• Bartering stay at mny lake house for stay at beach house?

    Is anyone aware of a forum (if not here) where I can request interest from vacation rental property owners in trading stays?
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  • Vacation Rental Website Incentive Programs Now More Crucial Than Ever

    With all the increased listings, inventory and vacation rental site competition in the market it has come to my attention that being on each site's special program is more important to stand out and get bookings than ...
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  • Community Feedback

    Hello Everyone,   I'm working on improving the community experience and making the Community more valuable to you as owners. I'd really like your feedback.  I have some specific questions I'd like you to an...
  • Required registration information for your Seattle listing

    This email was sent to all affected parties on 12/10/18:       Seattle registration begins January 2, 2019. Dear Erinn, The City of Seattle will soon require partners who operate short-term re...
  • Cancel a tentative reservation -- take a hit?

    Hello, all. I'm trying to tidy up my dashboard and I want to tackle an issue that's been nagging me for a while. I know the imperfect cancel metric has been discussed to death.... but things change so much and so fast...
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  • Anyone have memory foam mattresses in your rental?

    We just purchased a memory foam mattress for our guest bedroom at home. Came in a box with free shipping.  It is very comfortable and affordable.   I want to replace one of our mattresses in our vacation r...
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  • Idea on a Property Damage Protection Fee

    We are all afraid of taking monies from a guest's  Refundable Damage Deposit resulting in a bad review so we suck it up.  This is not my idea, wish it was, I think it could be brilliant. I am considering thi...
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  • UPDATED: Florida Specific Tax Questions & Comments Answered

    Hello All,   Rather than going back to the various threads and trying to answer these questions inline we decided to start a new thread.     Question: Is Florida requiring this? Answer: Per a voluntary...
  • Welcome New Community Members!

    Hello All!   Yea new members!! We're SO glad you're here.   New members please take a moment and tell us the following:   Where are you from? Where's your property located? How long have you been i...
  • Share a story about your favorite traveler!

    Hello Everyone, This forum is dedicated to building a community of vacation rental owners and managers across North America and beyond that support and inspire each other by sharing expertise, posing questions and exc...
  • Just for fun during the winter months....

    We had a frosty fog come over our home here in Wyoming after getting home from our VR last Sunday. This was at sunrise.....love how the snow just drapes the trees. Thought it would be fun to share. Anyone else have so...
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  • vacationrentpayment

    As of July, I have had to use VacationRentPayment and am not on the advance payment list. I am told that it is an automatic review and will be informed if I qualify.  Does anyone know of a way to expedite this.&n...
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  • Best Smart Lock?

    What is the best smart lock on the market today for rental properties?   I need a lock that can be opened and closed remotely   Codes can be added removed remotely   Times can be set for individual a...
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  • Liking this new traveler view!

    Check out the screen shot... lots of little banners all there for the travelers to see "at a glance."   
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  • You asked, we listened!

    Payments Details Update Affects: Currently this is rolled out only to HomeAway US partners who are on the new rates editor and HomeAway Payments only. We will be rolling out to the rest of the US and then globally i...
  • Calendar Update Button Gone

    I was checking my listing today and wanted to update my calendar but found the following message instead.     There is still a filter to sort by “Availability Last Updated”.  So, if I wa...
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  • Warning - not asking for ID can cost you big time

    I have seen various people on this forum say they ask guests for ID and I always thought that was a bit over the top. No more.   A neighbor received a booking 30 days before the check-in date, paid in full. Two ...
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  • Which wifi lock/hub system are you using that you love?  Why did you choose that one?

    We've already used eRentalLock (HATED it), KwikSet with Iris by Lowe's hub (the app is not user friendly, and having 2 numbers per key is not as secure).  Buying a new place and looking at Schlage with either a "...
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  • featured review gone - since September

    Hello,   We noticed today that our Featured Review was missing, thereby letting our bogus 1-star review make it back onto our front page. I called Support and they said Featured Reviews have been disabled sinc...
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  • Reminder:  Action Required - Choose a cancellation policy

    In case you missed the email:   This email was sent to all affected partners on 12/7/18:       Select a cancellation policy Dear Erinn, On December 14, all owners will be required to have...