• Does anyone know why the assessment date for PP has changed?

    Since January I was given a date on my metric page of April for my next assessment.  Just 2-3 days ago this date changed to May just as my decline rate (7%) dropped under the 10% cut off.  Does anyone know w...
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  • Wondering if you should try Instant Booking for your property?

    Hi Everyone!   Wondering if you should try Instant Booking for your property? These partners did - here's what they had to say. Ready to give it a try yourself? Log into your dashboard and enable it now - you ca...
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  • Did you know?

    Did you know that we have a checklist for setting up your rates on Discovery Hub? If you are a new HomeAway partner or haven't used our rates calendar yet be sure to follow our 3 steps to set up your rates. Let us kno...
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  • Boost Power Ups Not Working

    I have used some of my power ups but now it won't let me click on it to use the rest.  Is there a minimum or can you only do so much a month?  The button is there but can't click on it.
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  • How many powerups do you have?

    Wow, I officially feel geeky.  I can honestly say I've never asked anyone older than TEN how many powerups they have.    But I noticed in the boost thread that a few people mentioned that they have XX...
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  • How does 1 plus 1 plus 1 plus 2 plus 3 equal 1 and then suddenly equal 13?

    OK, here's a ranking conundrum.  For months we were ranked #1 in our market. (Not a big market)  We had "1" in all the metrics except bookings (# 2) and reviews (# 3).  Suddenly, about 3 weeks ago,...
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  • Can I just say, I (used to) LOVE market maker and the new rates editor!!!

    FINALLY!  A tool that makes life so much simpler!  Actually THREE TOOLS!  Comp set, Market maker, and the new rate editor!  THANK YOU THANK YOU VRBO!!!! You've saved me so much time and given me aw...
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  • Boost

    My neighbor showed me an email from VRBO telling him about Boost, where:   "Earn power-ups when you accept bookings on VRBO and after a traveler completes their stay." and "Use your power-ups to improve your l...
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  • Amenities... check yours... again..... :(

    This need to constantly check and recheck and recheck again our listings does get old, doesn't it?   I was scrolling thru my listing on my iPhone and was rather puzzled to see that I now offer:   A firepla...
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  • Still hitting a wall.

    Response from the team. Remember I am not asking or allowing anyone to book off the platform, only requesting that they Inquire before booking. Booking cold in our area is asking for trouble.  We get a lot of sum...
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  • Is your listing a  hidden treasure?

    No?  Well, neither is mine, but apparently some of my competitors are.   In fact, when I did a search of my area with no filters and no dates, 44 of the FIRST 75 came up as...   Hidden?  Well, ...
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  • What does the label "Private Collection" mean?

    What does the label "Private Collection" mean?  I see it on some of my competitors listings and when you hover over it it shows the following below. Not sure what they are trying to convey and how they even deter...
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  • Help with “Properties Good for Families” filter?

    We have been with VRBO/HA successfully for over 10 years and earned All 5-star reviews from the many families with children that have stayed with us. The “Good for families with kids” filter worked for us ...
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  • HomeAway Survey

    Just curious to know if anyone had the patience to make it through that entire survey? I tried to take it twice and gave up both times.
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  • Find success by using the Big 4

    Optimize your listing with HomeAway’s Big 4 guidelines:   Create quality content Set competitive rates Accept and honor bookings Earn great reviews   Get all the info now on the Discovery Hub! &n...
  • Is this New? Or another AB test

    Hey everyone, I have been very absent lately do to my primary work commitments so this may be an old topic that's been discussed to death, if so then please accept my apologies! I just noticed that when using my mobil...
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  • Really confused by how rankings work

    I am really confused by how my Market Rank is determined.  In all the categories within my control, we are #1. The two categories I can't control, # of Reviews and Review Average, we are in the middle of the pack...
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  • Same property...  two different listing numbers...  duplicate listings shown

    I've noticed over the last few weeks, a block of approximately 30/240 properties in our community of Myrtlewood Villas (Myrtle Beach) that have no heading other than their listings' address.  The owner/manager is...
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  • Accuracy of Min Stay Search Metric

    Hi,   Our rental has activity year-round and performs well in all of the metric rankings except min stay.  We have a 2 night minimum for all nights except thanksgiving and christmas and a 3 night for 2 week...
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  • Cancelation Metric raises its ugly, 'glitchy' head, again

    Check your cancel metric, friends. Again.   Recently, I removed a block from my calendar. It was a manually added block on one of my listings. No guest name, no info, no nothing. Just a block on a date. There is ...
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