• Tell Me About Yourself

    I have now received at least three BIN bookings in the last week with no information about the travelers.  Where a note is usually found, there are the words "Reservation Request".  Dear Guest, I am not a ho...
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  • New issue -- guest communication-- listing number not searchable

    Ok, new issue. I've seen this complaint from other owners on FB forums, so I don't think its just me. This is not my listing which is part of the Hidden Listings A/B test, but another one altogether.   homeawa...
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  • Poll: Booking vs. Reservation

    Hello Everyone,   We have some questions we'd like to hear your feedback on. Please take a moment to comment and respond to these questions. Your participation is greatly appreciated!   When a traveler is ...
  • delete a template

    Anyone know how to delete a template that is saved?
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  • Stop It !!!!  Stop It !!! Stop It !!!!

    HomeAway..... are you aware that our homes exist in the "Real World" That means ... we have neighbors...and in many locations Government Regulations are ready to pounce and reign in the category. STR's are NOT lik...
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  • And it begins.....

    These are some of the horror stories that give us all a bad name. Name of HA listing is not the owner according to this interview......how does that happen? A family getting evicted from the vacation rental.....  ...
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  • owner info on my listing.... is it just me or...?

    So, I went poking around on VRBO today, wanted to see others photos and how the displayed them.  I was looking for one in particular that someone had sent to me, because I wanted to see how they staged their phot...
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  • The Pet-Friendly Welcome Kit

    Hey Everyone! HomeAway's research has found that many potential guests would love to travel with their pets. If you accept pets, you're filling a real niche! Here's a welcome gift for furry friends (psst - it incl...
  • The Baby Basket?

    This thread on the Airbnb forum on Reddit got me thinking... https://www.reddit.com/r/AirBnB/comments/7xm4ua/uh_thats_a_new_one_home_birth_request/   Maybe they think it stands for Air Birth and Baby?
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  • Just venting for guests who want Ritz Carlton amenities in a moderate priced VR

    A guest just checked in 1 hour ago, and sent the following email:   We are safely arrived.  House looks great.  I was trying to watch a basketball game on ESPN2 and my wife was trying to watch HGTV in ...
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  • Keepsake Map

    Hello Everyone!   Here's a piece of smart marketing for you! By providing your guests with a keepsake map, you'll give them a fun souvenir that will remind them of their fabulous vacation at your home - and hope...
  • Just to share (possibly again)

    I Got this from HA......I think it was at a Summit....but can’t really remember. However, I think this nails it when it comes to Guest in the home and think that owners could create their own magnet that is simi...
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  • SMS Text Scheduling/Template/ Guest Comm

    I know this topic was covered a couple of years ago, but since then has anyone started using a great (preferably free) SMS/Text product that allows you to communicate using templates and scheduling?
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  • Anyone else having issues with listing being cancelled spontaneously on it's on?

    It's been a week since I discovered my listing isn't showing up on the searches. 6 days later, VRBO customer service keeps giving me the run around the tech support is working on it and will call me back. After the 6...
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  • The Campfire Starter Kit

    Hello Everyone! Do any of you have fire pits at your property? If so, here's a great way to give your guests an evening around the fire! What unique features does your property have? Erinn HomeAway Communi...
  • Issue with inquiry that doesn't request a specific date for reservation

    We recently received an inquiry from OwnersDirect.co.uk that had flexible dates for an inquiry but requested specific dates within the written message, if available.  If not, the potential guest was open for us t...
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  • The Rainy Day Emergency Kit

    Hey Everyone! Here's a really good idea for EVERY vacation rental. There's nothing worse than going on vacation and being stuck inside because of bad weather. With the Rainy Day Emergency Kit, you can make sure y...
  • Why We Host - BG & Lisa

    Hey everyone! We all know that there are "boring" investments (stocks, bonds, etc), and then there are fun ones (like your vacation rental!). Check out this week's video to see why BG & Lisa bought their vaca...
  • Untruthful guests

    Interested in the views of others on this before I decide how to play this :   Guests called our management company several hours before they arrived to say "we hope the pool heat is on and the BBQ is there beca...
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  • HomeAway is once again reneging on their contractual agreement with us?

    I am one of the few remaining VR owners (aka "hosts") here with subscriptions that were extended under the HomeAway Terms and Conditions that were in effect in late 2016 - early 2017.  Those terms and conditions,...
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