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We have seen a few threads, where owners are asking questions about the newly-launched traveler account feature as it specifically relates to reviews.


We launched Traveler Account to improve their experience on HomeAway.com- and ultimately give them the tools they need to best track, share and review properties.  Travelers are now required to create an account (including a password) to:


  • Save favorite properties
  • Write notes
  • Create lists for trips they are planning
  • Share favorite vacation rental properties with friends and family
  • Keep track of properties viewed and inquiries made
  • Write reviews


The reviews portion seems to be a sticking point for some of the owners. While we are now asking for travelers to login to submit the review upfront, it is no different really, than the previous review process in which travelers were required to submit an email address, name on rental contract, and location to submit a review.  In fact, it streamlines the process for travelers to write reviews.  Travelers are asked to set up an account once and then moving forward, they may simply login the next time to leave a review. While we are now asking for a password to finish the review, we have reduced the overall friction to submit a review by removing a number of fields such as nickname and city.


We heard from some owners that they felt the new process would discourage their travelers from leaving a review.  This is an unfounded assertion. In fact, we have compared the number of daily reviews received prior to implementing the Traveler Account, and the total number has held steady.  We will continue to actively monitor the impact this change has on review submissions. 



Emily Thawley (Product Marketing Manager for HomeAway)

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