There are two types of spectacular photos that every owner/manager needs in his or her marketing portfolio:


1) Photos of your rental itself


Vista Hermosa with logo.jpgI have covered a number of case studies in which folks have turned their VR business around with professional photos of the property:


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2) Photos of your region


Perhaps equally important are images of the area, especially for guests who have not visited before.

And since most of us are not professional photographers (nor do we have the time), I wanted to share a solution that takes about 30 minutes (and is actually pretty fun).


The steps are super simple:


> Visit

> Search the name of your destination (city followed by state)

> In the “License” drop down menu, select “Creative Commons License” (so you don’t get sued)

> Go through and download any photo you think accurately reflects your region

> Put the images in a slideshow

> Bonus: For each image, add a short blurb relating to your rental (“This beach is only a 5 minute walk from our front door!” or “Enjoy a sunset like this from our deck!”)


There’s nothing quite like having an incredible fleet of images to promote your area.

And thanks to Flickr, you don’t need a professional photographer (or even any money) to make it happen.


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