As I blogged about last time, I am in the very beginning stages of a kitchen remodel. The last couple of weeks have been spent seeking cabinets.


Step one was to figure what kind of kitchen cabinets I would want to purchase and install. I found is the price and quality are all over the map—from the basic to the high-end designer. While I would never install Ikea cabinetry in my primary residence, I didn’t rule out Ikea completely. My husband and I went to Ikea and looked at their kitchen cabinets. I have to say I was quite impressed with the look and function of their stuff. They have a lot of different add-ons to explore. But looking more closely, their cabinets, while faced with real wood are mostly made up of MDF or particle board. Since this particular condo is located on the beach, I am not too sure how particle board would hold up to the moisture and humidity.  But the one thing about Ikea that cannot be beat is their price. This project can be done on a real tight budget and it would look good and be very functional. But do I want to sacrifice quality for price? It is a rental after all. And lastly the cabinets come in flat boxes completely unassembled. Tack on the shipping costs and the extra labor to assemble and it might not be worth. I’m going to have to do some research on this one!


Next we went to Home Depot and Lowes to check out their cabinetry options. We found they both have something in all price ranges and quality. Ikea beat out Home Depot and Lowes both in the “price” category by a long shot! If we decide to go with a lower quality cabinet, then we will for sure buy them at Ikea. If however we decide to go with an upgraded quality, Home Depot or Lowes would be in the running.


While watching a show on HDTV there was mention of a cabinetry shop online. So I quickly went online and found them. The company is called  Their prices seem to be about half those of Home Depot and Lowes and the quality is similar to the middle to . I spoke with a design consultant over the phone and had them send a sample to me. The kicker is these cabinets are built in Minnesota and then shipped (shipping is free).  Coordinating the delivery to fit the construction schedule could be a nightmare.


Lots to of stuff to consider! Stay tuned next blog post will be about my interviews with contractors.

Christine Karpinski