• HomeAway Survey

    Just curious to know if anyone had the patience to make it through that entire survey? I tried to take it twice and gave up both times.
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  • Find success by using the Big 4

    Optimize your listing with HomeAway’s Big 4 guidelines:   Create quality content Set competitive rates Accept and honor bookings Earn great reviews   Get all the info now on the Discovery Hub! &n...
  • Is this New? Or another AB test

    Hey everyone, I have been very absent lately do to my primary work commitments so this may be an old topic that's been discussed to death, if so then please accept my apologies! I just noticed that when using my mobil...
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  • Really confused by how rankings work

    I am really confused by how my Market Rank is determined.  In all the categories within my control, we are #1. The two categories I can't control, # of Reviews and Review Average, we are in the middle of the pack...
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  • Same property...  two different listing numbers...  duplicate listings shown

    I've noticed over the last few weeks, a block of approximately 30/240 properties in our community of Myrtlewood Villas (Myrtle Beach) that have no heading other than their listings' address.  The owner/manager is...
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  • Accuracy of Min Stay Search Metric

    Hi,   Our rental has activity year-round and performs well in all of the metric rankings except min stay.  We have a 2 night minimum for all nights except thanksgiving and christmas and a 3 night for 2 week...
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  • Cancelation Metric raises its ugly, 'glitchy' head, again

    Check your cancel metric, friends. Again.   Recently, I removed a block from my calendar. It was a manually added block on one of my listings. No guest name, no info, no nothing. Just a block on a date. There is ...
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  • When did our 80 character heading become 40-55 characters?

    Remember when they told us we have 80 characters for our heading but now only 55 show up?  or 54, or 44, or 53, depending on, who knows what??   See screen shots..     Google Chrome: Safari: ...
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  • A Review of the HomeAway Summit 2018

    I attended HomeAway’s 2018 Summit in Austin, Texas this past weekend. The event was a 2-day event filled with market insights, future travel trends and the announcement of many new HomeAway/VRBO features.  ...
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  • Industry News & Upcoming Events

    Industry News: HomeAway 2019 Trend Report  The HomeAway 2019 Trend Report reveals the super sizing of American vacations and Gen Z’s emerging travel habits. These findings are among highlights of the Ho...
  • Just wondering how many of you actually use your VR for personal use or.....

    Do yo use your VR for your own personal use, or is it purely an investment? I am one of those that actually stays in my VR for months at a time and fully enjoys the area, my neighbors and the break from Wyoming winter...
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  • Issues with property "Views"

    Can someone please explain to me how HA/VRBO calculates the number of property views a listing receives within the last 48 hours?  Within the past hour, my property was listed with 40 views...  10 minutes la...
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  • Does this bother anyone but me?

    For those of us who work 7 days a week, at this job renting our properties, greeting people, fixing problems and doing the accounting, this bothers me. It feel scolded and not helpful.  I don't care nor want to ...
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  • The booking that wasn't, AKA "we thought you were on Tybee Island.."

    Ok, Houston, we have a problem.  In fact, a couple of them.  I just got an IB for September, called the person, and her first words were, "I thought you were on Tybee Island."   Now, if the person ...
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  • Share a story about your holiday vacations!

    Hello Everyone, This forum is dedicated to building a community of vacation rental owners and managers across North America and beyond that support and inspire each other by sharing expertise, posing questions and exc...
  • VRBO Citrus Bowl Sponsorship Recap

    Did you tune in to the VRBO Citrus Bowl? What a game! Congratulations to the University of Kentucky Wildcats on their fantastic win against Penn State, 27-24. We wanted to share some early stats from the game ...
  • Scraper Site has our Property Addresses

    AND re-directs to HomeAway for Booking!   Can anyone figure out what the deal is with this site: http://www.BnBDaily.com   it appears to be an incomplete listing of sites scraped from elsewhere but it dis...
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  • Edited Quotes Must Now Be Sent As PREAPPROVAL

    I just had an inquiry from a guest who asked a few questions and made a request that meant that I had to adjust the date of the second payment on my property.   I selected Reply With Quote so that I could respon...
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  • Sorting "Price: Low to HIgh" very deceiving!

    Why when a guest searches and filters for "Price: Low to HIgh" does it sort the per night rate shows up which is deceiving because total price with taxes and fees is much higher than the per night price being shown?&n...
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  • Your Questions Answered

    Hello Everyone!   Several months ago we started a new feature on the Discovery Hub called Your Questions Answered. We would love to have the community participate by submitting your own questions. We're also loo...