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Service Fee Update

Posted by brian.sharples Feb 24, 2016

Since the launch of the new service fee on HomeAway, I have heard from many of our long-term customers via email. And I’ve been following posts on the subject on social media. Many of you share the same concerns, so it makes sense to respond on Community where all our customers can have the opportunity to read my answers to your questions. 


I want to let you know that I am listening to your concerns, and every HomeAway employee is committed to making you as successful as possible.


First, I understand that many of you would like more and clearer communication on changes coming to our sites.  Despite our attempts at communicating this change in advance, we fell short of your expectations.  I take full accountability to make sure we are better on this in the future.  Below, I want to explain our rationale for launching a service fee, and tell you a bit about how we plan to incorporate your feedback going forward.


Second, I want to acknowledge that we are in the middle of a huge shift for the industry.  The good news is that vacation rentals are now considered a mainstream travel option, but as a result travelers are demanding more from listing sites like HomeAway and VRBO.  Our research and experience shows that it is no longer enough for us to just operate an online classified listing site.  (I miss the good old days too – believe me.)  We know this because properties that are online bookable get chosen at almost double the rate of ones that are not.  And our most dissatisfied travelers are complaining louder than ever about listings with inaccurate calendars and offline payment methods that can’t be backed up with online receipts and solid financial protection from our company.


As a result we announced in late 2014 that we would ask all of our owners to make their properties bookable online by the end of 2016.  This doesn’t mean you can’t still communicate or negotiate with travelers prior to accepting a booking request, but it does mean that your properties need to be accurately quotable online, calendars need to be maintained, and we need to be able to process the booking through our systems in order to provide the financial guarantees travelers are demanding. 


To incentivize our owners to adopt online booking, we have increasingly been favoring online bookable properties in our sort algorithms.  It is no secret to any of our owners that a higher position in sort leads to more bookings. We are also rewarding listings in sort when they have higher conversion rates – because a listing that rejects most of its booking or inquiry requests is not a good experience for travelers. Most of the travelers who choose to stop using our sites say it’s because they are frustrated by not being able to find a property that is actually available.  This is offset by being able to book the property online so it increases the number of travelers who gravitate to HomeAway listings that are bookable online.  Worst case for our customers and HomeAway:  travelers leave our sites and go to sites where all properties are already required to be online bookable.


Our #1 goal at HomeAway is to drive more bookings to our owners and property managers.   Your success is our success, as it has always been in this business.  Every piece of evidence says that the right way to do this, given the demands of the “new” vacation rental consumer, is to do the following:


  • Provide transparent price and availability data so travelers can get accurate quotes online
  • Back up every transaction with a strong guarantee, instilling trust in new travelers who are unfamiliar with our industry and how it works
  • Invest heavily in brand and online marketing to compete with other travel alternatives such as hotels.  Now that vacation rentals are mainstream and the category is large, we need to work harder than ever to bring in more travelers
  • Protect the rights of owners to rent their homes on a short-term basis.  We are currently fighting battles in dozens of cities and investing millions of dollars to maintain your ability to rent out your home to guests.


So why did we launch a service fee? 

The biggest motivation was to better accomplish the things I’ve mentioned above.  Today, our subscription customers pay us roughly 3% of the revenue we generate for them while our major competitors charge 6-15% (mostly in service fees).  We’ve always been proud to be the lowest cost solution for renting your home.  But we simply can’t provide the level of marketing and service that today’s travelers expect without asking travelers to also pay a fee for the service we provide.


Many owners have asked me if our fee was motivated by greed.  The reality is that we’re re-investing the majority of this money into marketing to bring in more travelers (we nearly doubled marketing spend with the introduction of this fee) and to provide true financial guarantees that can protect and help travelers who have bad experiences from using our sites. And we’re also more than doubling our investment in government relations efforts to continue fighting for the rights of property owners all over the world.


With that said, let me address some of the other things I’ve heard in the letters and posts from our owners and managers:


“The new fee represents double-dipping because we’re charging both the owner and the traveler” – In our marketplace there are two people that benefit: travelers and owners.  Going forward, we are asking both sides to bear some of the cost for the service we provide, and research shows us that travelers do not see the fee as a barrier to booking.


“The combination of the new fee and what you already charge is too much” – We hear you on this.  With the launch of the service fee, we did take down the rates charged to our suppliers for our pay-per-booking listing product (and our subscribers are always welcome to choose that option).  In April we will announce a new long-term plan for subscribers that we believe is more balanced than what we have today.  This will be based on our research leading into the launch, the data we are observing from this launch, and also will include the feedback we’ve been receiving.


“Travelers won’t pay these fees and they will choke off bookings” – I can completely understand this fear, in fact, I had that worry, too.  So we did a lot of research and testing before launching this fee, which is already charged at even higher rates by our two largest competitors in the United States. We’ve processed tens of thousands of bookings in just the last few days with a service fee.  Early data tells us that the fee has not been a meaningful deterrent for travelers making a booking on our sites.  We will be carefully studying how these fees impact bookings at different pricing levels, and adjustments may be made in the coming weeks.  The booking data we’re seeing supports our belief that this fee will not have a meaningful negative impact for the vast majority of our customers.


“By simply calling it a ‘service fee’ on the site the travelers don’t know who is actually charging them.” – The community is right about this and we hear you.  We’ll be adding language to the sites to let travelers know the service fee is being paid to us, and will clearly spell out the extra guarantees that come along with booking online.


“I’m better off dropping online booking, even though it is what you asked me to do.” – Many of you are justifiably concerned that non-online bookable properties now look cheaper on the site.  And you may think switching back to the “old way” will make you more competitive.  I completely understand the point here, but it would not be the right move for your rental business, because the benefits of sort would completely outweigh any short-term benefit of opting out of online booking.  The fact is that all online bookable listings are advantaged in sort order. And our sort algorithms going forward will be incorporating booking history and booking conversion as a factor in determining search position.  Simply put – the more and higher frequency of online bookings you do, the better you’ll perform on our sites over the long term.


I hope this explanation was helpful, and I appreciate that many of you are nervous and still quite concerned.  I also want to acknowledge again that I could have done a better job of communicating our rationale up front. Please know I am listening to your concerns, and we will take them into account as we design our new pricing plan to be announced in April.  And rest assured that if we see a meaningful decline in bookings from the fee, we will make adjustments to get it right.  But at the moment bookings are flowing at a very good pace (consistent with booking volumes before launch of the fee), and I should also note that most of the calls made to customer service have been from owners, not the travelers paying the actual fee.


Please continue to write and provide input. Again I’m sorry I can’t answer everyone’s email personally.  But I will read them and come back in a few days with a post to answer other questions that are consistent from our community.  In the meantime I ask you to please bear with us through these changes and evaluate our service as you always have - based on the business we deliver to you over the next several months and years. 


Thank you,


Brian Sharples

Co-Founder and CEO

In February 2015, HomeAway celebrates its 10th anniversary. Thanks to you, the HomeAway vacation rental marketplace has become the world’s largest, with more than one million listings. In 2014 alone, HomeAway will host more than 800 million website visits and 7 billion page views. We remain totally committed to helping each visitor book the perfect vacation home with you, our valued owners and property managers.


As we look forward to the next two years, our top priority is to enable the listings on our sites with the online booking option. By “online booking option”, we mean that a listing has 1) an accurate calendar and rates table, 2) a booking-request button, 3) a commitment by owners and property managers to respond to reservation requests within 24 hours, and 4) a high acceptance rate of requests for available dates. If the vast majority of listings achieve this, then the traveler experience on HomeAway will compare favorably with the best travel sites on the internet.


This online booking feature is free for travelers and free for subscribers. Starting mid-2015, credit card acceptance will not be a requirement for online bookings; any safe form of payment will be supported. Travelers will continue to have the option to inquire first, by email or phone, and owners and managers may continue to arrange reservations and payments directly with travelers, just as you always have.


We hope owners and property managers will join us in making the vacation rental booking experience the best on the web. If we do, more travelers than ever will find and book the perfect vacation home, and together we’ll grow the industry for years to come.



Your questions – our answers


What does this mean for how owners and managers will interact with guests?

Think of an online booking as a reservation request, with a traveler commitment to pay, that owners and property managers can confirm with a single click. Travelers who use the booking-request button enjoy the speed and convenience of a streamlined reservation process. This does not mean inquiries are going away, and it does not mean transactions via HomeAway sites are required. Travelers may still send inquiries, as they do now. You will still have the option to communicate, book, and pay outside of our system, as you do today. Online booking is simply an additional option, alongside inquiries, that enables travelers to expedite reservation requests.


Will credit card acceptance be required for online booking? Will other forms of payment be allowed?

Credit card acceptance will not be a requirement for online booking. By mid-2015, online booking will work with payments that occur outside of HomeAway websites.

That means owners and property managers can confirm a booking request online and accept payment offline or using another website – for example, by check, bank transfer, or another payment processor. HomeAway will continue to encourage and reward credit card acceptance as the fastest and safest payment method. Most travelers strongly prefer listings that accept both credit cards and offline payments, and we recommend doing both to maximize bookings.


What does online booking cost an owner, property manager or traveler?

Online booking is a free feature of subscription listings. HomeAway does not and will not impose an incremental commission for online bookings on top of a subscription. Alternatively, for non-subscription listings using the pay-per-booking option, the commission is 10%, and this includes online booking. We understand that some owners and property managers are concerned that HomeAway is moving toward a commission-only model, but that is not the case. We remain 100% committed to the commission-free subscription model. Please be aware that owners and property managers who process credit card payments will incur fees, as determined by their payments providers (e.g., Yapstone or a credit card acquiring bank).


May I communicate with travelers before confirming online booking requests?

Property managers and owners will have 24 hours to communicate with travelers and accept or decline booking requests. To ensure a great traveler experience, HomeAway will track the percentage of accepted and rejected traveler requests, and advertisers will lose the booking-request button if requests for available dates are frequently declined. Know that we won’t penalize owners or property managers for turning away travelers that are a bad match for their properties.


Why is HomeAway placing so much emphasis on online booking?

Traveler expectations have evolved, and we need to evolve with them. Today’s shopper expects to buy or book on every site; yet less than half of vacation rental listings feature online booking. Listings that lack online booking burden travelers with an average of 7+ inquiries and 9+ days of exchanges per successful reservation. This results in many problems for travelers, including inaccurate calendars and rates, slow or no response from owners and property managers, and ambiguity about the booking and payment process. When travelers experience these problems, they often abandon vacation rentals entirely. Together, we need to change this.


When surveyed, 92% of vacation rental travelers say they want the option of online booking. Over time, HomeAway, owners and property managers could lose a meaningful number of guests if we don’t adapt to meet their needs.


Why should I adopt online booking now? Don’t I have two years?

The biggest advantage to adopting online booking now is more reservations: on average, listings with online booking generate 100% more in bookings than listings without the online booking option. Another advantage is search position, because online booking is a significant component of your listing quality score. Finally,

subscriptions with online booking will be eligible for distribution on third-party sites like Expedia as this functionality becomes available.

Introducing Mobile Hospitality Manager


Like many owners, I manage a vacation rental and hold down a full time job. I do my best to be proactive about sending information to my customers, but since I book 30-40 weekend stays each year, I have a lot to manage.


Not only do I manage all of the inquiries and booking requests, but I also send a series of emails to each guest with the address, door and gate codes, recommendations and house rules. On average I send five emails per booking. Whew! It’s a lot of work. But not anymore!


Today, HomeAway is releasing the branded version of the Mobile Hospitality Manager, formerly known as “GladOwner.”  We acquired Glad to Have You in March, and we’ve been working hard to get this tool to our customers as quickly as possible.


Mobile Hospitality Manager provides a great guest experience by presenting key information to my guests (directions, access instructions, all of the great info that I’ve gathered on my property and the surrounding area) automatically over the course of a stay.


My favorite part is that the system sends emails from me to my guests depending on the dates of the stay. For example, a few days before the guest arrives, they get my welcome email with tips and how to access the property. On check-out days, the system sends them a thank you with reminders about how to leave the house. Auto-magically!


This kind of automation saves me a huge amount of time and since every email can be customized, I can give my guests a great experience with a personal touch.


But the best part of solution is the mobile app which guests use. I have the usual “binder of info in my property, but the mobile app makes it easier for the traveler to carry all the info about the house and the destination in their pocket (how to use the espresso machine and the hot tub are my top requests!).  The guests use of the app has really reduced the amount of time I spend answering questions like “where is the pool cover key?” or “can you recommend a good winery?”


The feedback from my guests has been outstanding and many folks have been mentioning the app in their reviews.


There are a few hidden gems and details that are worth calling out that I’ve learned from using the app:


  1. The Mobile Hospitality Manager is manageable in the HomeAway mobile app
  2. HomeAway sends an invitation to the app for all ReservationManager and online bookings, but for other bookings (like that repeat guest or your best friend) you need to create a reservation on the calendar and make sure it has a valid email address so that your guest can receive the invitation.
  3. Make sure you put lockbox instructions, door codes, etc. into the app.
  4. The more info you put into the app, the better the experience for your guests. If you don’t add content, HomeAway auto populates the app with info from your listing and makes recommendations based on the location of your property.
  5. If you are already using Glad to Have You, then you can easily export your content for import into the new HomeAway Hospitality Manager.
  6. The app changes for the travelers over the course of a stay. For example, I might give my guest access to the application well in advance of a booking, but the app won’t provide the address and keycode info until 14 days before the stay. And on the day of arrival, the application presents “check-in instructions” and “find my rental” right at the guests’ fingertips. At checkout time, the check-out instructions appear at the top of the app’s view.
  7. You don’t have to guess what the traveler is seeing in the app; you can preview their experience at any time through the “My Guests” tab in the Manager.
  8. I use the “My Guests” view all the time - it tells me when travelers are arriving and what emails are being sent to them as well as the all-important “edit rental access” button and the switch which allows guests to see “access my rental,” “find my rental,” and “driving directions.”

With smartphone (Android and iOS) penetration somewhere between 70-80%, it’s a good bet that at least one of your guests has a smartphone.  And in a recent survey, more than 70% of travelers prefered to access information about their vacation rental stay from a mobile device. If multiple guests in the party, they can each access the app.  Think about your own travel experience: we all use our smartphones when travelling for maps and email - so now your house can have an app!


We are excited to put this into your hands, and so we’ll be rolling it out over the course of August for HomeAway and VRBO customers. Try a mock reservation for yourself to see how it works - we think you and your guests will love it!


Enjoy and as always, keep your ideas and feedback coming!


Tom Hale

HomeAway Chief Product Officer

HomeAway is very excited to announce this morning that we have acquired mobile hospitality app developer Glad to Have You.  The core of their solution is a mobile app that helps vacation rental guests have a great stay by providing them access to useful information about the property they rented and the destination they are visiting. Check out this video for a quick overview. 


HomeAway and Glad to Have You have had a relationship on the property manager front for some time and many of you property managers reading this have likely used their GladProfessional Guest Management system before.  We’re going to continue to enhance and invest in this great product for property managers, and now help expand vacation rental owners’ use of the system.


In the last few months, Glad to Have You launched a new product: GladOwners, targeted at the owner who is managing their own property.  And we’re excited to announce that today; HomeAway customers who are vacation rental owners have access to the service free of charge.


GladOwners and GladProfessional both provide guests a mobile app to access information about their stay and the home they’ve rented.  Once an owner/manager books a guest to stay in a property, the guest can download the app to get:


  • Directions to the property
  • Check-in/check-out procedures
  • Door lock codes 
  • WiFi network information and passwords
  • Smoking/pet policies
  • Local restaurant recommendations, activities, points of interest
  • How-to guides for the home’s tech services (TV, computer, alarm system, etc.)
  • And much, much more


The Glad to Have You app also allow guests to send immediate service and maintenance requests to the owner or manager.  Post-stay, guests cab leave a review of the property as well as photos from their visit in the property’s Digital Guestbook.


The property manager-specific app, GladProfessional, enables property managers to deliver a complete mobile hospitality experience across hundreds of properties and thousands of bookings each year. GladProfessional also provides a version of the mobile app that can be branded with the managers’ company logo. Managers have access to a very detailed dashboard for all of their properties – including the guest contact information, check-in/out times and correspondence history.  The information is then stored within their system to make it easy to continue to reach out to guests both during and after their stay.


The enhanced features and the ability to provide unique service to guests on such a large scale makes GladProfessional very valuable to a manager who can reduce their costs of managing hundreds of bookings, and more than 350 managers are already seeing a great ROI on their investment which can start at only a few hundred dollars per month depending on how many listings managed in his/her inventory. 


HomeAway will continue the high standards of service that have made GladProfessional a hit, and we will be investing in the team and the product to make it even better.  Managers who are interested in learning more about GladProfessional can do so here or call 1-855-Ask-Glad.


If you are an existing customer, check out this FAQ: http://www.gladtohaveyou.com/homeaway-and-glad-to-have-you-acquisition-faq/


GladOwners is much simpler than GladProfessional and is really optimized for less than 10 properties. The app does not have the same level of custom branding or as extensive messaging and analytics capabilities, but is an excellent tool for the owner who is looking to deliver a really professional experience or just making their vacation rental experience stand out.


For owners listing on HomeAway.com and VRBO.com in the U.S., use of the app is completely free.  This is a great benefit for HomeAway customers, considering the price of GladOwners is $99.99/year (or $9.99/month).


HomeAway customers can visit http://www.gladtohaveyou.com/welcome-homeaway-owners/ to learn more about the full capabilities of Glad to Have You, receive a free demo and sign up!


I’ve been using Glad to Have You Owners at my vacation rental. My guests love it because it makes the experience of staying in my house easy and seamless. And I love it because it reduces the amount of work I have to do to deliver an awesome experience by automatically sending welcome, check-in and check-out communications and by being the first place my travelers turn to with a question:


”Where is the key to the pool cover?” or

“What is the best place for sushi nearby?”


While I have all this information in the “black binder” I keep in my home as an information resource, sometimes people don’t find it–and everyone always has their mobile phone with them all the time, no matter where they go.


There were three big surprises for me. The first surprise was that multiple guests download and interact with the app. In my property, which sleeps 8 guests, 4-5 of my guests for each stay downloaded and used it. The second big surprise was how often the guests were using the app. Each one said they checked it a few times a day. Granted, the door and WiFi codes were in the app, but this made me confident that the information was very useful. And when I spoke to my guests, they all loved the convenience of the app.  They loved the extra touches of hospitality that the app provided, like the excellent winery recommendations as well as my selections for the best nearby walks and kid friendly activities.


And I am not alone in loving GladOwner: The property managers we’ve been talking to love the product. And if you are an owner, check out out what vacation rental owner and design professional Tyann Marcink said in her review of the app.  


We are very excited about Glad to Have You: we believe it is going to revolutionize the guest experience. But don’t take our word for it – check it out.


Warmest regards,

Tom Hale, HomeAway Chief Product Officer

I’m very proud to share some news for those who list your properties on VacationRentals.com.  By early summer you will find many new and exciting features on your VacationRentals.com listing that have been developed as a result of your feedback on how we can bring more inquiries and bookings to your vacation rental. 


As a company, VacationRentals.com has a rich history of serving as an excellent source for beautiful vacation homes for families and groups around the globe.  Founded in 1997, VacationRentals.com has made its name as a premier site for our HomeAway family since 2007. 


The enhancements making their way on to the site will provide a new aesthetic for travelers browsing vacation rentals. The site upgrade will have a new owner dashboard and tools for you to update and manage your listings more efficiently. Also of note, we’re enabling more photos and property details and giving you the option to upgrade your subscription level and promote special offers to maximize your property’s exposure.


New Look and Feel


The enhancements will kick off with an all-new site design.  In addition to some aesthetic differences, a prominent change will include a brand new search method and filter options to help travelers quickly find the property that best suits their needs. Travelers will be able to search listings by location, price, availability, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and more. They will also have the ability to create an account so they can save favorite properties and keep track of inquiries.


Make your Listing Stand Out


Starting on March 13, each listing will be able to upload 16 photos, free of charge, to catch the eyes of their prospective guests (once the site is upgraded early this summer, listings will receive 24 free photos). Survey research conducted on our travelers consistently shows photos as one of, if not the highest attractor of visitors to a listing.  Stunning, high-resolution photos can often be a make-or-break factor in whether or not your window shoppers will convert to bookings.


A new aesthetic feature that will be added to your listing is the ability to insert a video of your vacation home for the traveler to view—a compelling way to show off your home in addition to your photos. 


On a personal note, you will be able to add a profile about yourself and the vacation rental.  In addition, you will be able to add nearby points of interest to your listing which can act as a “local’s guidebook,” so to speak, for your vacation rental guests to check out your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, hiking trails or farmer’s market, etc. 


Exposure Options of your Vacation Rental


Completeness and quality is indeed a weighted factor in determining the position of your listing in search results and, in addition to the new travelers you’ll be able to attract thanks to your listing makeover, you will be able to attract even more by choosing between additional exposure options:


  • While the base subscription rate will remain at $199 per year, you can now choose between five subscription levels, placing your listing higher in search results for your vacation rental’s region.
  • Purchase a bundle to add your listing onto HomeAway.com and VRBO.com, and purchase a bundle to expose your property to travelers using our top 15 international vacation rental sites. The traffic to our network of sites average about 800 million people each year, something you may consider taking advantage of.
  • Run special offers on your vacation rental for offseason rates, last minute or special holiday rates, etc.
  • Purchase a featured listing to have your vacation rental highlighted within traveler searches to your region or on the VacationRentals.com home page.


Manage your Vacation Listings More Efficiently


And now on to the nuts-and-bolts portion of the enhancements:  you will continue to manage your VacationRentals.com listings within your new dashboard – but you will also have the opportunity to manage your HomeAway.com and VRBO.com bundled listings from the same location, streamlining any calendar, rates or property detail changes that need to be made.  Listing quality recommendations for how you can improve your listing are also sent through the dashboard, so while you’re logged in you can make note of any improvements to your listing that need to be made.


On the payments side, your VacationRentals.com listing will allow you to include quotable rates, accept online booking from travelers and receive and process payments online in a secure and easy-to-manage method.  As with HomeAway.com online booking, industry-low credit card processing fees and free eChecks will also be available through online booking with VacationRentals.com.


Access to your VacationRentals.com listings will also be accessible through HomeAway's mobile app, so that you can quickly respond to your future guests whether you are at work, walking your dog or perhaps enjoying a vacation rental yourself!





For a detailed rundown of all changes being rolled out over the next few months, please visit our VacationRentals.com info page here: http://www.homeaway.com/info/homeaway/microsite/the-new-vacation-rentals-1.


Thank you for your feedback which allowed us to make these enhancements to better your business and thank you for your support over these now 17 years of VacationRentals.com!


Brian Sharples

HomeAway Co-founder & CEO

[Editors Note: This blog post was updated on 1/27 to address the comments below the post. What follows is the original post, plus an annotation at the end which includes the feedback on individual comments. Thanks!]


History of Quotable Rates


“What are quotable rates?” On each listing, owners and managers set the rental price on their properties; and those rates are published onto the property’s listing.  The listing, along with its rates are presented in search results if a traveler requests an instant quote and enters travel dates when searching. 


Last year we rolled out the first version of quotable rates, enabling owners and managers using HomeAway websites (including VRBO) around the world to present a quote to travelers when they entered dates for a stay.


As of August, more than 50,000 listings have incorporated quotable rates.  However, the process didn’t work for everyone, so we allowed owners and managers to opt out. Since the initial launch, our team has held thousands of conversations with owners and managers about what they want from a quotable rates application and in response to those talks, we spent the first part of this year working on improvements to our rates application. In August of 2013, we started rolling out a new application, and as of today, more than 150,000 listings employ quotable rates. Our approach was measured: we monitored feedback from our owners and managers and tracked the inquiry performance of listings with quotable rates.


As we previously communicated to you, we've taken the final step in making quotable rates the default by removing the ability to switch back to older rates applications.


Therefore, I suggest you budget a couple of hours of time to make the transition to the new rates application, gauge how other properties in the area are priced and consider your competitive pricing strategy.


We have some great resources, including an FAQ, and suggestions on how to make the transition here: http://help.homeaway.com/articles/en_US/Article/Quotable-rates-FAQs?&. And our customer support teams are ready to help educate you on the core concepts of quotable rates.


Why Quotable Rates Are Important For You:


Listings that use the quotable rates application get more inquiries and bookings than listings that do not use quotable rates. Here’s why:


  • Adoption of the application improves sort position; a vital factor for how many times your property is viewed in search results.


  • Quotable rates enable our sites to display pricing in search results, enabling travelers to filter and sort by price to easily find properties in their desired price range.


  • Travelers can also enter dates into search and view prices, which is key because travelers who enter dates are up to four times as likely to inquire on your property than travelers who don’t enter dates.


  • The new rates application enables our systems to also display a price in the search results of our global network of sites (such as HomeAway.com). This means that travelers on other sites get the “best view” of your listing in our search results. Before, our sites couldn’t even quote VRBO listings with unstructured text-based rates (see the image below).


Sonoma_Vacation_Rentals__Houses_for_Rent_in_Sonoma_CA_on_HomeAway__Lodging_in_Sonoma.pngAs you consider setting your rates, keep in mind that the bulk of travelers are not familiar with vacation rentals. Our research shows travelers tend to find complex rate structures and discount plans overwhelming. They require fast and easy price comparisons and become frustrated when they feel price there are hidden fees and opaque policies.


Addressing Your Concerns:


Some of our customers have voiced concerns about quotable rates.  Let me attempt to address those concerns below:


“Quotable rates require online booking and I will not be able to control who books my property

Quotable rates does not require you to adopt “Book it Now.” You can be an owner or manager who works exclusively with inquiries and still use quotable rates. When owners first hear about "Book it Now," some believe that it means that they must accept bookings without ever talking to the traveler and without any control over who gets to stay.


As vacation rental owners ourselves, we realize that interaction between owner and traveler is an important part of the vacation rental experience. Every vacation rental is different, and managers and owners want control over who stays in their property. Plus the personal dimension of vacation rental travel is what sets our industry apart.


“Quotable rates means HomeAway is preparing to force me into a commission model.”

We recently introduced a commission model (AKA pay-per-booking) but it’s up to you to choose which model is best for you. HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples has been clear about the HomeAway strategy: subscriptions are core to HomeAway’s business model.


“Quotable rates means that HomeAway will be giving inaccurate price quotes.”

The rates you quote must be reflective of what you intend to charge. That’s why the rates application includes concepts like seasonal rates, event rates, damage deposits, taxes, fees and rate breaks. We include pricing per person and increased rates for weekend nights (and for however you define weekends).


However, in talking to our customers we learned we cannot solve for every case. It would make the rate application unusable and overly complex. So while we kept it simple and you can note special cases via the notes field – just as you always have on HomeAway sites. For example, if you have a higher security deposit for larger groups, or a rate break for stays of 11 days or more, or give an free day for stays of 6 nights, or charge a different rate for children than adults, put it in the notes. 


You can still talk to your customers before they book with you. You can find out if you need to discount to close the sale, or if you need to charge an extra fee because they are bringing a large dog. As in the past, you are in control.


“Quotable rates requires a lot of work to set up.”

Depending on the complexity of your rates and the seasonality of your market, setting rates can take some time. However, once you have set up your quotable rates, the quote tool in Reservation Manager can generate quotes for travelers and attach it to your inquiry response. You do not have to adopt payments or "Book it Now" to use the quote tool.


In closing:

It takes time and effort to adapt to new systems. But because the listings that have adopted rates have seen increases in inquiries and bookings, we believe it’s worth it to you. And our support team is standing by 24/7 to help you through the transition.


We know that bringing travelers to your vacation rental is the core value we deliver to you. But as the vacation rental industry grows and expands, we can’t stand still: we have to ensure our marketplace is the best to bring you those customers.


As always, your feedback, and comments are welcome.


Thank you,

Tom Hale

HomeAway Chief Product Officer


>>>>>> Updated content from 1/27/2014 to address feedback from comments below:


Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment on this blog post

We appreciate all of the comments and feedback: there are many good suggestions and ideas here. I want to take a few moments to a) let you know what our next steps are with regards to the rate application; b) address some of the comments here; and c) request that you direct feature requests and comments to this thread.


We are definitely listening to you, and for those of you feeling frustration, we are working on your behalf to advance our rates application to better meet your needs. However, it’s important to note that there are many owners who have successfully adopted quotable rates.  As of today, we have over 230,000 listings with quotable rates across all HomeAway sites and we are adding several thousand each week. In January alone we’ve added another 34K listings to quotable rates. Source: HomeAway internal reports.


Special cases and exceptions

There are still owners who have special requirements. For those owners, we suggest you use the notes and description fields to communicate your discounts, rate breaks, or special offers that are not currently supported by quotable rates. While this workaround of placing a comment in your notes or listing description for special cases is imperfect, it does allow us to solve for a wide range of variability in pricing models, pricing strategies, and special cases. 


Pricing is important

We know that pricing your property is a critical factor in your vacation rental success and that there are as many approaches to using pricing to distinguish your property from your competition as there are owners.  While we believe we solved for the majority of approaches to pricing with seasonal and event rates, flexible weekend definition, per person pricing, weekend, weekly and monthly price breaks, customizable fees and discounts that can be marked taxable or non taxable, changeover days, payment terms, calculated taxes and other features, there are some owners who must use the notes field to explicate their pricing or promotional strategy.


You can see from this google query (site:vrbo.com "quotable rates" -inurl:help) some of the strategies users are employing to communicate pricing offers outside of quotable rates. As of 1/27, Google counts ~100 listings on VRBO which include the phrase “quotable rates” in their notes or description, and most of these listings are accommodating for some special edge case. However, with nearly 117,000 listings on VRBO with quotable rates today, this is less than .1% of owners.  While a significant majority of our customers are making quotable rates work for them without having to note exceptions, even this relatively small number is worthy of our attention and focus. This is not meant to be an exact count, but it does give you a sense of the number of owners who are using this workaround.


Test your rates, please!

As a side note, if you do move to quotable rates, we encourage you to take a very active role in determining if the rate quote engine is pricing your property the way you want.  Please take advantage of the “test rates” function so that you can see how the system is generating quotes for you. One of the reasons quotable rates triggers strong reactions from owners is because pricing is so important. So take the time to test your rates by entering dates and seeing what the system is quoting for you.


We measure traveler behavior

It’s also very important to realize that we are looking at traveler behavior across millions of site visits and hundreds of thousands of listings, and as a matter of course, we A/B test our features to determine which implementation drives more inquiry and booking behavior. We are passionately committed to doing the absolute best job we can for you, and we use data to measure and optimize our sites to maximize your return. We are your partners, and we work very hard for you.


As we’ve studied quotable rates, we continue to see that properties with quotable rates are generating upwards of 20% more inquiries than those without because of a combination factors including sort order, listing quality, and high intent travelers sorting and filtering by price. Source: HomeAway internal reports, listings in the classic tier only on all HomeAway, inc sites.


Given that we implemented quotable rates primarily at the request of travelers who were frustrated by the difficulty of sorting and filtering by price, as well as the inefficiency and opacity of vacation rental pricing, we are encouraged by these results. But we also recognize that for those of you with particular rates concerns, learning that your competition is generating more inquiries because they have successfully adopted quotable rates may not be particularly welcome news.


But here’s a ray of light for you, as some new capabilities are already under development – and we’ve prioritized the ones we’ve heard about most frequently from our community.


Here’s the list of features currently under development for release in Q1:


  • Updating calculation for weekly and monthly rates
  • Reducing the steps to save a rate plan by removing the requirement to “test rates” before saving
  • Adding 60 and 90 nights as minimum stay options for longer term rentals
  • Adding children to count as part of per person rate plans (a common request on this thread)
  • Aligning the max guest count for per person rate plans with your maximum occupancy for your listing


As we look ahead, we’re also planning the following features, though these will likely take longer than Q1 to implement:


  • Additional tools to create price breaks based on length of stay
  • Additional fees that a traveler can opt into (such as pool heating fees, etc)
  • Fees based on length of stay (eg, a $5 per night fee for internet)


Specific feedback for commenters

With that, I’d like to move to some of the requests on this thread. If you have additional requests about rates, please add them on the main rates thread here.


@eastcoaster – I am glad that I was able to get your old rate cards to you so that you could quickly create your rates in our new quotable rates application. Congrats on getting your listings on Quotable Rates.


@bygeorge – please note that we allow up to 52 separate seasonal and up to 12 event rates. The average quotable rate card has 8 seasons or event rates, so your requirement for four seasons should be able to be met with quotable rates. You can have different rates, minimum stays, and per additional guest fees by season. That way, you can charge a different additional guest fee for high, shoulder, and low seasons. If you need help setting this up, private message me and I’ll get you in touch with someone to help you.


@echo and @mrmooper  clearwatercabin – thanks for the request to count children in calculation for per person fees. This feature is currently under development.


@ann12345  Every member of C-team owns and manages their own property, and a few of us manage multiple properties. It’s very clear to us that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to vacation rentals, so we do our best to accommodate the variety of property types, sizes, seasons, approaches to renting, and owners. It is important to realize that travelers do ask us for the ability to sort and filter listings by price. We do recognize that no two properties are the same, the cost of a vacation rental stay is a critical variable in making a decision on which property to stay in.


@marshall we send newsletters out to all owners, unless that owner has unsubscribed from our email communications. If you want to keep up-to-date on changes and developments in our product, I might suggest you visit the “product updates” group. From there you can subscribe to that group and get notified whenever anything is posted there OR you can direct your email client or RSS reader to get regular updates.


@judis  You wrote “You guys are trying to make this a 'cheap tickets' or hotels.com type site”. I am not sure exactly what you mean by this. However, we are responding to traveler desires to be able to efficiently and quickly find the right property for their trip, and a big part of that is knowing the cost of a stay.


@bwine You wrote “We should be able to opt out and respond with our own quotes”. There is nothing stopping you from responding with your own quotes. However, we are committed to the course of moving to quotable rates. You might address your concern that smaller parties do not know they can rent only a portion of your property by communicating this in the description or headline.


@ susaninrehoboth You requested “space for notes under each section of quotable rates”. Is your request for more notes in the rates table or in the detailed quote itself? We did test longer text in the detailed quote (the “popup window which shows the line items for a quote”) and it reduced conversion. We believe this is because there is a limit to how much text travelers are willing to read. Private message me if you want to continue the conversation. 


@ margaret you wrote “at 30 days the rate quote is grossly inflated. I have been told this is the way it has been programed to calculate.” Long stay rates are tricky. The way that it works today is that if if you set a monthly rate (of say $6000) AND the traveler is requesting a stay of 30 days or more, the rates engine divides the monthly rate by 30 to create a nightly rate of $200, and then multiplies by the number of nights the traveler is requesting, so long as it is greater than or equal to 30 nights. This works well for 30 day months and 31 day months (January, March, May, July, August, October, and December) For the longer months, if you choose the nightly rate you want for a 30 day stay (say the $200 per night in the example of a monthly rate of $6000) the quotable rates engine will calculate the right price for a 31 day stay, that is 31 * $200, which is the correct price. However, this does not work for February. As a workaround, you might consider create a seasonal rate for January 31 – Feb 28, set a 28 day minimum stay (if you only want to rent months) and set the exact price you want for a 28 day stay.  


As a side note, the quotable rates engine calculate a stay that is longer than a week and shorter than a month by multiplying the number of nights * the average nightly rate for your week rate for that season. For example, if you enter a weekly rate of $1400/week, when someone asks for a 22 night stay, the rate engine will calculate as follows: the average nightly rate for a week is $1400 divided by 7 nights = $200 a night. For a 22 night stay, this would equal $200 * 22 = $4400. For the sake of history, Quotable Rates version 1 allowed per night pricing to be set with discounts for ANY length of stay. However, the vast majority of owners created rate breaks at 1 week and 30 days, so we adopted that in the name of simplicity.


@gdebba You mentioned that you have to have a weekly minimum (from an HOA?) but often rent nightly rentals. We have heard of other properties that have to advertise a weekly minimum but want to sell nightly. I might suggest you prominently feature a message (in your headline, description, and “more info” about rates) that travelers should contact you for shorter stays. 


Wrapping it all up, resources, and a webinar on rates

In conclusion, I want to thank everyone again for their comments and feedback. Pricing is critical to your success, and rates are just a mechanism to help you present your best price to a prospective traveler. We’re trying hard to strike a balance between giving you the flexibility you need, giving travelers what the efficiency of a price quote, and not making the rates application too complex for the vast majority of users. And we are committed to working hard for you to improve quotable rates.


In the meantime, we have some great resources that can explain the basics of quotable rates here. If there is specific information that isn't explained or you would like to know about, let us know.

We will be holding a webinar to go over that strategy and tactics of quotable rates on Friday 1/31.  If you want to join, the info is below:

Friday, January 31, 2014
3pm-4pm CST

You can sign up here:


As a final note, I’d like to direct everyone to this thread about “feature requests” here. That’s where you should direct your feature requests for quotable rates as we’re using that as a tracking thread. We will no longer be accepting comments on this thread.

I’ve blogged previously about the rise of phishing in the vacation rental industry (What is Phishing? And Why It's Important to You...).  The situation hasn’t gotten better: bad guys continue to target our customers and too often successfully access our owner’s personal email accounts and use them to steal from your guests.  Phishing remains a serious problem on the internet in general and is a particular threat to vacation rental owners who do not educate themselves on how to securely protect their email accounts.


We at HomeAway work hard to create a secure marketplace for the vacation rental business we participate in and love.  After listening to much feedback on the subject from you, our customers, HomeAway is proud to introduce a more secure way for you to communicate with travelers who inquire on HomeAway.com and VRBO.com about your vacation rental properties. 


HomeAway has developed an email exchange process that displays an anonymous view of your email address to the traveler and the inquiring traveler’s email address to you.  The message is privatized and will be addressed from an email alias ending in “@messages.HomeAway.com.” You can continue to reply to inquiries through your email account, or if you wish, you can reply through the owner dashboard, where you can always view the entire conversation history for each guest.  Once in the owner dashboard, you can view the traveler’s email address. 


All inquiries will be sent through HomeAway’s system to help protect your email account from identity theft (phishing) and to keep someone who has successfully phished your email account from seeing the traveler’s email address and trying to communicate with them as you.  After talking with many owners, we believe this will have a minimal impact on the way you conduct business as it is also a practice you are likely familiar with through other websites such as LinkedIn or Etsy.  Remember, at any time, you can access the traveler’s email address within your dashboard.  You also can choose to conduct the conversation within your personal email inbox once you receive the inquiry through your dashboard. But keep in mind, if you copy and paste the email address into a new email using your email provider, any bad guy who has phished your account can see it, too. 


Please note that we do not recommend giving travelers your email address, as the conversation will no longer be protected.


In addition to providing an extra level of security to your traveler interactions, this new feature enables you to keep your traveler communications in the same location as your reservation tools, calendar, rates, quotes and payment requests.  And, all of your correspondence is also stored within your dashboard for convenient access to your conversations with travelers.


We understand that the new process may take a period of adjustment before we are all used to it. However, security is paramount in this business and the protection of potential travelers and the education of our owners as to how bad people can hurt good people like you is an extremely high priority for HomeAway.  Thank you to all of our customers who provided us with the input to develop the service that we hope will help you and HomeAway provide the best and most professional experience in the industry to travelers.  


If you have additional questions on this new feature and would like to familiarize yourself on communication best practices, please visit the HomeAway Security Center: http://www.homeaway.com/info/security?Owners/Owner-Best-Practices.



Carl Shepherd

Co-founder and Chief Strategy and Development Officer


HomeAway Goes Luxe

Posted by brian.sharples Oct 30, 2013

Luxe_Screenshot.jpgIt's been a super busy month for our business as we announced the launch of our pay-per-booking platform as well as a distribution partnership with Expedia. And today, we've got more exciting info to share with you all…


In an effort to broaden our appeal to a more exclusive group of travelers, and to give some of you more targeted exposure for your luxury property, today we launched a new site geared toward high-end vacation rentals - Luxury Rentals from HomeAway. Luxury travel is one of the fastest growing travel segments in the world, with more than a third of luxury vacationers planning to travel more in 2014, according to research.  Our hope is to provide the ultimate resource for travelers looking to stay in truly exceptional vacation accommodations.


The decision to create this site is not a departure from our current business strategy to be the most complete vacation rental marketplace in the world; however, we hope that by having a site tailored to a particular travel segment, we're able to provide additional visibility for and deliver more qualified inquiries to those in the luxury category, and improve the search experience for travelers seeking high-end vacation accommodations.


The luxury travel experts at Andrew Harper curated the collection on our behalf by developing a strict, 75-point screening process to admit only the most luxurious homes to the site. We're adding new properties regularly, and are proud to have a diverse selection homes on the new site. I invite you to please take a look! 




There are some changes happening at HomeAway and as our valued customers, we want to make sure you hear about it from us first.


In an effort to provide more choice to new and existing customers in how they market their vacation rental properties, this week, we introduced a new performance-based model we call “pay-per-booking.” With pay-per-booking, customers pay a 10% fee on each reservation instead of an upfront annual subscription fee (starting at $349) to advertise their home on HomeAway.com.  While subscriptions are best for homeowners or property managers with year-round rentals and offer the highest return on investment, pay-per-booking is generally recommended for short-season and event rentals that rent for fewer than six weeks per year.


While subscriptions will likely be the best option for most of you, if you decide pay-per-booking makes more sense for your individual situation, please note you will have to wait until your current subscription expires in order to switch models. However, if you’ve been toying with the idea of renting out an additional property, now’s the time to try it out – without spending a penny until you get results! 


Today we’re so happy to announce the launch of the new HomeAway® Vacation Rentals mobile app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, supporting VRBO®, HomeAway.com®, HomeAway.co.uk™, Abritel®, and HomeAway.de™ / FeWo-Direkt®. I am especially proud of the new app because we listened to you and it’s built upon your feedback and designed  to meet both owner and traveler needs.

As an owner, have you ever wished you could respond to a traveler inquiry while checking your phone under the table during a meeting? Ever wished you could mark your calendar as up-to-date when you're in line at the grocery store? Have you ever wanted to call a traveler while you're traveling and book them right after you get off the phone?

For owners, the app makes it quick and easy to do all those things, and more, to help you manage your vacation rental while on-the-go. Everything you do on your phone also updates your owner dashboard. You can:

  • Respond to inquiries quickly using templates from your owner dashboard;
  • Manage the calendar for your property, including for multiple properties or units;
  • Send a quote to travelers right from your phone with pre-populated quotes from your owner dashboard;
  • Send a payment request from your device when you're ready to book;
  • Check a traveler's payment status right from the calendar reservation;
  • Call potential guests directly from an inquiry or calendar event from wherever you are.


We worked really hard to develop high-quality owner features that you can use every day. It's not everything (we haven’t tackled the ability to buy a subscription or edit a listing…yet), but we’re happy to provide the things you use constantly to manage your business with HomeAway.


The new app is not limited to the U.S., either. We made a concerted effort to support everyone interacting with us on our five biggest sites around the world. Owners and property managers can now use the new HomeAway mobile app if you’re enrolled in ReservationManager with listings on HomeAway.com, VRBO, HomeAway.co.uk, Abritel.fr, and FeWo-Direkt.de. If you are a traveler in the U.S., United Kingdom, France or Germany, you can also use the app to search for and book the perfect vacation rental from a selection of 575,000 unique houses, villas, and even castles and yurts, from around the world.


ss 1.pngss 2.pngss 3.png


If you're a traveler, we understand your life can be hectic. Between soccer practice, baseball games and piano recitals, it can be hard to find time to book a vacation rental for your upcoming getaway. With the HomeAway Vacation Rentals mobile app, you can search for and find the perfect vacation rental for the perfect price. You can share properties with your friends and family from your phone via email, text or social networks. Additionally, you can also save the properties you love as a favorite and contact an owner on your phone with a call or an inquiry. It's the perfect searching tool for your vacation: quick and easy so you can be where you need to be for the important things.


How does it work?

As an owner, you can login to the app using your dashboard login information on the “Sign In” screen.


ss 4.png


After you sign in, you will be taken to your inbox. From here you can respond to inquiries in your inbox, send quotes and send payment requests.


ss 5.png

If you tap on an inquiry, you can respond to the traveler and tell them if your property is available or unavailable with just a few taps.


ss 6.png


Just push the Reply button, select the “Available” or “Unavailable” option, and tap the “Send” button in the top right-hand corner.


ss 7.png


You can also attach a quote by tapping the “Add Quote” button. We pull down an auto-populated quote for you from your dashboard so you don’t have to fill everything out. After you’ve made your changes, you can save the quote and send it with your response.


ss 8.pngss 9.png



If you toggle over to the calendar view, you can view your reservations on a monthly basis and select reservations to get more information or contact your guests.


ss 11.png

From here, you can tap on a reservation to view information about the traveler, including the traveler’s paid or unpaid status. You can also call the guest or send a message directly while on the same screen.


ss 12.png



As a traveler, you can quickly and easily search for properties at your vacation destination right from the home screen.


ss 13.png


You can also sign in by pressing the “Sign In” button in order to access your Favorites. You will be taken to the same “Sign In” screen above. From there, you can use your website login information to sign in, or sign in via Facebook®. After you login, you can view and add to your favorite vacation rentals in the “Favorites” section.


ss 14.png


If you'd like to share a property with friends and family, select that property and press the “Favorite” button. You'll see a “Share” button that you can use to send a link to that property from your phone.


ss 15.png


When you're ready to contact an owner, just select a property and press the “Contact Owner” button.


ss 16.png


You can download the application by clicking on this link: http://appstore.com/homeawayvacationrentals/


If you are a user in the UK, France and Germany, you can also find the app by searching for “HomeAway UK”, “Abritel” and “FeWo” in the App Store, respectively.


Enjoy using the new HomeAway Vacation Rentals app for iOS, and make sure to send us your thoughts and feedback through the “Feedback” section of the app!


For more information, you you can read the release here.


Tom Hale

Chief Product Officer

Yesterday, we announced an agreement for HomeAway’s 19th acquisition, proudly welcoming travelmob™, a new company serving Asian travelers and property owners/managers, to our company.  (I know what you’re thinking; the “t” is intentionally lower case, and not the result of a typo.) Founded by Turochas (“T”) Fuad and Prashant Kirtane (“PK”) in 2011, travelmob has grown to over 14,000 listings and supports transactions in 13 currencies.  And it is published in 8 languages:  Bahasa, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese and English. All that in just a little over a year--and they’re just getting started. 


Like so many entrepreneurs before them—like Hunter Melville and Dave Bollinger at CyberRentals, or Dave and Lynn Clouse at VRBO—T and PK decided to start a company focused on making it easier for travelers, to find, book, and enjoy unique lodging alternatives to hotels because they personally love traveling this way.  They wanted to bring this industry to Asia, where they live and have families.  It’s this passion for the region, the industry and their technology and business acumen that attracted HomeAway to travelmob. 

travelmob is focused on Asia, a region of the world where opportunity is often characterized as limitless, but where in fact accommodations and lodging options like “traditional” vacation rentals—i.e., dedicated second homes offered by their owners through either property managers or directly by owner—are one of the newer accommodation options sought after and available to Asian travelers. 

The concept of vacation rentals as those of us in the US and Europe think of them—dedicated second homes, owned by families for their personal use as well as rental to others—is relatively new in Asia.  Unlike the US and EU, where the industry is, approximately 60 to 100-years-old, the industry in Asia is being formed and developed in the 21st century as more than 100 million Asians enter the middle class each year.  Travel and second home ownership are only two of the things these newly minted consumers will want to experience, and economists believe there is growing demand for both.  While in the past Europeans and Australians have shown significant interest for second homes in Southeast Asia, we are now increasingly seeing the purchasers of villas, condos and resort properties are from Asia.

Travel  is growing fast—and travelmob’s goal is to find and offer to travelers the inventory Asian’s want. Unlike the other HomeAway websites you’re familiar with, travelmob’s listings fall across a wider spectrum— ranging from luxury villas, urban apartments, houseboats to private rooms in guest houses, and even including shared spaces in primary homes.  This strategy works well in Asia, but that does not mean you should expect to see shared spaces and individual private rooms on your favorite HomeAway website although we already offer, through a pre-existing partnership with travelmob, a growing number of traditional vacation homes—about 3,000 today—that they share with us.    

So if you’re traveling to Asia, we hope you and your friends and family can discover the vast beauty of the Asia Pacific region, where you can stay in a guest house in India, a Ryokan in Japan, or even a downtown apartment in Jakarta, and fully embrace the local experience that’s found with HomeAway.

At the HomeAway Summit this past weekend, owners and managers gathered in Scottsdale Arizona to connect, learn, and share with each other and HomeAway employees. We'll be posting the presentations and a wrap up in the coming days.


Brian Sharples held forth on the evolution of the vacation rental industry, and Brent Bellm shared some awesome market research, while HomeAway employees and vacation rental experts shared best practices on topics ranging from social media marketing and online security to new HomeAway products. Everyone made new friends, toasted old ones, networked and kibitzed. There was even an impromptu “ideas” panel pulled together by spirited Summit attendees to generate ideas for enhancements and improvements to HomeAway’s service.


On Saturday, teams of HomeAway engineers and product managers showed off some “fresh from the lab” ideas for products in the Sneaks session. A hybrid of American Idol and a Hackathon, the Sneaks are always a popular session at the summit. The teams pitch their ideas, and the audience votes with their applause to select a winner. Some of these features are live right now so go ahead and give them a spin! (Insider Guides and the iOS Mobile App)


Sneaks are real time market feedback for HomeAway and a chance for owners and managers to influence our roadmap of coming releases.  After each demo, the Applause-o-meter was put up on the screen to measure how the audience felt about each team’s efforts. We pay close attention to which sneaks get the most applause - so the audience yelled, stomped their feet, and jumped up and down for their favorite features.


sneaks.pnglive demos.pngapplausometer.png


After the 2012 sneaks, four of nine sneaks were released as products – Automating reservations via online booking, Traveller screening via profilesfiltering and searching on VRBO, and the mobile owner app have all made their way out to owners and managers.  A fifth sneak, “fighting phishing” is nearing beta, while the others are still over the horizon. 


In 2013, two of the sneaks are available today for you to try out. See below if you want to get an Insider Guide on your listing or get our new iOS mobile app (it works for VRBO, HomeAway, and HomeAway UK) that enables you to manage you calendar, inquiries, reply with quotes, and send payment requests.


Here’s the list of 2013 sneaks and presenters:


  • The VRBO team (Melissa, Paul, and Kirk) showed how the VRBO traveler site optimizes the experience across iPads, Iphones, Android Phones, Android Tablets, and devices of every size and shape
  • Matt of the HomeAway Traveler team illustrated a way to view the properties that are the most popular with travelers, with HomeAway Leaderboard,
  • Kate showed how Panoramic 360 photographs (see an example here) enable owners to really show off their properties
  • Dustin, leader of the HomeAway Traveler Team, created an Insider Guide revealing a new way to market your properties and provide your guests with information for their stay (learn how you can add an Insider Guide here)
  • Dave from the mobile team showed how owners can manage their inquiries, calendars, and bookings from their iphone. Learn how to get the mobile app here.
  • Patrick, Tim, and Michael of the social team showed a way for potential guests to learn if they know anyone who has stayed at or reviewed your property, increasing trust for reviews
  • Jason and Patrick of Glad to Have You showed a vision for how mobile apps and home automation from BeHome247 can make for hassle-free stays and save money
  • Jacy, product manager for HomeAway owner tools, showed masked email addresses, unlimited templates, and attachments as part of a new Inbox could make your lives easier while helping secure the vacation rental marketplace.


It was too close to call a single winner, so the judges awarded a three-way tie to Panoramas, Home Automation, and the Inbox. It was a great session, and thank you to everyone who participated for all of their hard work, creative ideas, and energetic pitches.


Most of the sneaks were future concepts, fresh from the lab. But two of the products that were sneaks are live today!


If you want to create an Insider Guide like these (standalone guides here: vrbo.com and homeaway.com; and how they appear on listings on vrbo.com and homeaway) simply follow the instructions here for HomeAway owners or these ones for vrbo owners. Or just check out some of the awesome guides below:



Guide to Honokeana Cove in West Maui

Guide to to San Francisco and East Bay

Guide to Ilmington and the surrounding area

Guide to Greater San Diego

And if you want to start managing your VRBO, HomeAway, or HomeAway UK listing from your iPhone, open up itunes, and search on "homeaway vacation rentals" or learn how to get it here. Or if you are reading this on a mobile device, go here.


We hope to see you next year at the summit!




Introducing Insider Guides

Posted by thale Apr 25, 2013

Today, we’re very happy to announce the immediate availability of Insider Guides. Launched in partnership with Gogobot, this new, free product enables vacation rental owners and managers to create custom online guides that enable authentic, local experiences for travelers.


Most of us are familiar with the binder of “things to do, nearby restaurants, and helpful information” found in almost every vacation rental in the world.  Because owners and managers are familiar with the property and the area, they can save travelers time, point them at the best restaurants, and highlight hard to find “off-the-beaten-path” experiences that really make a vacation rental stay special.


However, the binder approach does have a few drawbacks. They take a lot of work to assemble, usually involving printouts, or menus, or handwritten notes and maps. They are hard to keep up-to-date as new restaurants and attractions open (or close).  Your guests can’t see it before they arrive or access it on a smartphone because the guides are not online.


Insider Guides make it easy to build a visually compelling, online guide that is rich with information (like addresses and locations) and enhanced with reviews submitted by one of the most passionate travel communities on the planet:  the 2.5 million-strong Gogobot community.


What is an Insider Guide? 

There are two key elements to an Insider Guide: The first is a list of points of interest (POI) on your VRBO.com or HomeAway.com listing. These POIs have thumbnail photos, distance to your property, and your star ratings and reviews. All POIs are displayed on your map creating a quick and easy way for you to market your property and the activities, attractions, and restaurants around it. This is designed to entice travelers with exciting and fun attractions and search engines with SEO-friendly reviews. See the screenshot below to see how POIs appear on your listing or visit a listing on VRBO.com or HomeAway.com.


The second is the Insider Guide itself. On this page, there is more information about each place (the address, for example), larger photos, and more interactive and social features. This guide is designed for the traveler to use when planning their stay or while they are on vacation.


Travelers can view the Insider Guide on a mobile device, tablet or PC, or download it into the Gogobot iOSor Androidsmartphone app. There are map views, a print view (very handy for your binder!), and options for travelers to create their own trip plan or share it with friends or fellow travelers.

The screenshots below show the various views of the Insider Guide or see an example of one here <link>


List View:



Map View:



Mobile Version:



Creating a Guide

Creating a guide is simple. As an owner or a manager, you simply head to the listing editor in your dashboard to get started.


Dashboard View:




Once you’ve named your guide and uploaded a photo, you can quickly add places from Gogobot’s extensive database, write your own review, provide your own ratings, or upload photos.  Only your ratings and reviews will show up on your listing - so make sure you take the time to add your personal and local knowledge. Gogobot built this part of the product, and it’s really slick because they provide you with suggestions that can really get your creative juices going.


Since there is no one who knows your property quite as well as you do - each guide is as unique and special as you make it. Some owners and managers will curate a list of popular attractions, while others will add “off the beaten path” attractions like the blueberry patch, flea market, coffee shop, or hike. These unique and special attractions are what unlock the deep local knowledge that will make for truly delightful and relevant experiences - which in turn will result in great reviews, happy travelers, and more bookings.


How can you take advantage of an Insider Guide?

Once you’ve created your guide, it’s up to you to determine when to share it with your guests.  Some of you will include it in all of your communications from your first inquiry response onward. Others will want to provide the link to travelers only after booking. We’ve provided a helpful “shortcut link” to make it easy to embed the link into your inquiry or ReservationManagerresponse templates or any email you send to your guests.


Not only does an Insider Guide allow you to market your property, but it also reduces the time you have to spend answering those frequent questions guests always ask: where is the nearest grocery store? What activities do you recommend? What are the best restaurants? With an Insider Guide, the answer is simple: check the link!


How do I get started?

You can get started building your guide right now. Many owners and managers have already started (see below for some examples) so don’t delay.  Here are a few tips: Make sure you add reviews and ratings! Use the photos that Gogobot provides, or add your own for that personal touch. Send it to your friends who live in the area to get them to comment. And best of all, since you have a VRBO.com or HomeAway.com listing, Insider Guides are included free of charge.  


Here are some resources to help you create a great Insider Guide:




And here are some examples to inspire you:



Enjoy creating your Insider Guide, and make sure you send us your thoughts and feedback!

Tom Hale

Chief Product Officer

As you probably know, HomeAway’s mission has always been to make finding and booking a vacation rental as easy as booking a hotel. With our latest product release, I believe we’ve made great strides towards achieving that goal and am pleased to announce the introduction of online booking on HomeAway.com and VRBO.com.


With online booking, travelers have the convenience of paying securely online, and the booking process is more streamlined for both you and your guests. While we are aware that this particular release isn’t a “win” in the innovation category, it is a relatively new offering in the vacation rental industry and will indeed be a game changer for some guests.  


As we’ve posted in the past, the Internet has fundamentally changed the way we do business. We demand speed and convenience, and the ability to pay online by credit card makes booking a vacation quicker and easier. Plus, it enables travelers to finance vacations, accrue credit card reward points and feel confident in their purchase. Online booking delivers this to the vacation rental category.


Because we know conversations between owners and travelers are so important to the reservation process (in fact, 70% of travelers said it was the best part), we made sure to include a review period so there’s time to answer any questions they have about the property or questions you have of them. 

The product is an extension of ReservationManager™, which enables you to accept credit card payments and eChecks through our secure interface. Online booking is a free service, but because we understand you demand choices in terms of how you want to manage your rental business, it is not automatically added to your listing. However, you can easily sign up through the owner dashboard


The Nuts and Bolts of How it Works


With online booking, prospective renters click the “Book It” button on a listing, which instantly generates a detailed quote and enables travelers to agree to your rental contract (which you store ahead of time).  Travelers then submit their payment information directly from your listing and you are notified about the request. You have up to 24 hours to accept or decline it.


When you accept a reservation, the payment is processed immediately and your availability calendar is updated accordingly. Any additional payments are automatically scheduled and invoiced, reducing the manual work involved with confirming a guest.


If you aren’t able to confirm a booking within the 24-hour period, ReservationManager will automatically decline the reservation request and the traveler will not be charged.


To learn more, check out the video below:




Again, while it’s not a required service, I highly encourage you to take a look at the product and see if it’s for you.  We know travelers want a simpler, easier way to book a vacation home and online booking solves that problem. Ultimately, we believe it is the right choice to delight travelers, simplify the booking process for you, and make the entire vacation rental category more efficient and competitive.  As always, we welcome your feedback.

Over the last couple of days, I was (as I’m sure many of you were) glued to the television with much anticipation to see how Hurricane Sandy, appropriately named “Frankenstorm,” would play out.  After ripping through the Caribbean, the storm barreled straight up the east coast and in the last 48 hours, made a hard left turn right into Atlantic City. 


According to our count, there were 13 states in Hurricane Sandy’s path, causing the destruction of countless homes and businesses all over the east coast. 


News reports have revealed many travelers have been stranded due to transportation cancellations to and from the northeast, and thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes until the roadways are cleared and once again safe for passage.  


Everyone said this was going to be an epic storm, and sure enough, it was.  However, now that the worst of Hurricane Sandy is over, and the sun has once again started shining on the beautiful coastline, it’s time to start assessing the damage and figuring out what we can do to help.  


As we’ve done with previous disasters like the Bastrop, Texas Fires, Gulf Coast Oil Spill and Flooding in Vermont, we’re creating a directory of homes that are available to assist the evacuees in need of temporary housing.


While we know this isn’t feasible for everyone, we’re looking to those of our customers, whose vacation rentals were not damaged, to help provide shelter for their displaced neighbors in the way of complimentary or heavily discounted stays in your properties.


We know this is a sensitive time for everyone near the storm’s path, but if you would like to support the recovery effort by donating your home, you can do so by clicking here.


We really appreciate your compassion and generosity in this great time of need.


Our sincerest thank you,


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