• How do you get to know your guests before they arrive?

    Letting someone new into your vacation rental can cause some anxiety. We have gathered some tips about easing those nerves in this article. Fellow HomeAway partners, what advice do you have for new hosts regarding pr...
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  • Issues with Automated Hospitality Messages

      The above is a screenshot of  an automated email from HomeAway regarding "my" reservation at my VR.  How professional is this with broken picture links?       Per the directions, scro...
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  • Some Guests -- What?

    Warning - Rant.   I have a small cabin, sleeps 4.  In the winter months, I charge an extra fee for the hot tub on the deck because people leave the cover off and my electric bills go sky-high as the thing s...
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  • I have a new theory ------

    First, I want to be clear that my properties are still being booked, although I am aware that other owners are not seeing the same results as in years past. I am lucky, because my properties are situated in a locatio...
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  • Stop sending messages in my name

    Can Homeaway PLEASE stop sending their automated messages with my name attached to them.  When they send out a message to a guest it should say it is from Homeaway....not me, UNLESS I SENT IT!!  Get this fix...
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  • Spam guest impacting ranking

    My rankings have been harmed by a spam traveller.  In this case, I marked the traveller on my phone as spam and he no longer appears in my inbox. However, my response rate it is 90% and the details reveal it is t...
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  • So, do we now have to reply to spam inquiries in order to keep our response rate at 100%?

    The response rate at one of my properties has been downgraded to 90% because I didn't reply to a spam inquiry. A cleaner in our region wrote to a number of owners looking for work (this happens frequently). Most of t...
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  • Hospitality App

    When did Email become a required field when adding information to the Hospitality (Hostility) App?   Today I went into the Hospitality App to edit the name of the local Fitness Club as it had changed hands. ...
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  • Duplicate Inquiries and a Book It Now

    Today, over the course of 10 minutes, while I had just sent my response to the questions posed in the first inquiry, I got a separate second inquiry and then a Book It Now (third email thread) from the same person usi...
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  • How would you handle?

    We received an inquiry from a past guest we're not willing to rent to again.   Any suggestions for how to respond constructively?   I'm hoping the forum community has some great ideas.   In c...
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  • Is there a list anywhere of renters who should be avoided?

    I'm sure I've read about this before but can't find it. I can understand that Homeaway would not want to host this list but maybe there's a website for this? I'd like to check up on future guests and also warn my fel...
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  • Hurricane Florence - Check in please

    Good Morning All,   It was a rough weekend for those in the path and with homes in the path of Hurricane Florence.  We wanted to request, if you would please, that you respond and let us know you're safe an...
  • Notice: Insider Guide (formerly Gogobot) is being discontinued

    This email was sent to all effected parties on September 6, 2018:     If this email does not display correctly, please click here . Dear Erinn, Starting September 14th, 2018, the VRBO partnership with ...
  • Do you tell guests about where to go in the event of a tornado?

    Snice my property has the potential for tornados, when I get a warning from my cell phone for the area for that type of weather I send my guests an e-mail letting them know where the nearest shelter is.   Do ot...
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  • Guests from Hell

    How do you handle the guests from hell?  I have rented my vacation condos for close to 20 years with no problems.  I recently sold my home, and purchased a new one, which I gutted and basically rebuilt. ...
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  • Nine tips for being the best HomeAway host

    Hello Everyone!   We wrote up a list of nine tips to help you be an awesome host!  Check out the article here.     What would you add to this list?   Thanks!   Erinn HomeAway Community ...
  • Undisclosed pet, damages and cover up

    This past weekend my home was rented by a large group, my home is large and on several acres on a lake.  I got zero communication from them the entire time they were there until the day they left when they texted...
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  • Want Emails or Voice - Not Texts

    I used to receive either phone calls or emails from my guests.    Now I am getting text messages from my guests.    I AM NOT A TEXT CAPABLE PERSON (shouting intentional).  I can use a land...
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  • Over Occupancy problem with Repeat renter question

    Okay, my neighbor and me were just complaining that repeats of both of ours-different groups are trying to bring extra people beyond the occupancy limit and both groups are set to arrive in the next couple of months. ...
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  • Continued 'error' code on VRBO website

    So for the last couple of days I have been trying to look at a potential guest previous reviews of properties and the owner review that has been left for her. I keep getting an error message. I have gone to other gues...
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