• My guests leave my place so clean, but my cleaning person still wants her whole fee...

    My guests leave my place so clean, but my cleaning person still wants her whole fee for only being there 1-2 hours. How do address this? In the past, I had a cleaning person charge by the hour and so either, I kept t...
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  • The city just outlawed Short Term Rentals. What do I tell people who've already made reservations?

    We've owned a small 700-square foot rental cottage in the city of Idaho Springs, Colorado, since 2012. We've had nothing but great guests, have received all 4- and 5-star reviews, have always paid our sales and lodgin...
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  • Website Unfriendly to Visually Challenged

    I have a problem with the web interface that HomeAway presents.  It is too difficult to see or read due to the grey gradients scale that is used.  HomeAway is not taking the visually challenged or impaired i...
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  • Best Smart Lock?

    What is the best smart lock on the market today for rental properties?   I need a lock that can be opened and closed remotely   Codes can be added removed remotely   Times can be set for individual a...
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  • Ready for Refurbishment

    We do a semi-annual review of our property and take care of those items that appear too worn or damaged to continue to be in place.  That is pretty easy, considering that it is mostly linen replacement and checki...
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  • Partner Success Manager - MIA

    So I got contacted by my "partner success manager" a while ago.  She told me to contact her with any questions or concerns I had.  I have contacted her twice now in the past month and have received nothing b...
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  • Head's up Peeps, there's some new amenities boxes to check!

    VRBO has recently added some new boxes to check on the owner's side.  Go to PROPERTY>EDIT PROPERTY>AMENITIES  and you will find boxes like Ice maker, Blender, Soaps, Shampoos, paper towels, toilet pape...
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  • Disappointed With Guest Quality

    Most of the reports that I get from my housekeeper about my guests are good; unfortunately, today's report was horrific.  The guest left an overflowing dishwasher, a sink full of pots and pans, food in the refrig...
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  • San Diego City Council voted to recind the STVR ban - But don't cheer yet

    Thanks to many reasonable hard working owners and managers along with HomeAway's help and other platforms working to help us, the ban was recinded.   San Diego City Council, minutes ago, voted to repeal their vo...
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  • It's that time of year!

    Hello Everyone! Here in North America, Fall is in the air! That means it's time for seasonal maintenance.  HomeAway has a useful checklist HERE.  What would you add to this list for your area?  ...
  • Guests leaving property unlocked

    I've recently had 2 different guests fail to lock up our beach house properly.....leaving our rear door unlocked. Sometimes they've left a window open as well. Luckily, nothing has gone missing, and our cleaner has ...
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  • What kind of sheets (Cal King) do you use?

    I love Target brand Threshold "performance sheets" or Target brand Threshold "ultra soft" sheets.  If you haven't tried them, you owe it to yourself to do so.  They have elastic in two places on the same fit...
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  • I'm livid! Please talk me off the ledge. Undisclosed dogs (!) in my home

    I've been renting my home for at least ten years. Prior to the start of this year's season, we installed a "Ring" camera that looks onto the dock and lake. It has a motion detector and I watched a few of my current gu...
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  • Pest Control and Guests

    We have our condos treated quarterly for pests and inspected for bed bugs more often than that. Tuesday night my guest emailed me and said she had seen a couple of roaches (even sent pics of dead bugs).  I emaile...
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  • 2018 Hawaii Airbnb bill very much alive, "has mutated into something quite frightening"

    Just in case anyone read an earlier re-post from 2017, below, and thinks it pertains to the 2018 Airbnb/Homeaway bill.  If you're a Hawaii owner and haven't joined RBOAA, you're very likely to be missing out on k...
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  • Smoke coming in from neighboring unit

    One of our condos in Branson occasionally gets a strong smoke odor in thr dining room/kitchen area. Its a top-floor unit, so it has to be coming from the neighbor downstairs. It‘s intermittent and can vary from ...
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  • What is Normal Wear and Tear

    Interested in knowing what other owners consider to be normal wear and tear, and what would be eligible for charging to renter.   We just spent a week at our rental property conducting our semi-annual review of ...
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  • Hiring Help for Your Vacation Rental

    Hello! sunnycs  brought up a good point in my Five to Know thread...   Good help is hard to find, as the old saying goes! Let's say you're giving advice on how to get started with a vacation rental. How di...
  • Recliner help—— spring broke...any experts out there on the mechanics?

    So, I got to my VR and the recliner had a broken spring and the footstool part of it won’t close all the way. I am guessing the broken spring was what held it in when closed. I have ordered a new spring.....actu...
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  • Petty Complaint about Popups and Advertising on Dashboard

    Erinn and anyone else....   My computer (all browsers) is set up to remove all cookies, passwords, history, and any other settings that may occur during a day on the internet.  My IP Address is also set up ...
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