• Abnb reservations suddenly disappeared from my synched vrbo calendar

    Good Afternoon, I have VRBO sync'd with Abnb calendar. (both ways)  Never a problem but noticed on my computer today, all the abnb reservations are GONE from VRBO calendar.  On my phone, the abnb reservatio...
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  • Download our cleaning checklist

    We've created a cleaning checklist that you can easily download to help make cleaning up after guests a breeze! Use this list for yourself or provide copies to your cleaning vendor(s). Download the PDF here If yo...
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  • Ring door bell

    i just installed ring door bell aftee booking, did not disclose in the lease, is this OK? Or I need disable ring door bell when there is guest?
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  • Recommendations for Replacement Chaise Lounge Cushions?

    I would like to replace the chaise lounge cushions at our vacation rental.  I'm on my third set and although the cushion fabric is Sunbrella and dries quickly, the interior of the cushion absorbs water like a spo...
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  • What do you do to harden your rental?

    We have replaced all of the mechanical equipment including furnace and water heater. Upgraded the plumbing; including faucets, water valves, braided water lines, and the toilet valves. Working on replacing outdated ap...
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  • Here is my listing.  Comments/Suggestions Welcomed

    This group is really great to work with and I've learned a ton from everyone.   It would be great to be able to share my listing and get some honest feedback - good and bad.   https://www.vrbo.com/830536 &...
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  • Where-oh-where Did the Post Go?  ~ Asking how to best embellish a VR?

    Just attempted to commend scowol for the final 'two' bullets of his admirable, comprehensive response to a new OP -- and -- importantly: a new member to this community, re:  I'd hope to add two relevant thoughts/...
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  • Have you recently renovated your vacation rental property?

    Have you recently renovated your vacation rental property? If so, what did you do and what was your favorite part of the experience? Do you have any tips for other homeowners before they make the investment? Feel free...
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  • Huge Increase in Technical Problems?

    Maybe its just me, but have others been seeing a HUGE increase in technical issues, outages, etc lately? I have never seen so many problems in our 11 years with VRBO. I'm thinking a huge amount of changes are on the h...
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  • Best sheets? Different colors by size? Bamboo sheets?

    Our rental sleeps 20 ppl. Most bedrooms have a twin and a queen bed. Currently we have all white sheets. I use fabric markers to color code the different sizes by making  colored squares on the bottom edge of the...
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  • How do you ensure your housekeeper/cleaner does a good job?

    Hi All,   My rental properties are in another state, so I rely on a housekeeper to clean.  I've gone through a few cleaners in the past decade, and have felt that my current cleaner is great. I've had my cu...
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  • I need a new queen mattress, any recommendations?

    I have a one bedroom condo.  I need a new queen mattress.  How does one find the perfect mattress to meet everyone's needs?   After laying on mattress after mattress I found myself "bed drunk".&nbs...
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  • Do you provide games at your vacation rental?

    Hi HomeAway hosts! We have a fun question for you. Do you provide indoor and/or outdoor games in your vacation rental? If so, what games do you provide and why?
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  • Graying towels

    We have white towels in all of our VRs and most of them are turning gray.  Does anyone know how to get them white again?  I've tried bleach but it doesn't help.
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  • Subscription Renewal Notice Received Today

    Here is the note i received from Vrbo this morning:   "Your current annual subscription on Vrbo will expire on 8/22/2019. As a reminder, your subscription will automatically renew a few days before 8/22/2019 sin...
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  • Help! My HOA just announced they are going to shut me down

    I have rented and listed on HA since January 2014.  I never had an issue with any guests (almost 300 rentals).  Last night, I went to HOA meeting.  They are going to put out the vote to community to shu...
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  • Tropical Storm in Louisiana

    We are monitoring Tropical Storm Barry and our thoughts are with those experiencing the current flooding.  We are ready to assist with your property.   If one of your properties can’t be rented out f...
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  • If I Don't Renew My Listings, How Long Will Vrbo Archive Them?

    My listings are coming up for renewal at the end of the month and I'd like to discontinue them until an acceptable solution to the tax collection mess is implemented. How long before I would lose my listing content an...
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  • Refundable Damage Deposit

    Why is this NOT a helpful statement?   From the Discovery Hub:  Build an additional amount into your nightly rate instead of using a refundable damage deposit.  This helps eliminate the perception of a...
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  • System for cleaners to give feedback on guests/condition?

    How do your cleaners give you feedback on guests/condition left so you can review and doesn't take too much time for them? Thanks.
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