• Head's up South Carolina peeps (and Vermont, Kentucky, and Leon County, FL,) VRBO now collecting and remitting taxes, and charging tax on service fee!

    They are taxing the service fee!  I'm on hold with CS.
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  • State of Texas taxes now being collected by VRBO

    State of Texas taxes now being collected by VRBO.  New system not allowing collection of additional local taxes.  Customer service says to increase rates or send an additional payment request after the reser...
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  • Hawaii County has new short term rental law! Bill 108

    Hawaii county has new law and regs regarding short term rentals. $500 registration fee, zoning, non-conforming use permits....
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  • NEW MEXICO Tax question

    My short term rental is in Taos, NM.  For taxes I understand there are Occupancy and Sales Tax due.  Which one of these is "Gross Receipts Tax"?  I pay the Sales Tax due monthly based on gross revenu...
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  • Feedback on Tax Help page

    What Stay Taxes/Lodging Taxes do you collect and remit? | HomeAway Help   No good way to leave detailed feedback on the help pages (just helpful/not helpful, which is not helpful!), so that's one thing they need...
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  • florida tax collections

    Regarding the email received today about HA now collecting and remitting Florida lodging tax?   1.  Is Florida requiring this? If not and it's being done as a service thanks but no thanks because I still h...
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  • How are owners collecting County/City Occupancy Taxes in states where HA is required to collect State Taxes?

    Since Vrbo/HA removed the Tax Rate screen in June of 2019 for owners in VA in order that Vrbo/HA might remit taxes to VA state directly; the owner now no longer has a reasonable way to collect county taxes that we are...
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  • Do you trust VRBO with reporting your tax information to the IRS

    I am sure that I have been labeled as a whiner and complainer. In the most recent discussion, what is acceptable to some vs others is a matter of opinion. However, in the case of accounting there is no opinion, there ...
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  • No ability to collect required county tax in Virginia

    Hi there all, I know there's a lot of information about local tax issues with VRBO around a couple of states, but I haven't seen a thread about Virginia.  I have a rental house in Bedford County Virginia which h...
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  • Please put back the ability to charge WV local sales tax!

    I own a vacation rental in WV.  Until recently, I have been charging and remitting 12% tax (6% state and 6% county) myself.  With a recent change, VRBO is now charging and remitting the 6% state sales tax th...
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  • How do we know that VRBO is sending our tax money to the state correctly?

    I'm getting conflicting stories depending on which rep I talk with.  One rep says that I gave them my tax ID number when I signed up, which I don't remember doing.  Another rep says no, that the tax payment ...
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  • With No Notice -- Vrbo is Overriding My Configured Tax Rates and They Are Wrong!

    You'd think Vrbo would have learned with the Service Fee surprise strategy and given notice that they would soon start collecting taxes on my behalf, and maybe even give a preview of what they would charge.  That...
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  • Short term tax in Massachusetts?

    Why isn't Homeaway paying the short term rental tax for homeowners in Massachusetts? It pays the tax in other states. The new legislation says that the entity collecting the tax must remit it and file the returns. Th...
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  • Flexible Insurance options - do they exist?

    I have never requested damage deposits or insurance of any sort. I never felt the need and never would have had a claim either. With clientele and length of stay changing, I think I need to rethink my stance and was ...
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  • I am new to VRBO and looking for guidance from other owners on Insurance

    How have you approached it as an owner? Are you only leveraging the liability insurance included with VRBO or did you purchase supplemental insurance as well?
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  • Has anyone seen any Public announcement by the State of Florida or VRBO in regards to a Huge Bed Tax Check being received?

    I know when the State of Florida, or maybe more speficially some of the counties in the Miami area, started receiving there first large bed tax checks from ABB there was a big article and public statement out there. ...
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  • arizona tax

    Im very confused by this new tax business in Arizona.  I only use VRBO, I dont rent out my place by myself.  Do I even need a TPT license?  If so do I still fill out the paperwork with the state? ...
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  • VRBO and Taxes

    QUESTION:  If VRBO wants to collect taxes for a jurisdiction, WHY can't they allow the homeowner to enter the total percentage of tax that must be applied by law for State, County and Municipal taxes, and THEN, B...
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  • California Transient Tax/Lodging tax for short term stays 31 days or less

    The state of California has a transient tax for short term stays under 31 days, if the stay is over 31 days the tax is not charged.  How is that handled on HomeAway?  I have a renter that is wanting to rent ...
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  • Another Question About Homeowner Insurance Policy On Rentals

    Hello, I know this topic has been covered numerous times, but I have questions about obtaining an insurance policy for my primary residence which is also used for VRBO rentals.  I recently received a phone ca...
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