• Notice: Insider Guide (formerly Gogobot) is being discontinued

    This email was sent to all effected parties on September 6, 2018:     If this email does not display correctly, please click here . Dear Erinn, Starting September 14th, 2018, the VRBO partnership with ...
  • Do you tell guests about where to go in the event of a tornado?

    Snice my property has the potential for tornados, when I get a warning from my cell phone for the area for that type of weather I send my guests an e-mail letting them know where the nearest shelter is.   Do ot...
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  • 10 Vacation Home Features to Disclose to Your Guests

    Every home has its quirks, its pluses and minuses. While your  advertisements should sell your home to its fullest potential, we also encourage open communication with your guests about any unusual features ...
  • Guests from Hell

    How do you handle the guests from hell?  I have rented my vacation condos for close to 20 years with no problems.  I recently sold my home, and purchased a new one, which I gutted and basically rebuilt. ...
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  • Nine tips for being the best HomeAway host

    Hello Everyone!   We wrote up a list of nine tips to help you be an awesome host!  Check out the article here.     What would you add to this list?   Thanks!   Erinn HomeAway Community ...
  • Undisclosed pet, damages and cover up

    This past weekend my home was rented by a large group, my home is large and on several acres on a lake.  I got zero communication from them the entire time they were there until the day they left when they texted...
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  • Want Emails or Voice - Not Texts

    I used to receive either phone calls or emails from my guests.    Now I am getting text messages from my guests.    I AM NOT A TEXT CAPABLE PERSON (shouting intentional).  I can use a land...
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  • Over Occupancy problem with Repeat renter question

    Okay, my neighbor and me were just complaining that repeats of both of ours-different groups are trying to bring extra people beyond the occupancy limit and both groups are set to arrive in the next couple of months. ...
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  • Continued 'error' code on VRBO website

    So for the last couple of days I have been trying to look at a potential guest previous reviews of properties and the owner review that has been left for her. I keep getting an error message. I have gone to other gues...
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  • Venting-Renters who exaggerate issues to you.

    I get so frustrated when renters either exaggerate an issue or just not tell the truth and I receive these communication at the worse times for me, either right before bed or when I am busy with my family, LOL. &...
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  • guests complain about condiments in fridge

    We recently had a guest check in and send us multiple photos of the condiments in the fridge and a few items in the freezer as a complaint about housekeeping quality. I was really taken aback as every VRBO house/cabin...
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  • The traveling groups I thought would be good are my worst

    I thought I'd share my experience with groups of travelers that I thought would be great guests--but are now on my avoid list.  In the past year I've had three completed guest stays from travelers who described t...
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  • Shop my comps!

    It was suggested on another thread by twomoreyears "Maybe have a friend shop your neighborhood for you (or you could ask some of us on the forum to help and get our opinions).  Have them compile a list of the pro...
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  • What is this host thinking?

    What are they thinking?  An ABB host has taken on the 30 year old NY State man who was recently ordered by a judge to leave his parents house.  If they (the parents) had such a difficult time getting rid of ...
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  • Balcony, or Deck?  Yes, please!

    By way of example, if I go to my favorite online shoe store, or clothing website, and I want a dress for a wedding, or shoes to match, I can say... sort by black dresses and blue dresses, and most websites have been p...
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  • In keeping with my filters/searches theme.. another change today....

    Anyone else notice this?  It popped up this afternoon...     Here's what Price looks like Bedrooms       More filters is too big to post, BUT... you might wanna check out the o...
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  • Beach or Ocean? (or waterfront, or oceanfront  or oceanview?)

    Please look at this list of options under filters, and, based on ALL the other choices, explain to me (anyone) what is Beach?  what is Ocean?  Edited to read:  There are NO options for beach or ocean to...
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  • Property Spotlight: Beautiful Ranch in the Canadian Rockies

    Hey Everyone!   Ready for your Rocky Mountain adventure? Jason Trochessett gives his guests an unforgettable experience and with over 40 perfect 5 star reviews we wanted to know his secrets - lets get going! Tak...
  • It says I respond within 2 days but it's wrong. Location is STILL wrong after 2 phone calls to VRBO help in another country.

    Hello, On one of my listings is says I respond within two days! That is incorrect. There was someone soliciting me for other types of business, but another service...that is not a renter! And emails back and forth w...
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  • Construction next-door. What to do to apologize in for it?

    My neighbor is constructing his new house next door right during our busy season.   We are still recovering from Hurricane Ike, so there is construction ongoing where we are located, so it's not as though it's...
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