• Mobile hospitality

    Providing helpful information at all points of your guest's booking experience can make all the difference. Here are a few things that Mobile Hospitality Manager can do: Before guests arrive: you can send your gu...
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  • How do you reduce guest complaints at your vacation rental?

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  • Why Do They Miss The Pet Fee?

    I am annoyed.  It seems that NO ONE can apply my pet fee during the reservation process, so I have to constantly send a revised quote.   What is wrong with the website that they cannot see the fees?  ...
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  • Higher Cleaning Fee Due to Pets

    Well, I have finally had quite enough.   I have complained since 2016 that people keep missing the Pet Fee selection when booking my homes.  Most guests have been honest and agreeable to paying the pet fee ...
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  • What's been your most rewarding experience as a host?

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  • To remove the sheets, or not?

    What's your stance on asking guests to remove sheets before checkout? We think this article from The Distinguished Guest makes some very interesting points. Weigh in with your thoughts below.
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  • Share your story: Welcome baskets

    Do you provide your guests with a welcome basket? If so, what items do you select and why? We've collected some inspiration videos here including pet-friendly, BBQ, hiking, beach baskets, and more. Check them out!
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  • Untruthful guest re occupancy and left late

    Sone advice from you guys please.    In summary.      1. Five bed home sleeps max 10 2.  Last minute 2 night reservation from a guest ( Airbnb) who had two exemplary five star ...
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  • N. Myrtle Beach Nourishment ruins summer vacations

    I applaud NMB and Horry Co, SC for their stealth implementation of the destruction of tourists vacations to the Grand Strand.   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District, will begin a storm damage r...
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  • Renters' use of cargo lift

    If a cargo lift is included in the rental, should I require a signed form about its use?  If you do this, what items would you recommend including?
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  • How do you get to know your guests before they arrive?

    Letting someone new into your vacation rental can cause some anxiety. We have gathered some tips about easing those nerves in this article. Fellow HomeAway partners, what advice do you have for new hosts regarding pr...
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  • Issues with Automated Hospitality Messages

      The above is a screenshot of  an automated email from HomeAway regarding "my" reservation at my VR.  How professional is this with broken picture links?       Per the directions, scro...
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  • Some Guests -- What?

    Warning - Rant.   I have a small cabin, sleeps 4.  In the winter months, I charge an extra fee for the hot tub on the deck because people leave the cover off and my electric bills go sky-high as the thing s...
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  • I have a new theory ------

    First, I want to be clear that my properties are still being booked, although I am aware that other owners are not seeing the same results as in years past. I am lucky, because my properties are situated in a locatio...
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  • Stop sending messages in my name

    Can Homeaway PLEASE stop sending their automated messages with my name attached to them.  When they send out a message to a guest it should say it is from Homeaway....not me, UNLESS I SENT IT!!  Get this fix...
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  • Spam guest impacting ranking

    My rankings have been harmed by a spam traveller.  In this case, I marked the traveller on my phone as spam and he no longer appears in my inbox. However, my response rate it is 90% and the details reveal it is t...
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  • So, do we now have to reply to spam inquiries in order to keep our response rate at 100%?

    The response rate at one of my properties has been downgraded to 90% because I didn't reply to a spam inquiry. A cleaner in our region wrote to a number of owners looking for work (this happens frequently). Most of t...
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  • Hospitality App

    When did Email become a required field when adding information to the Hospitality (Hostility) App?   Today I went into the Hospitality App to edit the name of the local Fitness Club as it had changed hands. ...
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  • Duplicate Inquiries and a Book It Now

    Today, over the course of 10 minutes, while I had just sent my response to the questions posed in the first inquiry, I got a separate second inquiry and then a Book It Now (third email thread) from the same person usi...
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  • How would you handle?

    We received an inquiry from a past guest we're not willing to rent to again.   Any suggestions for how to respond constructively?   I'm hoping the forum community has some great ideas.   In c...
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