Yapstone (also known as VacationRentPayment) Your payment provider for HomeAway Payments: Hello XXXX, We are writing to advise you of a change to your Yapst...
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  • Interesting read.

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  • Guest Address Info Removed?

    Please tell me this is a joke. We are required by law in our state to have a rental agreement with full guest information. Why are you making it ******* owners to know who is renting from them?  
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  • UPDATE Guest wants to cancel but I get this message from Vrbo

    So I had a guest that booked last week now want to cancel, no problem it’s within the cancellation period. But when I go to review and cancel the reservation the system tells me that Our system indicates that y...
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  • Guest feedback on site and reservation process

    I must disclose I really am happy with my bookings and vacationing guests, via Homeaway and have been since 2003.   But I loath the reservation process now, double the work book-keeping no vetting before they bo...
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  • Expedia booked guests cannot review and don't count toward Ranking Metrics

    PP CS just told me (call back from a supervisor after escalation) that guests booked through Expedia cannot leave a review and do not count toward ranking metrics.   So, these bookings are advertised through HA/...
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  • Pay Out Summary etc

    Does anyone feel that they've figured out these categories upon categories that have titles that are vague or nonsensical?   NONE of it makes sense to me. I can't get anything to add up. I have been reduced ...
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  • Location filters, check yours

    Location filters:   The good news:  the options on the traveler's side for filter searches and the options on the owners side finally match.   The not good news:  ALL my location filters were unc...
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  • charge damage to security deposit or damage policy?

    So this is one of those difficult situations and I appreciate any inputs. Our cleaning crew discovered damage to the footboard of a bed in our vacation rental that needs repair in my opinion.  I've never had to c...
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  • Need moderator help - HA Customer Service

    Hi - I'm trying to post looking for help with a few issues on my property - My initial post was denied - so I'm just asking if anyone knows how I can get someone to help me with a my listing?   Thanks in advance
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