• Please help - Need advice on how to deal with inquirer who is going to be high maintenance

    Hi all,   Over a month ago I received an inquiry on VRBO from a traveler that is seeking to stay for five days in December 2019.  Great!  The traveler initially asked a few questions, and then wanted t...
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  • New Rates Editor question

    I still do not want to convert over.....for a few reasons but also because the deposit becomes a % and not a flat set rate. Question:  I have a renewal coming up soon.... Will my subscription renewal automaticall...
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  • A guest getting a payment reminder at 5am for a payment due in SEVEN days??  That's just not ok!

    So today I received an email from a future guest.  It was a bit curt, she said she'd pay her final payment when it was due on the 27th.  I assumed it was because of an auto generated email (that probably was...
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  • Has anyone ever had to fill out a W8BEN E form?

    Has anyone ever filled out a W8BEN E form for tax purposes?  The account to which my VRBO payments are sent to are in another country, the same country in which my rental property is in.  The name on the acc...
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  • Is something wrong with the site? Busy booking season, and 0 activity

    on my 3 VRs, 2 of which are PP. and before Erinn suggest to look at the article about "how to become competitive" in a help portal, I'll get this out of the way: I have 0 declines and cancels I have sub-hour(often s...
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  • Expedia site looks unprofessional compared to VRBO

    I rent through VRBO only.  Since they have hooked up with Expedia, I thought I'd see if I can find my listing on Expedia.  Took me awhile but found it.  It is totally different than my VRBO site, photos...
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  • Setting up a rental--kitchen contents list

    Does anyone have a kitchen contents (or even whole-house contents) list you could share with me?   My existing rentals all conveyed to me with contents. I did some major editing/replacing but didn't have to star...
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  • Editing Existing Reservation

    Did I do something wrong here?  I had a guest book a week reservation, now wants to extend by 7 days.  I went into the reservation and clicked edit, changed the check out date.  Clicked Save,  it p...
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  • Do we get proof HomeAway paid guest stay tax?

    It's always something.   Of the 11% total tax our property rental tax charges, only 7% is being paid by HomeAway. 6% to the state and 1% to the county.  I will need to remit 4% to the county.  So odd ...
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  • Is your listing a  hidden treasure?

    No?  Well, neither is mine, but apparently some of my competitors are.   In fact, when I did a search of my area with no filters and no dates, 44 of the FIRST 75 came up as...   Hidden?  Well, ...
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  • Why pay HA booking fee for a hotel?

    I often answer questions on TripAdvisor about vacation rentals in Washington DC.  Sometimes people ask about neighborhoods, sometimes they ask about a specific listing.  Today there was a question about a li...
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  • Mobile Hospitality Manager

    Suddenly I got a notice after many years, and I think my access has changed. "If you would like to manage this stay or ensure you provided access"  etc Isn't  the  Mobile Hospitality Manager being dis...
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  • Welcome New Community Members!

    Hello All!   Yea new members!! We're SO glad you're here.   New members please take a moment and tell us the following:   Where are you from? Where's your property located? How long have you been i...
  • My guests leave my place so clean, but my cleaning person still wants her whole fee...

    My guests leave my place so clean, but my cleaning person still wants her whole fee for only being there 1-2 hours. How do address this? In the past, I had a cleaning person charge by the hour and so either, I kept t...
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  • The city just outlawed Short Term Rentals. What do I tell people who've already made reservations?

    We've owned a small 700-square foot rental cottage in the city of Idaho Springs, Colorado, since 2012. We've had nothing but great guests, have received all 4- and 5-star reviews, have always paid our sales and lodgin...
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  • Who rents Monday to Monday?

    We have two rentals on Cape Co, one sleeps 18, the other sleeps 20. We currently rent from Saturday to Saturday.    We’re thinking of switching to Friday to Friday, or Monday to Monday. The houses ar...
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  • A new owner will get your hard-earned reviews?!

    For those of you who are suddenly seeing this on the property you own, "During this stay the property was under previous owner or management," it gets worse. VRBO  attaches your reviews to the property, not you. ...
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  • What does the label "Private Collection" mean?

    What does the label "Private Collection" mean?  I see it on some of my competitors listings and when you hover over it it shows the following below. Not sure what they are trying to convey and how they even deter...
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  • Why can't VRBO take owner renewel payments with Discover or E Check?

    I just had a listing expire yesterday. Went to renew, and our visa card on file is no longer active (card had been comprised, so we closed the account). I called in to CS, and for some crazy reason VRBO won't accept p...
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  • Summit for 2019 ?

    Any information on when or where the Summit will be for 2019? homeaway_community_manager I always like to lay out my calendar ahead of time due to travel plans. Will it be in Austin again do you think?  Any ide...
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