• Important: Registration number required in Paris

    This email was sent to all affected partners on 2/21/19. Thank you.       Add the registration number of your property Dear Erinn, Your city requires a registration number for all vacation rent...
  • Important Tax Information: Amsterdam

    This email was sent to all affected parties on 2/20/19. Thank you.       VRBO will soon begin collecting and remitting specific local taxes on your behalf Dear Erinn, We’re excited to ann...
  • Has anyone ever had to fill out a W8BEN E form?

    Has anyone ever filled out a W8BEN E form for tax purposes?  The account to which my VRBO payments are sent to are in another country, the same country in which my rental property is in.  The name on the acc...
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  • Do we get proof HomeAway paid guest stay tax?

    It's always something.   Of the 11% total tax our property rental tax charges, only 7% is being paid by HomeAway. 6% to the state and 1% to the county.  I will need to remit 4% to the county.  So odd ...
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  • Important tax updates for your Polk County, FL

    This email was sent to all affected owners on 2/15/19. Thank you.       Effective March 1, 2019, VRBO will be required by Polk County, FL to collect and remit lodging taxes. Dear Erinn, Due to...
  • Action Needed: Puerto Rico Owners

    This email was sent to all affected partners on 2/18/19. Thank you.       Displaying a Tax Identification Number in Puerto Rico is now required by March 31, 2019, to avoid deactivation. Dear Erinn...
  • YAP 1099 seems to include the Service Fee to renters

    Hello,   This is our first year receiving a 1099 from YAP. At first our initial response was it seemed way higher than expected. We then realized cleaning, local tax, cc fee and security deposit seem to all be i...
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  • Short term holiday rental insurance in Canada - qanyone found a good provider?

    We are just renting our home out when we are away for trips, has anyone in Canada found a home insurance policy provider that allows this, I am struggling!
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  • 1099 multiple property issues

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with Yapstone in regards to having multiple properties? We are provided two 1099K's because the props are in MA and VT and each state has different requirements. One 10...
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  • 1099 and Tax questions

    I have not received a 1099 from Yapstone.  Are we supposed to receive one?  Also, for 2018 when pulling a report, I can't get a report that separates the commission (i'm on PPB) and the taxes paid by the gue...
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  • HomeAway to remit CHICAGO taxes - ERRORS!!

    Just received an email informing me that beginning Dec 1 2018, HA will begin remitting Chicago accommodation tax.   When I called HA to discuss the potential problems of this the answers were NOT very clear. &...
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  • withholding and remitting taxes, lodging and more, in Italy

    Greetings and salutations, two years since my same question: where do we stand in terms of HA withholding and payment of taxes in Italy.  Dynamics a bit different that in the US, France has been effectively oblig...
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  • When do I receive tax money that I must remit?

    Had a booking today - Homeaway sent me the receipt showing how much $ they keep and how much $ will be paid to me.   According to the receipt, Homeaway is keeping the entire tax amount (12%) and the Service Fee ...
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  • UPDATED: Florida Specific Tax Questions & Comments Answered

    Hello All,   Rather than going back to the various threads and trying to answer these questions inline we decided to start a new thread.     Question: Is Florida requiring this? Answer: Per a voluntary...
  • Is Yapstone now charging my CC to pay for the taxes in FL.

    I file my FL State and Cnty taxes each month on-line.  In the past, I paid by my checking account.  It cost me zero $'s, in fact, I received a discount (.025%) when I did.  Now it looks like Yapstone is...
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  • San Diego - Who pays TOT, Prop Manager or Owner.?

    Hello all,   Reaching out to San Diego or Cali VR managers for our city specific tax info.   I own 2 Beach VR's and manage myself. I have a friend who owns Ocean Front home and asked me to manage it for h...
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  • Florida local tax

    Any Florida owners out there? VRBO is now collecting and paying on our behalf only the local taxes. There now is no setting or collection of the state tax. WE have to go back after an instant booking and tell the trav...
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  • Keeping Your Tax Rate Up to Date

    As vacation rentals grow in popularity, more owners, property managers and guests utilize online reservation and payment methods. Charging and collecting the correct tax is increasingly important. Make sure your tax r...
  • Important Tax Update for our French Partners

    This was sent to affected owners on 8/29/18:       Lodging tax* will be collected and remitted by VRBO effective 15th September 2018. Dear Erinn, To assist our partners with tax compliance, VRBO...
  • Short term tax in Massachusetts?

    Why isn't Homeaway paying the short term rental tax for homeowners in Massachusetts? It pays the tax in other states. The new legislation says that the entity collecting the tax must remit it and file the returns. Th...
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