• New payment deposits, supposed to accept before knowing anything?

    This morning, when checking onto the website, a request came up to upgrade to the new payment process, and accept the terms without any information about the new process What is going on? I don't just accept anything ...
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  • Why Do They Miss The Pet Fee?

    I am annoyed.  It seems that NO ONE can apply my pet fee during the reservation process, so I have to constantly send a revised quote.   What is wrong with the website that they cannot see the fees?  ...
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  • Email guests using iCalendar information?

    Is it possible to email guests using the information returned from the iCalendar?   The UID from the iCalendar, for example 60ffa2d6-b477-4b84-a51a-fe4b14021ede, is really close to masked guests email. For examp...
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  • cancellation, payment, refund, reversal of payment

    hello everyone couldn't find anything addressing specifically this problem with up to date unequivocal information   FACTS: patient made an inquiry in November 2018 for June 2019 for 4 pax aft a couple of mes...
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  • Review taking forever to post after we've both submitted

    I have a review that seems to be stuck in moderation that I am anxious to have post - it has now been a week since we both submitted our reviews. I gave the guest 5 starts and I expect their review to be positive as w...
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  • Market Rank - What is the correlation?

    As of today I have the following metric rankings: Acceptance Rate Ranking  1, Cancellation Rate Ranking 1, Review Count  Ranking 22,  Review Average Ranking 109.  In addition my metric rank for Boo...
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  • Guest who snuck in dog just left review

    A couple questions.  Our last guest was very kind, sent nice texts and loved the home. She even mentioned returning annually.  However, we noticed throughout the weekend that they exceeded the number of gues...
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  • Is there a way to organize data into a CRM database?

    Looking for a way to download all client info like name, date stayed, email and phone number into a client database. Does anyone use one? Is there anyway to load this or does it all have to be built from scratch one n...
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  • Did you prepare for the summer season?

    It's time to start preparing for seasonal safety. We've gathered some safety tips for your summer bookings: 1. Inspect your deck for damage and check if it meets local safety guidelines and government regulations. ...
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  • Make your outdoor area convenient and enjoyable

    Designer and vacation rental expert Holly Baker shares tips on what to provide in your outdoor areas that will make your guests want to repeat their visit. Watch the video below.   This article was generated f...
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  • Key investments for your vacation rental

    If you're just getting started in the vacation rental business, watch this video to learn 5 essentials to boost your rental's potential.   What investments have you made to your vacation rental that has more th...
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  • Can anyone give me a reason?   For my holiday rental house, I have only ever had 2 bookings via HomeAway, while with the same listing, same description and holiday rental rates on Airbnb over the same time time frame, I have received 23 bookings.

    Can anyone give me a reason?  For my holiday rental house, I have only ever had 2 bookings via HomeAway, while with the same listing, same description and holiday rental rates on Airbnb over the same time time ...
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  • The Campfire Starter Kit

    If your vacation rental has an area to start a campfire, make the experience possible for your guests by following some of these tips to creating memories by a cozy fire. Be sure to check your local regulations aro...
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  • A Detailed Look at HomeAway's Advice to Owners Regarding Damage Deposits

    The Marketplace Feed on owners' dashboards has an article entitled "Put Your Best Price Forward."  I took a look at it.  I was particularly interested in HomeAway's advice to owners regarding refundable dama...
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  • Can an owner use the deposit for over-occupancy, extended stays, etc?

    ha-moderator-christi can an owner use the deposit for over-occupancy or where someone stays past the check-out time? I was under the impression that all deposits held by HA would only be disbursed to the owner for ...
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  • Market Maker

    Different dates have a -1, -2 or -3 on the line above "your rates."  What is this referring to?
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  • With No Notice -- Vrbo is Overriding My Configured Tax Rates and They Are Wrong!

    You'd think Vrbo would have learned with the Service Fee surprise strategy and given notice that they would soon start collecting taxes on my behalf, and maybe even give a preview of what they would charge.  That...
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  • Put your best price forward

    Many travelers say price is the most important factor in booking decisions. Read about how you can stay competitive with your pricing or visit the Discovery Hub page here: Fees Seeing a long list of fees in your pric...
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  • private reviews

    I used to be able to request a review from travelers, has that been done away with? It seems that only VRBO guest can leave a review Am I correct? If not how do I do it?
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  • traveler side search filter - "low-allergen environment"

    I've seen the low-allergen environment filter for years on traveler side.  However, I've never located corresponding option on owner side.  It's not under amenities nor safety features tab.  Anyone seen...
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